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After we finished eating dinner, it was only 8 o’clock

and my curfew wasn’t until 11. I decided that I liked

Diane and Gregory; I see where West gets his sense

of humor from. They also didn’t interrogate me; they

asked casual questions which consisted of my

grades and hobbies. Maybe it’s because I’m just

Jonah’s friend and I’m not his girlfriend. I wish I

could add the word ‘yet’ to the end of that sentence.

Jonah and I went back to his room and I was

preparing to crush his spirit and his soul in the game.

When we got into his room and sat down on the

couch, he turned to look at me. “Can I ask you a


I immediately started thinking about the possible

things he wants to talk about. Maybe West told him!

Maybe Georgia hinted to him and he actually

understood! Maybe he’s going to tell me to leave!

Maintaining a calm demeanor, I replied with a nod.


“Who is Arthur?” he asked me, taking me by

surprise. I stared at him, only capable of blinking. He

shook his head after a moment. “Forget it; it’s not my

place to ask.”

“No, it’s okay,” I replied, shaking my head. “Arthur

was my boyfriend,” I explained as I pressed my back

into the arm rest and lifted my knees to my chest. I

rested my head on my them.

“So he’s your ex-boyfriend?” he questioned, earning

a nod from me. The unasked question sat in the air

for a moment.

“You’re wondering why he’s my ex-boyfriend,” I

stated and Jonah nodded.

“At first, I thought he was a bully. And he moved

away, so I assumed that…Francis tried to take over

but when…Francis started bringing it up and you

kept getting angry- I thought that maybe something

else happened,” he explained, struggling to speak

about Francis. He was still a touchy subject because

it’s the reason that our friendship deteriorated


“Well, Arthur cheated on me,” I clarified. “Actually, he

cheated on me twice: One time with my ex best

friend, and the other time was with my worst

enemy. It turned out that his sudden interest in me

was all a prank and he embarrassed me in front of

the student body by breaking up with me.”

Instead of letting silence take over, I continued: “He

was the head football player, which was amazing

because he was only a sophomore, and he was the

sophomore president. I should’ve suspected that a

guy like him couldn’t like a girl like me but no, I was

on cloud nine. I thought that maybe he might

actually like me but he didn’t. As one of his jobs as

president, he was supposed to do morning

announcements. He would talk about upcoming

events, fundraisers, and other important things

pertaining to the sophomore class.”

I sighed and looked at Jonah who was listening

intently. “One day, instead of announcing the usual

messages, he called me out. Everyone knew who I

was; I was the sophomore class president and head

football player’s girlfriend. He told me that it all was a

joke and that I meant nothing to him. He explained

how he cheated on me, too. Everyone took pity on

me and the football players laughed in my face.”

I rested my head on my knees for a minute, trying

to block out the memories of what they’d say.

“Anyway, he was leaving the state a week and a half

later. I spent the whole weekend coming up with a

plan. He convinced his parents to let him stay for the

biggest football game of the year. A few hours

before the football game, I snuck into the boy’s

locker room and put itching powder in all of their

football equipment.”

Jonah winced at the thought of being itchy all over. I

laughed lightly. “Anyway, I snuck out of the locker

room without being seen, or so I thought. Anyway,

I attended the game, which surprised many people.

They constantly apologized for what happened and I

just shrugged it off. When the game started, our

team came onto the field and not even five minutes

into the game, they started itching themselves.”

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