Her Forgotten Daughter - S01 E09

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When morning came, Kelvin appeared again in Evelyn’s temporary room.

“Good morning,” he greeted her and threw the clothes he was carrying on his shoulder on the bed.

“You need to take a shower and have a change of clothes…unless, you don’t feel like going for work today.

Evelyn glared at him, revealing huge dark circles under her eyes.

“I see you didn’t get enough sleep,” Kelvin observed. “You look like shit.”

“Well thank you.” She said sarcastically. “I always wondered what I would look like if I was ever held captive by some loony psycho.” She then got out of bed.

“Where is the bathroom?” She asked.

“I was wondering when you would ask that. How did you survive the night?” He asked.

“It appears you have a spongy mattress.” She was looking at his bed with a mischievous smile on her face. “It just soaks in everything so well.” She was moving her head for emphasis while Kelvin gaped at her in disbelief. “Remind me to ask you where you bought it before I leave. I could really use something like this when I start a family.”

Kelvin was now smiling, realising she was pulling a fast one on him.

Evelyn quickly looked away upon seeing him smile like that.

There was something about Kelvin that, whenever he smiled or laughed made him look very attractive. If she didn’t know him, she would think he was a normal good looking human being.

The last thing she needed was thinking of him as normal.

Kelvin was nothing but a man out for her blood.

“Why did you look away like that?” Kelvin asked. “Do you find me that repulsive?”

The genuine concern in his voice when he asked those two question made Evelyn’s heart almost skip a beat.

What did he care what she thought of him? She thought to herself.

“Take me to the bathroom.” Evelyn avoided addressing his questions.

Disappointed at not receiving a response, Kelvin led her out of the room and walked up the stairs ahead of her.

“Is this room underground?” She asked as she followed him behind.

“It’s called a basement,” Kelvin answered.

“Or a dungeon,” she remarked under her breath.

“I heard you,” he said.

They had reached the top of the stairs. Kelvin took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door in front of him.

“Does Moola know about the basement?” She asked as she walked past him while he held the door open for her.

To her surprise, Evelyn found herself standing in another bedroom, except this one was well decorated and had a window, unlike her prison.

“Of course not,” Kelvin answered. “She thinks it’s just a place where I keep some old staff belonging to my father.”

“Let me guess,” Evelyn stopped outside the door to look at Kelvin who was still standing by the door. “That door is locked as well.” She was pointing ahead at the maroon door of the room they were now standing in.

Kelvin finished locking the door they had just come through and went to unlock the one Evelyn was pointing at. “I guess this answers your question, right?”

Evelyn couldn’t help laughing. “I take it I am not the only girl who’s been held hostage in this house.”

“Sadly, you are the only one. Or should that be a good thing?”

“You built all of this just for me?”

Kelvin stopped whatever he was doing to look at her. Shaking his head, he said, “Tsk tsk tsk…I really think you should get over your Princess Syndrome.”

“What’s a Princess Syndrome?” She asked.

“It’s thinking that the world revolves around you…like everything somehow has something to do with you.”

“Can you blame me for thinking like that right now?”

“I guess not,” he said. “But, if you must know, I only moved that bed in there today. I use that room for other business that has absolutely nothing to do with why you were there. Satisfied?”

“And the mirrors?” She asked.

“Those are for effect, they’ve always been there.”

“Then what the hell goes on down there that would require the use of all those mirrors? Are you into some kind of kinky stuff? You know, S&M and the like? You look just the type.” She was visually examining him, up and down her eyes went.

“Aren’t you going to come out?” Kelvin asked, holding the door open for her again.

“Ooh,” she said and quickly came out of the room and found herself standing in a long passage way. “I take it this is the legal part of the house?”

“Everything here is legal, including your presence in this house. The rest of the doors from this point on are unlocked. You are free to leave whenever you feel like.”

“Are you serious?” Evelyn was on the verge of breaking into excitement mode, except, she wasn’t sure if she could trust his word right away.

