Adventure with the daughters of jezebel - S02 E11

6 months ago

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Michael was asked to call Daniel

Michael 📲 bro haffa na

Daniel 📲 we dey alright poop

Michael 📲 I won ask where you dey

Daniel 📲 I dey my town na, watin happen

Michael 📲 I won come visit you, this place dey boring

Daniel 📲 ok na no probs, you are always welcome

Michael 📲ok na

Daniel 📲 when you get to ibadan just call me

With that Michael hung up the call

“So you girls should get ready to go to ibadan”the leader said

“And take Michael along with you”the 02 said

“You ladies should take two vehicles with you and you should be about eight that would go”the leader said

After that we were given one hour to prepare ourselves

After one hour we have March the road, it was a silent ride

Two hours later we got to ibadan, Michael was asked to call Daniel and inform him that he had arrived ibadan

Michael 📲 Daniel I don dey ibadan ooo

Daniel 📲 Michael abeg gimme some minutes, I dey come

Michael hung up the phone and they all wait for the arrival of Daniel

They scatter their selves leaving Michael were Daniel won’t suspect anything

After some minutes Daniel arrived were Michael was but don’t see him, so he called Michael

. Daniel 📲 Michael where you dey

Michael 📲 I dey where tap dey

Daniel 📲 ok I dey come

As Daniel was about to move he noticed a lady looking around, he became alert and went to hide

Daniel looked around and noticed a lady who was among those that want to rape him, immediately he tear race commot but unfortunately for him one of the ladies spotted him

Immediately the lady alert the others and the began to chase Daniel with the vehicles


Idiot people una won dey pursue me for my hometown place I Sabi Wella, I go make una waste your PetroDaniel thought to himself

Daniel enter a bend corner and cars can’t pass it so they follow the vehicle road to cross him at the front

When they came out they found Daniel at the front

“Darn he is fast”Mirabel muttered

“I think we should be going back”Clara said

“But the queen said we should bring him come”halimat said

“Don’t you see that the cat is out of the bag and he wants us to run out of fuel that why he is taking us round the town”Clara said

“That true”Mirabel said

“We will come back for him”suzzy said

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