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Choi its a burglar o cos i could see the gun in his hands. Luckily the idiot turned back immediately he pushed the door and started summoning his partner in crime.they were five and each one of them held unto a shot gun.

I instantly hid myself,sent tolani a message on whatsapp quickly telling her that there are thieves around that she should bolt her door well, hid herself and also she should put her phone in silent mode, she shouldnt pick any call even if it is from me and also she should hide herself properly.she asked what about you then i told her not to worry. She replied again telling me that the security system is in the SS room that i should switch them on and also turn on the burglers alarm and web cam. Chai i didnt know all these where in this house self I thought they hid guns in the little wasnt even locked like i had always thought. It had laptops ropes and some cartons in it.we used a camera in my house nah when i still had my parents so i knew how it all works.

i quickly tried to turn the alarm and other security system but I now noticed that they were all shut down from their root menus. Thes guys must be very smart o i thought. But unluckily for them they forgot to cut off the security camera in the main building… Dull children i cursed.

I immediately turned on the whole camera in every part of the building. A big white board behing me instantly turned on. The screen was divided into 24 sections showing everything happening in the 24 parts of the building. I searched the whole room via the CAM for tolani; for where the girl don disapear. I started hearing footsteps, i looked at the Cam and saw that one idiot was almost approaching where i was.then i remembered the pen knife with me, i cut out a rope and looked at the screen.immediately i saw he was closer i hit him on the head with a plank( 2 by 2 things 😉 ) , duct taped his mouth held his both hands with the rope tying him tightly and picked his gun with gloves i found in the security room. I pushed him into the little room close to the control room i was.

He laid down unconscious and i locked him there.

I grinned at my handwork one down 4 to go. I quickly ran to the control room

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