“Don’t celebrate just yet,” he didn’t take long to confirm her judgement of him. “You are still bound by the contract we signed down there.”

She looked like a bucket of cold water had just been poured on her.

“That being said,” Kelvin continued. He finished locking the door and he stood leaning against it. “I will never take you down there again. However, I expect you to be here whenever I call for you. As for the rest of the time, you are free to go about your business as usual…except dating…because you are bound to me, until such a time when I tire of you. Any questions?”

“Where’s the bathroom? I need to change.” She completely and deliberately avoided answering him.

“You are not going to shower?”

“Over my dead body,” she said. “In your shower?”

“That can be arranged. All it takes is a call to my mother.” he threatened her. “C’mon,” he led her to the far end of the corridor and opened the last door.

“These are the guest bathrooms, have fun. You can come upstairs when you are done. You will find the rest of your stuff there.”

“Upstairs?” She asked.

“The third door over there,” he was pointing to one of the doors they had passed.

“Open that door and you will find a case of stairs leading up.”

“How big is this house?” Evelyn asked.

“Big enough. This whole floor is for guests and upstairs is my sanctuary. Get changed, or you will be late for work.”

Evelyn couldn’t help feeling a little envious. Despite the circumstances, the house she was now standing in looked like a very beautiful home, the kind she saw in movies and magazines…the kind she could only dream about.

Hadn’t it always been her dream to own a huge house and have as many children as possible? If only Kelvin was not such a psycho….

Evelyn shook her head copiously. What are you thinking about Eva? She admonished herself?

Why would you think of that psycho like that?

She quickly changed into the clothes he had given her; a long tight black skirt with a long slit in the front right in the middle going all the way and ending just slightly above her knees.

She took off his shirt and with just a bra on, she leaned forward into the sink and washed her face.

Evelyn took the stairs up and found herself in his expensively furnished and professionally decorated living room, but Kelvin was nowhere in sight.

“Hallo,” she called out.

“In here,” came his voice from the next room. Evelyn walked to where the sound of his voice had come from and found Kelvin seated by the kitchen table; a full display of all sorts of delicacies laid out on the table.

“Are you expecting the Queen of England?” She had stopped by the door and was starring at the food wide-eyed.

“Sit,” he motioned towards the chair in front of him. “Unless you want to be late for work, I suggest you start eating now.”

Logic told her to refuse the food but the sight of it all made her stomach growl, and loudly so.

Kelvin laughed.

Evelyn held her hand to her stomach as if to shut out the noise.

“Forget about your pride,” he told her. “You never touched the food last night and now your stomach is protesting. Seat down and eat something.”

Evelyn clenched her hands into fists and went to join him by the table.

“Don’t laugh,” she warned Kelvin who was unsuccessfully trying to stifle his laughter.

Evelyn went at the food unapologetically.

Kelvin started eating as well, but he was doing more starring than eating.

“You were really hungry, eish,” he commented as he watched Evelyn religiously win her war against hunger.

Evelyn waited to swallow whatever was in her mouth before responding.

“I bet my grandmother is turning in her grave right now,” she said.

“And why is that?” Kelvin asked.

“I am dining with the devil.”

He chuckled. “I always suspected that the Devil was good looking.”

Evelyn gave him a stern look before grabbing the jar of juice and filled up her glass. She gulped down the contents of the glass at once and slammed it down on the table.

“Thank you for breakfast,” she said and stood up. She had spotted her handbag and mobile phone on the kitchen island whilst eating and so she walked over there and picked them up. She then walked to the door and stood there, waiting for Kelvin to get up from the table.

“You know that you have no chill right?” Kelvin was smiling, obviously amazed by her behaviour despite all that had transpired between them. “Don’t you feel…say, maybe embarrassed, shy or anything in those lines?”

