At what Cost - S01 E40

3 weeks ago

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Wow, I can see you recovering, purity said in the hospital ward upon entering, seeing felix discussing with Benson.

Yes, I will even be discharged today, felix said happily.

I thought you will be Here for a month or two but I didn’t expect you to be discharged this fast, purity retorted.

So are you saying, I should stay here, felix asked.

No, that was not what she means you block head, he insisted on be discharged despite the doctor warning, he is really stubborn, Benson chipped in.

Hey, what that supposed to mean you blockhead , felix retorted.

What did you just call me

A blockhead

Guys, stop purity said giggling.

I will be on my way now and tunde and Solomon couldn’t make today but they send their greetings.

Thank you very much I appreciate and extend by regards to them, felix said and purity left.

Awwn that so cute, Benson blurted out.

Go get a brain, Felix said tossing a pillow at benson.

Don’t hurt yourself, handicapped.

What did you just say, Felix asked.

I was just complimenting you, Benson said chuckling.

«Fast forward »

So how did you survive,

Please tell us


Kunle, Joshua and Benson all asked.

Felix claded in a jalamia and his right hand in a sling took a deep breath and started.

Ok I have already succeeded in killing the minister and was headed for my escape when all of a sudden his guard who kicked in his nether region took two grenade…

Wait, what he took your kick and survived maybe you didn’t go all out, Benson chipped.

I went all out, I was even furious, i’m as surprised as you but let me finish.

He threw one at me and he held the other, so I caught it and i immediately threw it then it exploded, so I was taken outside the plane by wind through the exploded side.

I couldn’t make use of any parachute but I removed my shirt and trouser to use as a mini parachute and pulled of my shoe to lessen the force of my fall but even though I had a terrible Landimg and that explains why you guys saw me with only my boxer, Felix concluded.

Hmmm, if not you use the tracker I gave you, we wouldn’t be able to locate you and you would have been long dead, Benson said.

Those guards are wicked, they used a grenade not thinking of the other passengers, kunle retorted.

I’m very pained, I told a boy all will be alright but he was among all those that perish, his image is still clear in my head , I must have my revenge.

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