At What Cost - S01 E57

6 months ago

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I’m the demon shinobi, he replied and unshealth his sword.

The guard named felix rushed at the ninja ⚔ swinging his hand but the ninja glided underneath the guard hand and pierced his elbow with the sword and sliced through till he stopped at the shoulder.

Then the guard faced toward the direction the ninja came from with the ninja facing him, then the guard dropped.

The ninja turned and faced the guard with the gun who was fidgeting but still manager to fire a quick shot at the ninja.

The ninja motioned with his sword and sliced the bullet into two half’s, passing both sides of his head.

The ninja tried firing again but a ninja knife was stuck on his chest region and the gun dropped from his hand, he also fell down.


This is a drag, Benson distract the director so we will finish this quickly for the guards must have heard the ruckus.

The director eyes were now fully healed and he was beyond furious.

You are going to pay for that, he yelled and ran towards felix.

Benson saw a chair and hurled it at the director but the Dr Richard bend his head forward, dodged it and faced Benson.

Felix seeing the director was focused on Benson picked up a syringe he saw near the patient, jumped and yelled ‘Richard’ then the director turned and a syringe was sent into the right eye of Dr Richard.

The director screamed in pain, he removed the syringe from his now bleeding eyes, you are going to pay for this he shouted loudly.

Does that hurt , you wanna cry Benson mocked.

You filth, the director said very furious and rushed at Benson neglecting Felix.

Benson seeing him ran, the director also foolishly chased towards Benson but he was side stepped by felix and a similar scene played out.

My eyes, the director yelped.

Finish him before his eye heal, Benson shouted.

The director losing his sight was facing felix and felix was going to strike the final blow.

The door was opened and two arrows were fired.

Felix had this terrible feeling and he instinctively tilted his head and body to the side .

The arrow narrowly missed felix head but the second grazed felix arm a little but the arrow made a direct it on the Dr Richard.

The director tried removing his arrow from his head but he couldn’t, the arrow exploded along with Dr Richard head.

Felix looked towards the door but he saw a shadow and he wanted to chase after it but he suddenly felt dizzy and he slumped.

Benson rushed to his side, felix, felix.

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