“You kidnapped me, poisoned me with chloroform, took videos and pictures of me whilst I was out and God knows what else you did, you then ripped my blouse apart and forced me to stand naked before you, you sexually assaulted me…and now you are asking me if I am embarrassed or not? Tell me, is something wrong with your head? No, wait,” she held out her hand. “Don’t answer that. I think I already know the answer to that one. Now let’s go!”

Kelvin stood up and grabbed his car keys from the table.

“I was genuinely asking if you are alright,” he said to her as they walked to where his car was parked. “I thought maybe you would be feeling embarrassed…or shy after what happened between us.”

“Why should I feel embarrassed? If anyone should be feeling like that, it should be you.” Evelyn answered. “You are the one who forced me to do all those things. I’ll admit, my pride was hurt, I have never been that humiliated in my life before…not even my own mother rejecting me comes closer to what you put me through last night but, I am a mind over matter kind of girl.”

They had reached the vehicle. Evelyn went to sit in the back the moment she heard the car unlock.

“You want someone to see us so they can send a report to your fiancé?” Evelyn responded to the questioning look Kelvin was giving her.

“She followed me once to my place, God knows what she will do if she hears that you gave me a ride. This is the exact kind of drama I dislike. Are you just going to stand there?”

Kelvin moved and went to sit behind the wheel. “Seatbelt,” he instructed her.

“Even in the back? Wow, talk about being psycho.” She still put her belt on despite her snide remarks.

“Why would anyone build themselves such a huge house?” Evelyn asked as she looked up at the bundle of architectural beauty in front of them.

“Someone who wants a big family,” Kelvin replied.

“You also,” she was about to excitedly state how they both share the same dream but she caught herself in time. “I still think it’s too much for a mere home.”

They were now on the road heading to Evelyn’s work place.

“So what made you change your perception about being my mistress?”

Evelyn turned to stare at him. “Who said I changed my perception? I still think you are a psychopathic lunatic who should be hospitalized for the kind of illnesses you have.”

“Illness?” Kelvin asked.

“You have a lot of issues; the death of your father and sister, your mummy issues, me…. You need to take care of all these before you get married.”

“I admit, yes I have a lot of issues…but I am not as bad as you think I am. And, am I not taking care of all those issues right now?”

Evelyn sneered.

“You don’t believe me?”

“Anyway,” Evelyn said. “I did a lot of thinking in the night. I decided to get this business with you done and over with so that I can get back my life as soon as possible.”

“Do you think it’s going to be that easy?” He asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” She confidently stated.

“Just what makes you so confident?” He asked.

“You,” she answered.


“Yes you.”


She laughed. “I am not scared of you anymore.” She said.

“And why’s that? Do you think I was bluffing about everything I said to you?”

“Oh no,” she quickly supplied. “I think you meant every word about me being your mistress…or was it concubine you said? I just don’t think you are capable of doing some of the things you threatened me with last night. You had me naked in front of you and you still managed to walk away. I was in there the whole night but you never touched me. I heard you come in and put an extra blanket on top of me.”

“Oooh, you heard that?”

“Of course I did,” she said. “I told you I never slept. I just pretended to be asleep when I heard you open the door. I heard you sit down on the bed and watch me for close to twenty minutes. You didn’t attack me.”

“I just didn’t want you to freeze and die in my house. That would only complicate things further.” He argued.

“Before you left, you fixed my pillow, sighed heavily, checked my temperature with your hand, walked and the room for a bit and then you finally left. I don’t know what was going on in your head but obviously, you are conflicted. I know you have this genuine need to get your revenge, but using me like this won’t give you the kind of satisfaction you think you are going to get. I might be your worst enemy in the whole world but I also did you no wrong.”

“I know very well that what I’m doing to you is wrong,” Kelvin said. “But there is this huge part of me that is angry…angry at you because of who you are. Had my sister not discovered you existed, she wouldn’t have left her house to go after your mother.”

“No matter how justified you feel your actions are, this is still wrong Kelvin.”

