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Jirou rushes into the room and sees Dai Li on the big bed naked and red all over. She mumbles, "hot It's so hot. Give me water. I want water. "

"Qin Yinze, Dai Li wants to drink water. Please pour me a glass of water..." Jirou pounces over and tries to pull up the quilt to cover Dai Li, but Dai Li stretches her hand and pulls the quilt open.

This spring light can't be seen by men, especially Qin Yinze Ji Rou said again, "Qin Yinze, don't come in, let the two waitresses just come in."

The two waitresses who were about to leave instinctively looked at Qin Yinze. Qin Yinze said in a cold voice, "what are you doing? Go to help."

Then Pengshan came to Qin Yinze and whispered, "Sir, the heat in Miss Dai's body can only be solved by you, but miss Ji can't."

Qin Yinze raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, "what do you mean?"

Is the master unhappy?

Why is the master unhappy?

Is it because Daley was drugged?

Pengshan explains in a hurry: "Sir, I don't know that Miss Dai is your person either. If I had known that she is your person, how could I let others take her, let alone let those people give her medicine?"

Pengshan's words are straightforward enough to understand Qin Yinze, who had never thought about it before. He sneered: "Pengshan, I think you are tired of living."

Hearing this, Pengshan's legs trembled: "Sir, I am in charge of charm. Miss Dai is here. I have an unshirkable responsibility. I should be punished. But Sir, I didn't know she was the woman you like before."

Pengshan used to be a very observant person. He can think what the master thinks and hurry what the master is anxious about. Today, however, he goes further and further on the road of making mistakes.

Qin Yinze looked at him coldly: "it seems that you haven't realized where you are wrong."

Did he make any other mistake?

Peng Shan's face is muddled: "Sir, I'm stupid. Please make it clear."

Qin Yinze: "go to the ice house and stay. When do you want to understand? When will you come out?"

Peng Shan: "sir..."

What else does he want to say, but think about it or forget it. The more he says at this time, the more mistakes he makes. At present, he has to think about his mistakes.

It should not be the case that Dai Li was drugged, because if the master cared about it, he would not say that he didn't realize his real mistake.

So is it about Daley being taken away?

It shouldn't be. If it was the master, he would have gone to comfort Dai Li and wouldn't stand outside the room without even entering the room.

So the master doesn't care about Daley at all?

Because of this idea in his mind, Peng Shan was shocked. If it is true, he would like to send Dai Li to his master's bed

Ah -

Pengshan would like to jump from the eighth floor. How could he be so stupid and make such a big mistake: "sir I... "

Qin Yinze: "not yet? Shall I have you carried? "

Pengshan said wrongly: "Sir, I know where I am wrong. You don't mean anything to Daley. I misunderstood your intention. "

Qin Yinze: "knowingly commit crimes, add one to another, go to the cold storage and face the wall for two hours."

Pengshan can't explain any more: "yes, I'm going to think about it."

It's really his fault. How attentive do you think Mr. Ji Rou is to the little girl? They all see it. How can he be moved in such a short time.

So it's time to be punished. It's time to be punished.

Qin Yinze is a little thankful that all the thoughts of Ji Rou's girl are on Dai Li. Otherwise, if she knew what Pengshan meant, she would be in trouble.


In the room.

"Here comes the water, Daley." Ji Rou hands the water cup to Dai Li, who takes two gules of the cup and drinks a glass of water.

But this water can't solve the heat in Dai Li's body: "hot, hot Please help me Help me... "

It's like a fire in her body. It's like she's going to scorch her. Dai Li can't control herself. She reaches out and grabs her body.

Ji Rou didn't think that Dai Li would injure herself. It's too late to stop her. She can only watch Dai Li scratch several bloodstains on her body.

Dai Li just like can't feel the pain. She grabs her hand again when it's not enough. Ji Rou quickly hugs her hand: "Dai Li, what's the matter with you?"

"Hot I am hot... Help me... " Dai Li's mind is fuzzy and she can't recognize Ji rou. She only knows that she is very hot. If the heat in her body doesn't work out, she may explode.

"Don't be afraid, Daley. I'll take you to the hospital right away." Ji Rou grabs Dai Li's hand and yells outside, "Qin Yinze, ready to send Dai Li to the hospital."

Looking at the whole minluo City, anyone who knows master Qin is not surrounded by him to listen to his orders, and only Ji Rou dares to give orders to him.

With the help of master Qin, Dai Li was quickly taken to the hospital ambulance. Ji Rou led Qin Yinze to take Dai Li to the hospital.

In a room on the eighth floor of the charm, a tall man stood by the window and watched the ambulance go further and further, and finally disappeared from his eyes.

Ah It seems that he failed again. He always knew that no matter what means he used, she would not give in and save him.


Dai Li, waking up, saw Ji roushou by her side. Her heart, like an iron stone, suddenly softened. Tears that hadn't flowed for many years slipped from her eyes.

She quickly put out her hand to wipe away her tears and forced her face to smile: "it's a good feeling to have friends around when she is ill. It seems that after that, I can often get sick. "

"Nonsense. If you don't take good care of your body in the future, I won't care about you. " Ji Rou glared at Dai Li and poured a glass of water for her. "Drink some water first."

Dai Li took over the water glass with a smile: "little girl, thank you!"

Jirou stares at her: "thank you for what? I take care of you just because you are dead and nobody fights with me. Life is too boring. "

Knowing that Ji Rou is a hard spoken girl, Dai Li doesn't tear her down, just smiles but doesn't talk.

Jirou said, "do you remember what you said to me, Dai Li?"

Dai Li said, "I have said so many things to you. How can I know what you asked?"

Jirou said, "you tell me that women are made of water, but they are rigid and flexible. You said that as a woman, don't be too brave, show weakness at the right time, will make men love more You said these things to me. Why don't you understand them? "

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