At What Cost - S01 E54

6 months ago

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Friday morning

A yellow bus was coming through the agege axis,

Have you seen the bus, joshua said to kunle through the a device fixed on his ear,

No, I haven’t seen it yet , kunle said, oh here it comes, time to roll, kunle said slowing down a car he stole then he allowed the bus 💺 to speed pass him and go up a bridge at oba akran then he blocked the bridge pretending to have an accident.

Meanwhile at the other side of the bridge, a car seemed to scratch another car, the supposed owners of the cars started quarreling and engage in a fight causing traffic, blocking movement towards agege, oba akran axis, some motorists where complaining while some were enjoying the show.

Then the bus been the only vehicle on both sides of the bridge, decelerated down the bridged, later on the two drivers sorted out their differences, entered their vehicles then zoomed off and at the other end of the bridge the car and were no where to be seen, so movement began.

When the vehicles start accelerating up the bridge, they noticed four men laying on the ground , all with no single hair on, their head, neck, face, laying unconscious , so the motorists brought their vehicle to a halt and called an ambulance to take them to an hospital.

Around Maryland axis, kunle could be seen driving the bus with Benson dressed up as a doctor and Joshua, Felix dressed up in white as the others in the passengers seat, chattering.

You, a patient said pointing at felix.

Uhn, felix replied.

This is where my friend is sitting, why are you sitting down on my friend seat, he said to felix making a face as if to cry.

No, I am your friend, that guy is not your friend.

You are not, that my friend cannot talk, I will report you to doctor that you are sitting on my friend seat.

Take biscuits, so you will not tell, Felix said showing his palm to the man.

Ok, the man said touching felix palm then he opened his mouth and placed his hand there.

The biscuit is sweet, you are now my friend too.

Joshua who was facing a similar situation, laughed inwardly at felix.

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