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Breakaway, Return

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Tang Wulin’s voice came out of Major Chen’s mouth. “It’s my first time using this, so I’m not very used to it, especially the skeletal change, but I think I’ll be fine once I’ve adapted. Xie Xie, go and summon a few people. Remember to look for someone slightly fatter, or else it won’t be easy to disguise Lizhi.”


Xie Xie turned around and walked out of the warehouse door as he spoke to the three nearby soldiers on patrol duty just outside, “You, you and you. All three of you come in and assist in taking inventory.”

The following procedure was even easier. Soon, there were Major Chen, Staff Officer Shen, two lieutenants and three soldiers standing inside the warehouse.

On the other hand, there were seven identical people lying on the ground. They appeared exactly the same on the surface, at least.

Tang Wulin squatted next to Shen Xing. “You’ve witnessed so many secrets of ours. Should we kill you to prevent them from being shared?”

Shen Xing’s eyes rolled about because she could not speak nor move, but the terror in her face was very obvious.

Tang Wulin burst out laughing. “I’m joking. Let’s go. See you again if we’re destined. That warehouse supervisor won’t be waking up for a day. You can deal with him by yourself when you’ve recovered. Consider our aircraft theft incident forgotten now that we’ve helped the Northsea Army Corps clear out some double-agents this time around. Go!”

With that, Tang Wulin stood up and gestured ‘please’ to Ye Xinglan by his side. Seven people filed out of the warehouse.

Ye Xinglan had already mastered Shen Xing’s mannerisms within a short period of time. She puffed up her chest and raised her head. There was arrogance on her charming face as she marched in great strides toward the exterior.

They got out of the warehouse and closed the door. Of course, this was mainly for stealth, because no one really understood the operation of such a complicated door.

Tang Wulin followed by her side and spoke with an apologetic smile on his face, “Staff Officer Shen, don’t be angry. It’s genuinely quite chaotic in the warehouse this time, but I’ll make sure they rectify this and shape up immediately. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine soon.”

Ye Xinglan snorted dismissively. “I’ll be reporting this incident, as it is. It’s best that you settle everything before the higher-ups dispatch an investigation unit. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences.”

“Yes, yes!” Tang Wulin agreed repeatedly. The group had already arrived at the elevator while they were talking.

“All of you stay back. There’s no need to accompany me,” Ye Xinglan spoke with intention.

Tang Wulin hastily replied, “How can I do that? We’ll escort you up. Staff Officer Shen, please help to put in a few good words for me with the regimental officer!”

They were passing by a lot of soldiers, but their conversation was carried out flawlessly. Even their voices sounded exactly the same as Major Chen and Shen Xing.

The seven Old Demons not only taught them a few simple tricks but also some in-depth skills such as changing one’s body shape, speech pattern, behavior and voice. All these skills were not difficult under the influence of adequate soul power. It was quite an agonizing training process, but what was it when compared to being tormented by the Old Demons?

“Ding!” The elevator door opened as Tang Wulin continued making a pleading gesture to Ye Xinglan. Her head held high, she was the first person to step into the elevator, while Tang Wulin and the rest followed behind closely.

The elevator door closed and ascended swiftly.

No one spoke anymore during the entire process because there was a surveillance camera in the elevator. It was better for them not to speak than say too much and have a slip of the tongue.

Soon, the elevator sent them back to ground level. They got out of the warehouse with ease by relying on their access pass. Tang Wulin gave Ye Xinglan a look as they made a rough identification of the direction, then moved together swiftly.

They walked into a darkened corner before Tang Wulin pointed to a military vehicle nearby. It seemed like it had just driven over for a patrol and was coming in their direction.

Ye Xinglan spoke, “I’ll go.”

“Together.” Tang Wulin made a hand gesture.

The seven of them advanced swiftly with Ye Xinglan at the front. She removed the officer badge displayed on her chest. “Stop the car.”

The epaulet on Shen Xing’s shoulder and her extreme popularity in the Northsea Army Corps were her most identifiable features. She was the beloved, beautiful officer known for being the rose of the military. Of course, the lieutenant and the soldiers driving the car recognized her.

The vehicle quickly stopped as he jumped down from the car and saluted Ye Xinglan. “Staff Officer Shen.”

