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“Am I that obvious?” I muttered loud enough for

Weston to hear.

Weston laughed. “Actually, no, you balance out your

flirting with a sense of hatred.”

“I hate crushes, especially mine; they’re usually one

sided and when they aren’t, it ends up being a joke,”

I told Weston.

“Let’s get to a happier subject,” He suggested. I

simply nodded. “Let’s talk about my failed


I furrowed my eyebrows. “Sabrina tells me that

they’re funny so hopefully, they’ll cheer you up. I

dated this girl named Diana in 10th grade and I went

to a party with her. She told me she was going to

the bathroom. After ten minutes, I decided to go

check on her. Turns out, she was in a room nearby

making out with a guy. It wasn’t the first time she

cheated on me, either. I cried for 6 days.”

I stared at Weston. “That’s not funny; that’s cruel.”

Weston laughed. “I’m over it now. Cheaters are

terrible, though.”

I pursed my lips. “I feel like a cheater.”

Weston gave me a confused look so I continued. “I

like Jonah but I kissed Francis, technically twice; and I

didn’t even tell him about the first one. And I

probably wouldn’t have told him about the second

one if I didn’t need to. I’m a terrible person.”

“You’re not a terrible person, Savannah. You were

just confused,” Weston replied. I truly hope that

Jonah believes that.


I walked into my house silently. “Did you get that ki-

Ew, what happened to your face?”

I ignored my brother and walked upstairs. He was

right, though. My eyeliner and mascara were in

streaks down my face from the breakdown I had in

Jonah’s car. Weston struggled and failed to comfort

me but its okay. At least he tried.

I feel terrible, like a cheater. I feel like Arthur. I decided

to call Mere to ask her how her night went; some

good news would be nice. “Hello?”

“Hey Mere, how was your date?” I asked her, trying

to keep my voice light.

She squealed loudly. “It went perfect! We kissed and

everything. Your brother is the best kisser! Speaking

of kisses, did you get yours?” she asked me.

I was quiet. “Not with Jonah, no, in fact, he’s angry at

me. I understand why though; I kissed Francis not

once, but twice, because I’m stupid,” I hung up the

phone quickly and ignored her next few texts and



The idea of school scared me. If Francis told

anybody, which he most likely had, about how we

kissed, then they’ll put two and two together; why

Jonah and I aren’t speaking and the kiss between me

and Francis. They’d think Jonah and I were dating,

and that I cheated on Jonah, and that’s why he

doesn’t want to talk to me. Waverly will be so happy;

I can already hear her squealing.

I got out of my car, my pace slow. When I saw

Waverly, I sped up. I entered the school and was

greeted by hundreds of eyes. They know. I ignored

the whispers and went straight to my locker, taking

out my text books and placing them in my bag. For

emphasis, I slammed my locker shut.

I felt the eyes leave me and I turned to see them

staring at Jonah, who just entered the building. His

eyes met mine and I felt a shiver race down my

spine, but it wasn’t from excitement. His usual warm

eyes were gone, replaced with cold, hurt ones. I

turned on my heel and began making my way to

my first class before the bell even rang.

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