Adventure with the daughters of jezebel - S02 E12

6 months ago

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After Daniel notice they were not after him again, he decides to rest

Men they want to set me up with Michael, God no gree for them. Thank God say dem no no my house, but hope Michael is safe nowDaniel said to himself

Daniel went to his home panting like a 🐐 that just escape death

Daniel reached home his mum called him

“Daniel! Daniel!!

Daniel!!!”Daniel’s mom shouted

“Ma am coming”Daniel replied

Daniel went to meet his mom..

“Daniel are you now counting my voice?his mom asked

If to say she no watin happen to me minutes back then she no go talk like thisDaniel thought to himself

“No mom”Daniel replied

“Well I just want to tell you that your dad will soon arrive from Abuja, he called me when he wants to board the plane, so go and prepare yourself”his mom said

“Ok”Daniel replied


Mirabel am the gangs were driving reckless

“What are we going to tell queen now? Mirabel asked

“Well we are going to explain everything to her”jessy babe said

“Shey she no go complained? Mirabel asked

“I never know ooo”Jessy babe replied

“Am sure you have given him an hint that we are with you”halimat said looking at Michael

“No why will I do that”Michael replied

“And if we found that you did it you gonna pay with your life”suzzy said who have been silent all the time

“But you were here with me when I was making the call”Michael said

“Silent”Mirabel screamed at Michael

After some hours they arrived their safe house and the two cars enter

They all March into the room with Michael blindfold, they met their 01, 02 and the rest in the room

“Where is the bastard?the leader asked

“Queen he escaped”halimat said

“What, how? the leader asked standing up

“We don’t know how he knew we were there”suzzy said

“Hope that f-----g dude doesn’t give him hint?the 02 asked

“No”Mirabel said

“We were there when he was making the call”Clara said

The queen began to laugh, this makes us surprised and afraid, she then looked at Michael

“We gonna have him with us and if Daniel likes him, he is gonna surrender himself”the leader said

“That a great idea”they all chorus

Too much wahala for Daniel

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