At what Cost - S01 E41

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Felix POV

A week after I was discharged from the hospital, I went to work and I was welcomed warmly.

Felix, my guy, hw fa, tunde greeted.

I’m good, I answered.

See as hospital make u fresh, tunde said.

You are not okay tunde, felix, hope you are fully recovered, Solomon said.

Yes, so how was work, I asked.

You know, the normal routine, tunde replied.

But guy, you missed, if you see…, tunde was interrupted by purity who was approaching.

He missed what, blabber mouth, welcome felix, purity said.

Thank you , so how is the supervisor.

He’s good and about him, we to meet in his office now, purity replied.

So I left with purity to the super visor office, knocked at the door, he answered , allowed us in, then we greeted, then he asked us to sit, he asked of my wellbeing, I answered, he told us we are to go to an event at agege and then we left his office.

Purity and I left for the event but they closed at 8:00 pm.

I didn’t expect them to close this late, purity said tiredly while walking on the road .

Yeah, they were supposed to close at 6 but it wasn’t their fault ,I said

I agree, but I am really tired,

Wait, she said then looked up in the sky is about to rain, she said

So we quickly looked for a place to find shelter and we located a shop and we stood there, then it started raining heavily.

Finally the rain stopped.

No, it is 10 ‘o clock ,

Don’t worry, i have booked a taxi, I said.

Suddenly, guys started coming out from corners and surrounded us.

Wo, wos, wobby, una beta shey normal o, if not Una go collect.

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