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It’s Him Again

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The warehouse supervisor regained his composure. He grabbed Shen Xing and pulled her up from the ground.

It was at this moment that the warehouse supervisor suddenly stumbled. He felt as if something was lifted from underneath his feet. He staggered to the side together with Shen Xing.

Then, the major and his two lieutenants watched in bewilderment as a metal brick on the warehouse floor slowly rose up as a figure stepped out from underneath.

The first thing that appeared was his pair of shimmering golden arms covered in diamond-shaped scales. The thick and heavy metal brick felt like nothing in his hands and was pushed aside easily. With a flash, he had already leaped from the ground.

Under normal circumstances, the warehouse supervisor would immediately activate the alarm system, but his secret had just been discovered by Shen Xin. He would not dare to sound the alarm this time!

“Who are you?!” the supervisor shouted softly while firing the stun ray in his hand at the golden figure.

The stun ray accurately struck the intruder’s crossed arms. The golden scales were emitting faint halos after being shot by the stun ray. The figure flung out his hands and muttered to himself, “It tickles a little!”

Soon after, an aura of indescribably terrifying domination burst out from the intruder’s body. The warehouse supervisor felt as if he was not confronting a man but a monstrous beast, and his blood ran cold.

Streams of shadows scurried out from the hole in the ground. The warehouse supervisor blacked out and lost consciousness.

Tang Wulin looked at Shen Xing lying on the ground in astonishment.

Even though it had already been so long since his time within the illusion, he could still recognize the staff officer he had held hostage in the dream instantly.

This was truly a small world! He did not expect that he would meet her so soon after leaving the Demon Island and sneaking into this place as he had done before.

Tang Wulin had conversed with his companions when they were leaving the Demon Island, and they had decided that the best method for them to enter was through the underground tunnel he had dug. After all, they would not be discovered easily, and it was much easier to leave from the inside of the Northsea Army Corps. Moreover, they combined everyone’s experience of infiltrating the Corps from their nightmares, and they could roughly estimate that the warehouse was closest to the mainland. Their escape would be shortest from the Northsea Army Corps’ range.

They also had one more advantage and that was that they did not fear being captured at all.

Their training on the Demon Island had ended.

They did not mind being delayed. They had genuinely flown a Skywing F-17 from this place back in the beginning, but it was the only one that was real. The rest were all simulated by Old Demon Nightmare in their dreams. They had committed a major offense, but the military would not be doing anything to them because of their identity as the Shrek Seven Monsters. At the worst they would only notify the academy.

Hence, allowing themselves to be caught after crossing the sea and then fabricating a believable story would get them home free as well. However, that approach would have taken more time.

Their individual personalities would not allow them to return to the academy in defeat. If they were to do that, what was the point of their many days of torment on the Demon Island? They had learned a great deal, so now they had to apply it in the real world.

Even so, they did not expect to get caught up in such an incident as soon as they exited the tunnel.

Tang Wulin had already heard about some of the things that were going on while he was still underground, which was why he made his appearance at such a crucial moment.

He saw the same Staff Officer Shen Xing he once abducted in his dream, and it felt a bit odd. At the same time, he could not help admiring Old Demon Nightmare. Though he was just a soul, Nightmare’s spiritual power was so great that he could exercise such control over the entire Northsea Army Corps. Given his spiritual rank, he could certainly topple the entire Army Corps with ease!

Shen Xing was staring at Tang Wulin in shock because she simply could not believe her eyes at all. When her entire body was completely numb, and she heard that the warehouse supervisor was about to abduct her and send her to an unknown enemy, she felt like she was going to have an emotional breakdown. Of course, she was well aware of how terrifying it was to be nabbed by the enemy and used as a hostage to threaten her sister. It was not only a disaster for herself but for her entire clan.

Her sister once compromised herself when she was Tang Wulin’s hostage in the nightmare. In reality, she believed that her sister would do anything for her. The bond between sisters was that strong.

The sisters grew up together from childhood, and they had an exceedingly close relationship. She understood that her sister was definitely someone that prioritized relationships over reason. The sister was more sensible at that crucial moment.

Nevertheless, it would be catastrophic for her clan if her sister were to commit such an offense for her. Thus, she wished that she could just die at that moment, rather than being snatched away by Major Chen, the warehouse supervisor.

There was always a savior figure in every young woman’s heart, especially when she was in distress. Who would not wish that a hero would suddenly arrive to save her? It had never occurred to Shen Xing that the person who came forward to save her, would be the same one she wished to cut into a million pieces, the one who had tormented her for a few months in her dreams.

“It seems like your situation is not looking that good, huh?!” Tang Wulin cracked a smile as he looked at Shen Xing.

Shen Xing stared at him with a nervous expression. She loathed Tang Wulin, but it was just a dream after all.

Moreover, she was well aware of the identities of all these youths before her. What a coincidence. How did they appear in the warehouse right at this moment? Could it be that she was still dreaming now?

Tang Wulin looked at his companions and said, “Remove their clothes and begin.”

‘Remove…remove their clothes?’

Shen Xing’s charming face turned ghastly pale instantly. ‘What are they going to do? They, they…’

The despair on her face that had faded earlier reappeared. ‘Am I jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire?’

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu dragged the warehouse supervisor and the two lieutenants aside and removed their clothes rapidly. Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan blocked Shen Xing from view, while Ye Xinglan began to remove her clothes.

Shen Xing was completely stunned. She watched helplessly as her clothes were swiftly stripped off, her mind thoroughly befuddled.

Ye Xinglan made a rough comparison of her shape and size and found that they were quite similar in height and body type.

Ye Xinglan removed her clothes rapidly with Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui shielding them. She changed into Shen Xing’s uniform then put her clothes on Shen Xing.

“Don’t worry. We’re only borrowing your clothes for a while. You got shot by a stun ray, so it’ll only take twenty minutes more at most to return to normal. You can deal with those scoundrels by yourself by then.” Ye Xinglan patted Shen Xing’s shoulder and stood up.

She then began to rub her face gently, looking at Shen Xing occasionally while doing so. Meanwhile, Xu Xiaoyan stood behind her and began to do up Ye Xinglan’s hair, which happened to be the same color as Shen Xing’s. Soon, Ye Xinglan had the exact same hairstyle as Shen Xing.

When Yuanen Yehui brought the cap over and put it on Ye Xinglan, she had already relaxed her hand. Shen Xing was staring in confusion at this other person standing before her that looked like a duplicate of herself. She really was exactly the same. It felt like she was looking at her reflection in a mirror.


“Done?” Tang Wulin’s voice echoed.

“Done. We’re still missing three sets of clothes,” Yuanen Yehui said to him.

Shen Xing’s eyes rolled to the side as she glimpsed three people walking over, dressed in military uniforms. They looked like the warehouse supervisor, Major Chen, and his two lieutenants.

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