Ye Xinglan spoke with a deep voice, “We’re attending to an urgent task on the outside. I require the use of your military vehicle temporary. Hand over the car immediately.

“Yes!” the lieutenant answered without the slightest hesitation.

Another major in her place would have been questioned before the military vehicle was handed over, but Shen Xing was the regimental officer’s sister and also the target of many low-ranking military officers’ affections. The opportunity for him to express himself like this did not come often, so he agreed without the slightest hesitation.

The soldiers in the military vehicle swiftly got down from the car. Ye Xinglan made a hand gesture at Tang Wulin to which he nodded in response. The group gradually boarded the car. Xie Xie was in charge of driving, Ye Xinglan got into the front passenger seat, while Tang Wulin and the rest sat behind.

No one said anything else to the soldiers. Xie xie controlled the steering wheel skillfully as he turned the car on the spot and drove straight for Northsea Army Corps’ entrance door at full speed.

Her lashes fluttered. Shen Xing could finally blink her eyes and gradually move her fingers as well. The numbness on her body was fading quickly.

She inhaled a deep breath with great effort as she urged the soul power in her body to circulate her bloodline, dispersing the numbness rapidly.

She struggled in an attempt to sit up on the ground. She then saw Major Chen with his two lieutenants and three other soldiers that were stripped naked nearby. She could not help having a mix of emotions at once.

The crisis was considered managed, but at the same time, she was overwhelmed by many different feelings. It had never occurred to her that the man in her nightmares would save her life.

A piercing siren echoed through the entire warehouse at once. Soon after, it spread out to the entire Northsea Army Corps base.

The fixed soul ammunition warehouse was a vital location for the military. The internal warning system was the most cutting-edge available, but Shen Xing was well aware that those youths would have already escaped after such a long time.

Of course, Tang Wulin and his companions had left.

They had gained victory without bloodshed for they had managed to leave the place without a battle of any kind. They had already departed from the Northsea Army Corps in the military vehicle as they drove at full speed on the highway heading away from Northsea City.

He could not help feeling that the military vehicle’s specifications were much better than a civilian vehicle. Not only was the car equipped with an advanced navigation system, but its acceleration was also extremely impressive. Xie Xie pushed the military vehicle to maximum velocity.

“It’s almost time. Be prepared to abandon the vehicle. Drive the car to a concealed spot,” Tang Wulin spoke to Xie Xie.

Xie Xie replied with slightly unwillingly, “The car is great. It would be nice if I could drive it all the way back.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke with an unpleasant tone, “Are you out of your mind? You’ll get a taste of the military’s mecha squad when they come and shoot us with missiles later. Quick, leave the highway and look for a spot for us to stop.”

Xie Xie took the next exit and headed toward a small town. He drove the vehicle into a forest. The group hastily got out and dashed wildly into the darkness according to the position which Tang Wulin found on the navigation system earlier. They ran straight to their destination.

Their target was simple. It was also a place that Tang Wulin and his companions were not keen to go. It was the soul train station.

It was impossible for them to distance themselves away from the Northsea Army Corps without some means of transportation. Tang Wulin had no doubt that Northsea Army Corps would soon close the nearby borders. They could not continue their journey with the military vehicle either. Thus, the best method was to use some mode of public transport to travel, and the soul train was the fastest one. Therefore, they had no other choice.

As they ran, they removed the disguises on their faces. One of them purchased a few sets of clothing from a shop close to the soul train station. They removed their military uniforms and changed into casual wear, while also altering their appearances briefly. Only then did they enter the soul express train.

The seven of them bought their tickets separately on the first train available. They walked separately, gathering together only when they reached the platform.

The platform was slightly old and unsophisticated because it was a stopover station. It did not even have a roof. The night wind felt slightly cool and refreshing.

Tang Wulin had his hands in his pockets as he stood there. There was only the few of them on the deserted platform, all in a similar state.

“Big brother, do you know that I feel like I’ve finally survived something? We’re not still in a nightmare, right?” Xie Xie suddenly asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin gave a bitter smile and answered, “I don’t know.”

The torment on the Demon Island had genuinely left a highly profound impression on their minds, such that their spirits still had yet to recover. Yue Zhengyu had been especially affected. He had become absentminded and could occasionally be found in a daze, even up to that point.

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