“Don’t say my name, don’t say my name like that. Please.” Kelvin said between clenched teeth, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“I think that you were just too drunk last night and you made some very wild decisions.”

“If you think that chafing me would somehow make me change my mind then I suggest you give up. It won’t work.”

“Well,” Evelyn shrugged her shoulders. “Can’t blame a girl for trying.” She said.

Kelvin appeared slightly disturbed by Evelyn’s words.

“You don’t need to take me all the way to the office,” Evelyn told Kelvin when they were nearing her work place.

“What, you think Moola might hear and come to harass you?” He asked and let out a short laugh. “I told her that I’m after you for information pertaining to my uncle’s corporate case. She thinks I am just trying to use you so she doesn’t care anymore even if she were to hear any stories.”

“And she believed you?”

“Of course she did.” Kelvin laughed.

“Still, just leave me somewhere along the way. I don’t want to create any suspicions. Rumours might start going around that you are seeing another woman and your mother might hear about it and start investigating me. I do not wish to die because of my mother’s sins.”

Kelvin did as instructed and dropped her off a few blocks before her office.

“My mother is coming back this weekend and I have some plans with her so I won’t be able to see you for a while.” He said to her through the open window. “You can enjoy your freedom in the meantime but don’t do anything against our contract.”

Evelyn simply banged the door and scowled at him before walking away.

When you look at me like that, you make it harder for me to like you….why did you have to be your mother’s daughter? Kelvin thought as he watched her walk away from him.

Just two minutes in the office, Evelyn received a call from her boss.

“Come in,” came the response from inside when she knocked on the door.

“Come in, sit,” Sibu instructed her as she took off her coat from behind her desk.

“You don’t look so good,” She was now closely examining Evelyn from the other side of the table. “Late night?” She asked, smiling mischievously.

“Something like that,” Evelyn forced a smile on her face. Better to have people misunderstand than to start explaining things that Budha himself wouldn’t understand.

“How’s the team this morning?” She was pointing to Sibu’s pregnancy just before she sat down.

Sibu smiled. “They’ve been kicking and kicking. I think they will be rivals these two. They don’t seem to like each other that much.” She was gently rubbing her belly as she spoke.

“Or, it could be that they really like each other and while you are thinking that they are fighting, they could be having a jolly good time playing together.” Evelyn provided.

“Ummm,” Sibu thought about it for a moment. “You could actually be right.” She said. “Wow, how come I never thought of that?”

Evelyn laughed. “Because sometimes you tend to be such a pessimist boss.”

“When you’ve been through what I’ve been through, you can’t help but be a pessimist. Sometimes I don’t even realize that’s what I’m doing. My husband always looks at me a certain way to warn me to stop being so negative when he senses that I am about to lose it. You and him are actually very much alike Eva. You are both such optimists. You always try to see the good in everything. I can never be like that.”

“With a husband like yours, I think it’s bound to rub off on you eventually.”

Sibusiswe laughed. “I think it’s already started!”

They both laughed.

Sibu reached into her handbag and took out two small light blue envelopes and handed them to Evelyn.

“What are these?” Evelyn said as she received them.

“One of the charities Ted and I help sponsor is hosting an event this weekend,” Sibu explained. “It’s a fundraising dinner actually. We have it twice a year, mid-year and end of year. Unfortunately, I cannot attend this one,” she was rubbing her belly again to emphasize her point.

“Ah,” Evelyn said. “So who would you like me to send these to? I have a list of….”

“I am giving them to you right now Eva,” Sibu said.

“Me?” Evelyn almost jumped in her seat.

“Yes you,” Sibu laughed. “Why do you look so shocked? Don’t tell me you’ve never attended such a function before?”

“Ah, yes,” Evelyn said. “What business do I have attending such functions meant for the uber rich? Thank you Mrs L for the kind gesture but,” she laid the envelopes on the table and pushed them towards Sibu. “I am not the right person you should be giving these to. Besides, I don’t even have anyone to go with.”

