At What Cost - S01 E56

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Both felix, joshua and Benson were utterly surprised to see the director with a hole between his eyes, still standing, smiling, then he said.

‘Ouch that hurt’.

Felix regained his composure and fired again but the result remained the same.

Now, I see use the patients to get the ‘S program ‘ serum, Felix said.

So you know about the ‘S program’, the director asked.

Anyways you are not leaving here alive, the director asked then he started pulling off his shirt, revealing his vein trying to tear from his skin.

O,o, Benson exclaimed knowing what was about to go down positioned in a fighting start, the same with felix.

Then the veins in went back into the director skin, then he smiled wickedly and launched an attack on Felix and Benson.

Joshua charged towards the director, Benson, felix seeing him, both shouted ‘no’ knowing fully aware of the dangers of a rash decision .

Benson, felix knowing the director has reached the last stage before the invincible stage was well aware of the power that accompanies it.

Only about 12 since the creation of the ‘S program ‘ has reached the second to the final stage and only two has reached the final.

The first stage to third stage requires a lion, the fourth stage and the last stage requirement still unknown and one has to pass through all third stage to reach the third but only very, very few has managed to scale through to the fourth.

A major advantage of the fourth stage is all movies which displayed fighting styles, violence viewed by the host will be transferred to the pest and the pest will have times two of normal reflexes , the pest in this case was the director but luckily for them the director had know prior combat experience .

Joshua was hit by the fist of the director on his ribs and a crack was heard with Joshua sent reeling to the nearest drip stand.

The director headed for Felix but Felix reacted to the situation dodged his attack and tried making a hit but he met nothing but air , Benson who was at the director back tried giving Him a flying kick but the director bent forward stretched his two hands, caught Benson waist forced it to the ground.

Felix saw a big bottle of spirit, attached a small button secretly and hurled at the director but the director caught it and the spirit exploded scattering the content at the director eyes.

Argggh, my eyes the director shouted because of the glass and the liquid splattered on his face .

Felix picked up Benson and got to Joshua with the latter wincing in pain,so now the eyes is the weak spot which takes a lot of time to heal.

Are you okay, Benson asked.

I am kind of, Joshua said but he yelped in pain.

It is okay.

This is a drag, Benson distract the director so we will finish this quickly for the guards must have heard the ruckus.

Meanwhile kunle was waiting in the bus for his crew but unknowingly to him a man claded in a ninja attire stealthy sneaked pass him.

Who are you , the guard named felix asked while the other guard was bringing out a gun .

I’m the demon shinobi, he replied and unshealth his sword.

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