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My ideas were squashed by Francis intervening.

Before I could even exit the hallway that Jonah was

in, Francis stood in front of me. I heard people gasp

and some people even laughed. The tension in the air

was thick; the three of us were in the same hallway

for crying out loud.

“Hey,” Francis smirked and I glared at him, trying to

walk past him but he blocked me. “How are you


I glared at him. “Move,” I attempted to push past him

again but he just blocked me.

I asked him to please move again but he ignored me

and continued smirking. “How are you?”

“Move,” he ignored my request once more. I raised

my hand and let it come in contact with his face. He

let out a cry of pain and I walked around him, leaving

him behind while he cradled his face. I really needed

to stop hitting people willy-nilly; one day, a teacher

will see and I’ll be sent to the principal’s office.


Before I could even blink, people knew about how I

hit Francis. I decided that first period wasn’t

important and hightailed it to the bathroom.

Assuming that every girl in the school is an angel

and would be in class was a mistake because the

moment I entered the bathroom, Waverly was

standing there putting lip gloss on.

“Hey, Savannah,” she glanced at me in the mirror.

She scowled at my outfit as I stood there

awkwardly. “You know, you should stop hitting

people and focus on what you wear to school.”

I just stared at her. “Listen, Savannah, I know that

you like Jonah and I also know that you two are in a

fight. I’m asking you, no, I’m telling you to back off. I

don’t see you as competition; I’ll stomp you,” she

told me as she capped up her lip gloss.

She went to exit the bathroom but I spoke up. “If

you don’t see me as competition, why are you telling

me to back off?”

She glared at me before she stormed up to me. “I’m

not scared of you Savannah so don’t try and

threaten me.”

“It wasn’t a threat, it was a question. You didn’t

answer it,” I retorted, narrowing my eyes at her.

She glowered at me for one last moment before she

stormed out of the bathroom. I decided I’d better get

to class.

When I walked into first period ten minutes late,

people’s eyes were stuck on me like Elmer’s glue.

“Why are you late, Ms. Harp?”

“Maybe she was busy punching someone else,”

someone muttered and I ignored it.

“I had to return to my locker to get my textbook,” I

lied simply before walking over to my seat in the

back of the classroom.

A piece of paper flew onto my desk and I stared at it

before unraveling it. ‘Are you okay?’

I looked around the classroom, trying to see if it was

anyone I knew; nope. I tried to see if anyone was

staring at me; only half of the class. I held up the note

and waved it slightly. A girl with glasses like my own

smiled and waved her hand slightly. I nodded,

scribbling a quick response on the paper. ‘Yeah,

thank you for asking.’

I flicked the paper back to her and she read it before

smiling at me. I smiled in response before sitting

back in my seat, listening the teacher drone on about

assignments due in the next few days.


If I thought that the classes were bad, lunch was

thirty times worse. I had nowhere to sit. Jonah was

nowhere to be found, not that I’d sit with him, and I

had nowhere to even go. Francis was most likely in

the library or in the hallways and I didn’t want to

have to deal with him.

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