“I think I am also starting to rub some of my negativity on you Eva.” Sibu remarked, looking very concerned.

Evelyn laughed.

“I suspected you might give the no date excuse so I had thought of the perfect date for you.”

Evelyn was curious to hear who she had been set up with. “Who did you think of?”

“Martin,” Sibu suggested.

Evelyn was up from her chair. “Are you kidding me? Your ex-husband?”

Sibu was amused by her secretary’s over reaction. “What’s wrong with me setting up my ex-husband with someone I think would be a perfect match for him? I know the age difference is slightly wider than….”

“You think am reacting like this because of the age difference?” Evelyn was dumbfounded by Sibu’s nonchalance regarding the dating life of her own ex-husband.

Evelyn had always known that her boss was not an ordinary woman, but, she never imagined she would get to experience firsthand just how extra-ordinary she was. She had heard a lot of stories about Sibu from the workers and just about everyone in town and even though Sibu never spoke directly about her past, there was a part of Evelyn that thought that the truth might have been stretched a little to make the stories more interesting for gossip mongers and tabloids.

“Martin might be my ex-husband but we get along just fine,” Sibu was saying. “Both Ted and I get along fine with him. Whatever happened between us is in the past. Him and I have a child together so it’s only natural that we be civil with each other otherwise what will we be teaching our child?”

“And your husband doesn’t mind you being friends with your ex like that?” Evelyn wondered out loud.

Sibu laughed. “It wasn’t always like that.” She said. “But we are all grownups. I know that people still think Martin is a no-good playa but he’s really changed. I can assure you, that’s something you don’t have to worry about.”

“You are really serious aren’t you?” Evelyn asked.

“Of course I am,” Sibu answered matter-of-factly. “He asked me a favour recently, that I should find him a good woman,”

“A woman like you, right?” Evelyn asked.

Sibu only laughed. “He seemed so sincere it broke my heart and you know what, you are the first person that came to my mind when he made that request.”

“No Mrs L, I am flattered that you think of me like that but I can’t date your ex-husband.”

“Why?” Sibu seemed genuinely curious about Evelyn’s lack of interest in Martin. “Is it because I am your boss and he is my ex? Or is it because you feel he is too old for you? He is still in his thirties…I think… and the age gap I hear is the perfect….”

Evelyn was shaking her head and waving her hand to stop Sibu talking. “It’s none of that, well, maybe yes but that’s not the major issue.”

“Then what is it?” Sibu asked.

“I wish I could tell you,” she replied. “All I can say is that I am not looking to be in a relationship right now.”

“Is it because you found someone already?” Sibu asked, a glint of a smile appearing at the corners of her lips. “You look like you had quite a busy night.”

“It’s not what you think. I was just helping a friend out with something. But, if you are really looking for someone for your ex-husband, I think I know someone who might be perfect for him.”

Sibu could finally smile with hope. “You know someone?”

“Yes,” Evelyn said. “My house mate Thando, she has this really huuuuuge crush on Martin.”

“Are you serious?” Sibu asked.

“Yes,” Evelyn answered. “She had a brief encounter with him somewhere and she can’t seem to stop talking about him since. She’s a happy go lucky kind of girl. You would love her if you met her. It’s not easy not to love her.”

“If she is your friend then I trust your judgement. So, here’s what we’ll do, I will tell Martin that I found him a date for the dinner this weekend and you will tell your friend Thando that she too has a date this weekend, Saturday!”

“Great!,” Evelyn said excitedly. “So that means I don’t have to go to that function right?”

Whilst smiling, Sibu said, “No, you are still going. I still have a back-up date for you.”

“What?” Evelyn couldn’t believe her boss.

Sibu was enjoying herself. “My mother…step mother to be more specific, her cousin Lebogang is visiting from Botswana and he’s always looking for something to do. He’s twenty-six years old, good looking, a doctor by profession and ….”

