Blood And Money - S01 E02

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Mia and Elena were seen walkie talkie in the narrow path of the forest.

They had been engaging in appartus activities in a nearby Gym after their boring conservation with Sam.

They have to use a shortcut to reach the base which is the forest to beat the time that Sam gave them.

Ijago forest is 10 miles way from the police station

They do hunting in the forest sometimes

Mia take a quick glance at her wristwatch maybe they still have few mins left

Mia: It’s 9:45, we don’t have much time on our side

Elena: you say so, nobody can save me if am fired, but your father can

Mia take a few steps and sighted a man tied to a d--n tree

Mia(pointing at the direction): what the heck is he doing there?

Elena: what the heck? Or we should help him

Mia: The bad boys at it again

She run wildly toward the trees

Elena: easy girl

She shout as she was running behind her

Mia cut the rope and set him free

Mia: what’s your name?

She scan him with her eyes- blue eyes, a moustache and a dreadlock on his head

He stared at her nefariously and reach for the knife in his pocket

He make the first attempt, but she luckily dodge his incoming attack

Man(Grinning): my name is Chris you were lucky to dodge that

Mia: who are you?

Christ: i am an assassin….let’s play

He quickly rush toward the Worrisome Elena

Mia: intruder……watch out

He dodge the punches that elena throw at him, seize her and made attempt to stab her

Mia swung into action, she swiftly rolled on the ground and kick the knife from his hand, and Elena pointed a pistol at her

Elena: Surprised…….Boys!

She called, and stare at her evily

More than 15 men come out from their hideout and surrounded them

Elena: It’s over, i have never employ such a trick before

Mia: We don’t need to do this

Elena: Your father make who am i today, he is nothing but a notorious killer, i will wipe his family and that is today…….a day he taked someone precious to me away from me to the land of death

Mia: you shall regret this one day

She gasped and turned to run, but one of the men reach out and grab her

Elena: Not so fast

She deliver two blows to her face and spat at it

Elena: Bundle her( to Chris) thanks for the welldone job

Chris: always my pleasure

They tie her carry her to a car and zoom off to their base in delta state, the vikings castle




I started playing talking tom run on my phone, after i refuse to eat a nibble from what my mother prepared as breakfast

At least this clear my mind and free from worries

I got addicted to it at the moment not knowing when mum stay beside me

Mum: uhm…..uhm we will see your result at the end of the term……..children nowadays need iron hand

Me: But mum……the technology make it easier for people nowaday, we can only decide ourselve either to use it or not…..i’d like to because a computer programmer. This is my vision

Mum: vision my foot, keep that to yourselve… going on a trip to the jewelry shop just to see how it was faring, it’s been a while, make sure you did not leave the house before Lia arrive from school

Me: ok ma’am

Mum: bye….see you soon

She open the door went out……

take a glance at the environment and she enter the hummer jeep and start it while it was reviving the auto mobile gate open by itself, then she zoom off

I feel so excited in the moment but i forgot to tell her something the strange message written with blood i saw on the floor in the sitting room when i was crying ‘Rebecca, we are coming for you’

She will have use the bullet proof car instead

Oh my gosh, i hope nothing happen to my mum

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