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Hearing the words "Mr. Qin", the men who had just been vicious all seemed to be peeping balls, even their eyes became tame.

The man who just talked to Jirou didn't give up and asked, "boss Zhang, are you sure this woman is really Mr. Qin's person?"

Boss Zhang nodded: "boss Peng is here. Is there any fake?"

After hearing the affirmative reply from boss Zhang, the people in the room all brushed and gave a cold shiver. Everyone was glad that they didn't do anything to the woman.

When they heard that it was Mr. Qin's person on the phone, they didn't believe it. They didn't touch the woman just worried about an accident. They didn't expect that she was really Mr. Qin's woman.

"Brothers, please untie Miss Dai and give her to boss Peng." The man immediately put on a smile, "boss Peng, if you had known that Miss Dai is Mr. Qin's woman, it would have given us 10000 courage and we would not dare to touch half of her hair."

Pengshan also doesn't know. If he had known how he could not have let these people touch his husband's Woman: "what have you done to her?"

The man nodded and bowed: "boss Peng, we haven't done anything to her yet, so you will come to find someone.". This is a misunderstanding. Please explain it to Mr. Qin for us. "

"I wish I hadn't touched her. It's really a misunderstanding. I'll explain it to my husband. " Peng Shan smiled with him, and then told the waitress, "you two take the rest."

Peng Shan didn't dare to pick up Dai Li himself. If this woman named Dali is really the woman boss likes, where he touched her, it is estimated that he will be missing after boss knows.

Since it's the new woman the boss likes, Pengshan dare not neglect Dai Li at all. He made up his mind to ask two waitresses to send Dai Li to the special room for Qin Yinze.

Two waitresses carry Dai Li to Qin Yinze's special room and turn around to ask Peng Shan, who is following them: "Mr. Peng, where shall we put people?"

Dai Li was full of alcohol, and had just been tied up and thrown on the ground by those people. She was dirty and disordered. Even if her husband's taste was heavy, she could not eat.

In order to make the master "eat" happy, Pengshan made a decision: "you two help Miss Dai to take a bath, clean and then send her to Mr. Dai's bed."

"Hot It's so hot... " Dai Li, who was suffering from heat and dryness due to drug-resistant attack, started to pull clothes on her body. Because she was wearing less clothes, she had already let off the spring light.

Pengshan immediately stopped and told the two waitresses: "hurry up, don't delay the time. She has to wait for our husband to solve her fever. "

Mr. Pang's favorite woman was drugged. Peng Shan was glad that no more serious consequences had happened. Otherwise, he really had no choice but to take it.

Pengshan has been with Qin Yinze for three years. The time of three years is neither long nor short. He knows that Qin Yinze at work is absolutely king.

Therefore, Qin Yinze's company will dominate minluo city in just three years, and the business is growing larger and larger, and now it has developed to neighboring countries.

But Pengshan didn't know Qin Yinze's private life, didn't know who was in his family, didn't know what he would care about besides work.

In three years, there was no woman around Qin Yinze. Ji Rou was the first woman around Qin Yinze. Her appearance changed Qin Yinze.

Looking at Qin Yinze's love for Ji Rou, their subordinates thought that his master and son would recognize that woman in their whole life, but they didn't expect another one called Dai Li to come out today.

Thinking of Ji Rou and Dai Li, Peng Shan also shook his head helplessly. He thought that their master was a special existence and would never mess with men and women like other men.

But today, it seems that the owner of their family is not different from other men. He is also a man who is eating a bowl and thinking about the pot.


"Qin Yinze, whose did you call? Is it really useful to call him? " On the way to charm, Ji Rou worries all the way and asks Qin Yinze questions from time to time.

Qin Yinze hates Ji Rou's focus on the people he thinks he can get rid of: "if Dai Li has something to do with her, can I take my life to compensate you?"

"Master Qin, don't be angry. How can I give up your life for it?" Jirou reaches for Qin Yinze's hand. "Dai Li has no friends and her parents are not around. Today, something so big happened. She must have a shoulder to lean on. I'm her only friend. It's my honor for her to think of me when she is in danger. I hope I can help her out. If one day I am in danger of the same thing, I also hope that someone can appear in time to save me. "

"You will not be in danger. Even if there is, you should expect to appear in your side of the person is me. " Qin Yinze suddenly turned the steering wheel and pulled the car firmly to the right. "Here we are."

"Here we are?" Ji Rou is a little confused. Then she follows Qin Yinze out of the car and rushes up to hold his arm. "Qin Da Shao, thank you!"

Ji Rou knows that Qin Yinze is a man who sometimes has a childish temper. Talk to him more and coax him into saying everything.

Qin Yinze didn't say a word and didn't need her to thank him. She was his wife and her business was his business. So he had to go to rescue Dai Li when he had an accident.

"Here you are, sir!" Seeing Qin Yinze with Ji Rou around him, Pengshan was somewhat surprised. Their boss was really a cow, and their lover could still take "the main room".

"What about people?" Qin Yinze asked.

Pengshan took a look at Jirou and didn't see the little girl's jealous expression. Then he said: "Miss Dai Li has drunk wine and been tied up again So I have her groomed first and sent to your room. "

Hearing that, Qin Yinze frowned slightly, dissatisfied with Pengshan's throwing people into his room. But think again, since he was with Ji Rou, he didn't spend the night in charm, and there was no need to keep that room for him.

Qin Yinze didn't hear another meaning in Pengshan's words, and Ji Rou couldn't hear it any more. All she thought about was Dai Li's safety.

She followed Qin Yinze to a luxury apartment on the eighth floor. As soon as she entered the room, Ji Rou was stunned. The room was fragrant and the light was also very ambiguous. It was not like saving people, but like meeting lovers.

Seeing the master coming, the two waitresses were very understanding: "Sir, Miss Dai has been waiting for you in the room for a long time, we'll go down first."

How can I hear this? But Ji Rou doesn't want to think about it. She doesn't believe that Qin Yinze can have anything to do with Dai Li.

"Hot I'm so hot Help me... " Dai Li's vague voice suddenly came out of the room, and Jirou rushed to the room immediately when she heard it.

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