“Mrs L,” Evelyn felt like crying. “I told you, I am not looking for a relationship.”

“That’s exactly why I need you to go to this event!” Sibu insisted. “You are at that age when you should be out there dating and making mistakes Eva. Why do you insist on being alone always?

“I remember there was a time when I thought being alone was the best thing for me but ever since I learnt the power of companionship, I have not looked back. I just don’t want to see you make the same mistakes as I did.”

“I understand, very much that you mean well boss but….”

“No buts,” Sibu got up from her chair and walked over to where Evelyn was standing. She held both her hands. “Why don’t you try just this once Eva,” she said. “Lebo is a pretty decent guy. I actually think you would like him. Go with him to this thing and if you don’t like him, well, you would still get to enjoy great food and great company. Please please Eva…just do this for me, please.”

Evelyn wanted to say no but the look in Sibu’s eyes made it very difficult for her to do so.

What if Kelvin heard about it? Evelyn wondered.

And then she remembered that he would be too busy with his mother to be following her around.

Smiling, she said to Sibu, “You are very persistant you know that.”

Sibu laughed. “I do. So will you oblige me, just this once?” She pleaded.



“Yes, okay.”

Sibu wrapped her secretary in a hug.

“Are you sure you are supposed to be doing this?” Evelyn asked, wondering whether to hug her back or not, her arms stretched out.

Sibu laughed and released her from the embrace. “This is safe sweetie,” she told her. “How about we go shop for your dress at lunch time today?”

“I don’t think I have that kind of money to afford a decent dress for such a function Mrs L.”

“Who said you are going to be buying?” Sibu laughed.


When Saturday finally came, Evelyn was both nervous and excited as she waited for her date to come pick her up at home. She had no idea what Lebogang looked like. She had spent the rest of the week fighting the urge to look him up on the internet.

There was a part of her that was hoping he would turn out to be a great guy because…who doesn’t want to show up at such a fancy event with a gorgeous man on her arm?

Evelyn always wondered what it would be like to attend such a function, and now that she was finally given the opportunity to be at one, she wasn’t sure what to do or expect.

“Oh my gosh you look like a princess!” Thando complemented her when she came into her room, with just a towel wrapped around her.

Evelyn looked at her reflection in the mirror.

It was the first time she had seen herself look or feel like that. “I feel like I am looking at someone else,” she told her friend.

Thabo came to stand behind her. “That’s because I am such a genius artist…and of course it helps that I had a great canvas.” She said smugly, praising her own make-up skills.

“Red really does look great on you,” Thabo said as she looked at Evelyn’s reflection in the mirror. “You look like some celebrity or one of those rich and famous people. You are gonna fit right in amongst those rich gloaters over there.”

“And why are you still not changed Thabo?” Evelyn turned around to look at her friend. “Aren’t you going to be late?”

“Martin just called, he said he can’t make it.”



“And why don’t you look or sound upset? You were looking forward to going on a date with him.”

Thabo laughed. “I know. I kind of knew he would do that. That’s why I was hesitating going into the bathroom. That guy is still hung on his ex-wife. There’s no way he was going to go on a date arranged by her.”

“So why are you not crying or screaming like I expect you be doing? He just cancelled on you at the last minute. That’s considered rude you know.”

“I know,” Thabo said, looking a bit down. “But the good news is,” she started to smile again. “I have his number now!”

Evelyn didn’t know what to say to her friend. Why was she surrounded by such special people?

“Am just glad you are taking this whole thing well. I would have felt bad going and leaving you alone when you are feeling down.”

“C’mon, forget about me. You know I am a relentless b---h. Martin is in for a surprise if he thinks he can get rid of me just like that.”

Evelyn laughed. “I kind of feel bad for the poor guy. He’s really in for a big surprise.”

Both girls laughed.

“Get up, I wanna see how you look, full view.”

Evelyn stood up and stepped aside to give Thando a full view of her outfit.

