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To my surprise, I heard him say, “I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted to make you happy. That was all I ever wanted from the moment I saw you.”

I looked to where he stood in front of the door. He looked sad in a way I hadn’t seen before. Crush might’ve been the way to describe it. It was almost heartbreaking seeing him that way, but with everything that happened I needed to be alone. Just to clear my mind, I needed him away from me.

“I know,” I said honestly. “But when we’re together everyone else decides to hurt us.”

I smiled sadly and he nodded, opening the door. Before I knew it he was gone, and I was left alone to hug myself. I felt like I was breaking, but only because the one thing I had been so sure of seemed like a lie. Christian had always made me feel secure, but what he said left me wondering if he was right. We were just so corrupted by our pasts that we sought comfort in each other. Seeing how bad life was now, it was a horrifying possibility I hoped wasn’t true.



I grabbed the doorknob of the front door and closed my eyes. Repeatedly, I reminded myself of what happened yesterday. Of how crushed I had been from what Christian said. With everything that had happened since we got together, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this anymore. Even though I loved him, Stephen was right. So much had happened, even though I was alright before.

My grip tightened on the doorknob and I took a deep breath in. Even when I knew that I could get my old life back by breaking things off with Christian, I didn’t want to. What I felt for him was something I never felt for anyone.

Something I felt like I would never get again. Christian was one of a kind, I knew.

I groaned and laughed bitterly. Everything Christian related was so complicated. It had always been that way, and would always continue to be that way. Life seemed to want me to be both happier than I ever been and more stressed than ever. It was so messed up, but that made me realize that maybe I should try to let him go. My life had never been perfect, but this entire situation was too much for a kid like me.

Smiling sadly, I opened the door. But, at that very moment the phone for my home rang. Frowning, I quickly shut the door and walked back in. No one called the motel phone, so I was curious.

I walked over to the phone that sat next to the couch and picked it up, seeing that the phone number was unrecognizable. With a frown of my face, I waited to hear a familiar voice.

“Hello?” An unrecognizable voice said.

“Hello?” I responded. “Who is this?”

“Is this Autumn?” The person asked, ignoring my question.

“Yes…” My heartbeat sped up, wondering who this person was.

“Hi, sweetheart.” The person’s voice softened, sounding sympathetic all of the sudden. “I’m a nurse and… I’m so sorry.”

My heart dropped. “Why… What happened?”

“Your father, Stephen. He passed away a few minutes ago. I’m so sorry sweetheart.”

My heart froze. My entire body froze along with every system in it as well. I couldn’t breathe or think. This was impossible I told myself. Stephen and I talked a few days ago. He was okay. He was alive.

“Are you sure you have the right number?” I asked nervously, hearing her mumble apologies. “My stepfather and I spoke a few days ago. He’s a healthy man… There’s no way.”

“He had a sudden heart attack. It happened fast and the doctors weren’t able to save him. I’m sorry.”

My breathing became uneven. That was when I realized this was actually happening. Somehow, Stephen had passed away. Stephen, who had been a good guy, had died suddenly and out of nowhere. My throat constricted at the thought, wondering how in the world this happened.

That was when I remembered Christian. Before I could allow tears to reach my eyes, I realized with horror that Christian had just lost his father. I gasped as my heart ached. I needed to see him.

“Is Christian, Stephen’s son, at the hospital?” I asked the nurse.

“Yes, so is your mother,” she replied.

Ignoring the second part, I asked, “What hospital?”

“Sentential. Are you coming?”

“Yes. Thank you for calling.”

Before she could reply, I hung up the phone. With a dagger twisting at my heart, I ran to the front door. The next thing I knew I was running to catch a bus, wanting to see Christian as soon as possible. A part of me hoped that this was some sick dream, but I knew better. Life could be cruel.


“Where is Stephen Woods room located?” I asked the nurse at the front desk.

“Second floor,” she replied. “Room B12. I’m sorry about-”

I ran off before she could finish. I hated when people apologized for things that were out of their hands. It was useless and it didn’t make the person feel better. Well, that was how I felt.

With every step I took, my heart pounded against my chest painfully. Christian was all I could think about as I walked up the stairs and down a hallway. He had lost so much, so this was unbelievable. It was just so cruel of the world to do to him. Sweet, innocent him. I was so angry that I found it hard to be sad, which was helpful because I didn’t want to cry. Not when I needed to support Christian.

I saw the sign that said room B12 and rushed over to it. Entering it, I was surprised to see a waiting room that consisted of two people. The very person I wanted to see, and the very last person I wanted to see.

Without thinking, I ran to the boy who had his head hung low. I ran past my mom who had tears streaming down her face, and embraced Christian who stiffened at the touch. He then hugged me back and I heard a sob escape him, breaking my heart. He didn’t deserve this. That was all I could think about as I hugged him.

Christian’s body rocked with tears as he cried into my shoulder. I rubbed his back, wondering why this world was so horrible. Why everything had to be taken from us. Why was happiness so hard to achieve?

“F--k this world,” I mumbled, finally allowing myself to tear up. “It’s cruel.”

“F--k it,” Christian choke out in agreement.

My sight got blurry as more tears filled my eyes. Stephen . We may never have been close, but I knew he didn’t deserve this. No one deserved to die, but Stephen especially should never have died. He was so young. So alive with dreams of his family being strong. It was unbelievable.

As Christian continued to cry against my shoulder, I felt a tear run down my face. All of my sadness I tried to withhold finally released, and I was okay with it. Being with Christian in this situation suddenly made me realize something.

I was such an idiot. I was just about to give up on him, even though he meant the world to me. Sure, things were complicated. And sure, my life was a mess. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t the one person that meant the absolute world to me. The one person who actually made me feel like I mattered. I definitely needed to appreciate him for as long as he remained reachable. That was what I realized as tears streamed down my face.

“I’m sorry,” I choked out as I became Niagara Falls with my tears. “For everything. You’re worth it. This relationship is worth it, and Stephen deserves to be here with us.”

Christian held onto me tighter, which made me smile despite my tears. It seemed to me like we realized something today. People in your life can disappear at any moment. It was for the best to hold onto them, knowing you could have your last moment with them at any second.

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