My experience - S01 E10

1 week ago

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I got to the control room and started watching as one of the remaining four idiots was trying to decode a safe in oga soldiers room…rich men self no trust banks again i said inwardly.

I scanned the body of the gun i retrieved from the guy i knocked down looking at it like it was my lost love well its not my fault have never used one. I saw a compartment with a bullet sign on its body suprisingly,the bullet compartment started dripping water and twas empty as well…yeeeeeeeeeeh see my life na Toy gun these guys dey use take scare me self.I grinned a plan just struck my head. I watched the cameras to make sure none of them was on the lane leading to the kitchen luckily it was free.

I left the control room,locked it and started taking soft steps to the kitchen store hiding myself when necessary. I got to the kitchen,and picked all the liquid soap ai could find and quickly i started making my ways back to the control room.immediately i opened the control room one of the bandits just popped in with me. My heart skipped beats. He pointed the gun at me and commanded me to kneel down. I obeyed and knelt down close to the plank i used formerly with a grin in my mind( this one never sabi say i know say na toy gun abi). The guy shifted his gaze at the big screen with his mouth wide open. I quickly picked up the plank and hit it on the idiot( delay is dangerous) he staggered and pointed the gun at me. I smiled and said thats a toy gun Bro and gave him another hit which sent him crashing to the floor i duct taped his mouth and tied him like the former one.

I dragged him into the other room where the other unconscious bandits was and locked the door again.

I ran back picked all the liquid soap i took and poured the whole content on the hall way leading to the control room. When i was done i started heading to tolani’s room i havent seen her since maybe she has being caught.I was jolted back to reality when i heard a voice shout stop there… ehn stop for where i started running back to where am coming from and the bandit ran after me.

On getting to the hallway to the control room i remembered the soap on the floor buh twas already late i slipped.. Oh my this is so not a good plan i lamented.before i could stand up the bandit cut up with me and GBAM…

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