At What Cost - S01 E53

6 months ago

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Wednesday evening

Ferrions Base

How are the ferrions doing, branch said to the director of the Guild of assassin’s.

Well, infact more than well, they are the best set I have personally trained, the director replied.

Good to hear, when are they coming back,

In a month’s time though they are done with training, the director replied.

If not for our deal, I would release them to you, they are almost resistant to anything but I have to honour the code.

Nice you remember, I will be expecting them, branch said then disconnected the call, then he chuckled.


I have gotten info about Dr Richard, Benson said.

He is currently the medical director of the psychiatrist hospital popularly know as yaba left, he added.

He doesn’t attend to visitors anyhow and rarely goes out only on special occasions.

This is a problem, Joshua voiced out.

Not a much of a problem, there is a bus filled with patients and a doctor heading to yaba left on Friday , we can hijack the bus, impersonate the doctor and maybe a patient or two, Benson said thoughtfully.

I think I like this version of Benson with no jokes better, kunle thought to himself having notice the recent changes both in felix and Benson.

This is what we are going to do, Benson you impersonate the doctor, kunle the driver, Joshua and I two of the patients.

i am game, kunle said.

I am in too, Joshua said .

Benson just simply nodded in affirmative.

Alright it is settled then.

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