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“Sure you did,” Jonah replied as he placed his hands

on his knees and coughed up a few more laughs.

“I did,” I muttered as he grabbed my bag and placed

it onto the blue, leather couch. I sat down on the

couch and crossed my legs Indian style. “Let’s get

started before I embarrass myself even more.”


We worked on the project for about an hour,

completing half of it. I sighed when I stared at the

finished half. He’d been writing while I read off

paragraphs. He would take out the important

information and make small notes. All we have to do

now is type it up and add in pictures.

“I’ll type it and add in the pictures,” I told him as I

placed the books into my backpack. He was rolling

his wrists around as he looked at me with a

confused face.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it,” he explained and I shook my


“I’ll do it; I mean, you wrote all of that. I might as well

make myself useful and type it,” I shrugged as I

looked at the four pages of writing. It came from 8

books, most of which were 24 pages long.

Jonah sighed when he realized I wasn’t going to give

up the papers. I placed my bag on my shoulder as I

went to stand up. “What are you doing?” he queried.

I turned to look at Jonah. “Well, leaving,” I shrugged.

Jonah furrowed his eyebrows. “But you didn’t even

eat dinner. My Aunt’s cooking right now.”

I looked at him. “I don’t want to be a burden; your

Aunt and Uncle have to cook for 7 people already.”

“Actually, Georgia, West, and the twins are going to

eat out for dinner,” Jonah persuaded and I stared at

the carpet.

“Is it okay with your Aunt and Uncle?” I asked. The

last thing I want to be is an intruder.

“Trust me; they’re perfectly fine with it,” Jonah replied

while I nodded.

“Okay,” I sat back down on the couch and placed

my bag beside me. Jonah handed me a controller

and turned on the XBOX. I stared at the screen in a

trance and began playing the game intensely. I

occasionally punched him whenever he knocked my

player down. He would constantly complain.

“One more game?” Jonah asked as I glared at him.

He beat me twice out of three games.

“Yes. Don’t expect to win this time, Davis,” I sneered.

“Davis? Since when are we on a last name basis,

Princess?” he asked me.

I stared at him. “Since when do you call me

Princess?” I questioned. I haven’t heard that

nickname for a while.

“Do you not want me to?” he inquired and I


“I’m not a princess, and that’s an overused

nickname; choose something original,” I retorted and

he visibly bit his lip. I averted my gaze awkwardly.

“Melon?” he suggested a few seconds later.

“What?” I asked him.

“Melon, it’s original and cute,” he told me as he

swore under his breath.

“I’d rather be called princess,” I muttered.

“Melon it is,” he nodded with a grin.

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