It was a red and white lace bodycon dress that accentuated every curve on her body.

“What do you think about the shoes?” Evelyn was pointing at her 4 inches red stiletto heels. “I feel like it’s too much red.”

“Hell no, you look perfect,” Thabo assured her. “Besides, most of that dress is white so the red is mostly just complimentary. You look so hot I could kiss you right now…but then that would ruin your sexy lipstick.”

“You need help Thabo,” Evelyn laughed.

“I have a confession to make by the way.” Thabo sat down on the bed and faced her friend.

Evelyn went to sit with her. “What did you do?” She asked. With Thabo, anything was possible.

“I checked out Lebo’s Facebook profile,” and she shut her eyes to avoid looking at Evelyn’s reaction.

“Thabo!” Evelyn said. “You promised!”

“I know, am sorry sweetie. I just couldn’t help myself.”

Just then, Evelyn’s phone rang from the dressing table.

“Talk of the devil,” Evelyn said and got up to answer her phone. “It’s him.”

“Answer it!” Thabo rushed over to her.

“Hi,” Evelyn answered the phone.

“Hi, is this Evelyn?” Asked a male’s voice.

He sounds hot. Evelyn mouthed the words to Thabo, her hand placed over the phone.

Thabo was jumping up and down in excitement.

Evelyn held the phone back to her ear. “Yes that’s me,” she said.

“This is Lebo…Lebogang, Sibusiswe’s eerr….”

“I know who you are,” Evelyn chuckled. “My boss already gave me your number. Are you here?…or are you calling to cancel?” She held her breath, thinking about what Martin had just done to Thabo.

And then she heard him laugh.

OMG! She mouthed to Thabo again.

“I am actually outside your door Evelyn…I hope I got the address right.”

He’s here! She said to her housemate.

Thabo immediately ran out of the bedroom and into the living room to look out the window.

“You are here?” Evelyn asked and followed Thabo to the window.

“And we have a winner,” Thabo said upon seeing the man standing in front of their house, she was drooling without shame.

Evelyn too peeped through the curtain and got a glimpse of him.

“I can see you, I will be right out.”

“Okay, I’ll be here.” He said and cut the line.

“I think am about to have a heart attack,” Evelyn was limply standing behind thabo and clutching her chest playfully.

Thabo ran back into Evelyn’s bedroom to grab her purse.

“Here,” she put it into Evelyn’s hand and started pushing her towards the door. “You look sexy and you have a hunk waiting for you outside. Go out there and Cinderella the hell out of that event.”

Evelyn laughed, hugged her friend goodbye and walked out to meet Lebo.

“Oh my,” were the first words that Lebo said to her the moment he laid eyes on her.

“You look fantastic!”

“Thanks,” Evelyn said when she got to him by the car. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” She was grinning from ear to ear.

Lebo went to open the door for her and Evelyn nervously got in.

“You have a very beautiful car,” she told him when he sat behind the wheel.

“Thanks,” Lebo said as he started the engine. “Seat…” and then he laughed. “I was going to ask you to put your seatbelt on but…”

Evelyn laughed as she looked down at her already strapped seatbelt. “I always do this whenever am seated in the front.” She told him.

“I think I like you already,” Lebo said, smiling as he got them back on the road.

By the time they reached the venue, Evelyn was in high spirits. She had such a great time with Lebogang during the short ride to the hotel where the event was being held. She could not remember the last time she had had such a great time just talking to someone.

It was in those same spirits that the two of them entered the event hall.

But Evelyn’s spirits were immediately dampened when her eyes gazed upon the crowd of expensively dressed guests and immediately spotted the one group of people in the world she had not planned on meeting that evening.

But there they were, in all their glorious wonder, the Mwangala’s and the Kangwa’s.

Just what had happened to the stars of fate that they would all find themselves under the same roof on the same day and hour?

Evelyn froze as all eyes settled on her and Lebo.

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