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Old Demon Lust started imparting knowledge to Tang Wulin. It was just as the fat elder had said: the time for torture had passed. From now on, there would only be ordinary instruction.

Tang Wulin had never been a negligent pupil. He learned quickly, and he soon found joy in this new undertaking. As Old Demon Lust had explained, although the things she taught him were not fighting skills, they greatly increased his chances of survival. They had, in the truest sense, shaped him into being an all-rounded talent.

He was not instructed by Old Demon Lust alone. Soon enough, Old Demon Loathe, Old Demon Blight, Old Demon Nightmare, and Old Demon Devour appeared before him one after another, and taught him numerous complex subjects.

The Old Demons recounted a story to Tang Wulin. As early as ten thousand years ago, Shrek Academy had the idea to create a fully capable warrior. The academy wanted to nurture fighters who could adapt to different battlefields and possessed a plethora of abilities.

When the plan was implemented, there was only a single case of success in the early stages. That was the founder of Spirit Pagoda, the legend of the generation, Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao.

Shrek Academy had still not abandoned this concept. The only difference was that the plan was no longer carried out within the academy grounds. It was done on the Demon Island instead.

Only those who were able to pass all the tests on the various subjects within one year would qualify to take part in the all-rounded warrior course. Without a doubt, Tang Wulin was one of them, and he had the best performance in a thousand years.

Throughout all the previous trials, the part where they had to cultivate their hearts was naturally very taxing. It was hard enough to ensure that he did not collapse, but the most difficult thing, for him, was stealing the aircraft twice.

This was especially true during the second time. It required the participant to cross the waters adjacent to the Demon Island, infiltrate the Northsea Army Corps and steal their aircraft. There were very few who were able to accomplish this. In the previous two hundred years, it had only been achieved three times. Those three had all become the Sea God Pavilion’s Master in turn. Among them was the current Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo, Yun Ming.

Tang Wulin had always delighted in delving into various branches of knowledge. He started to merge this information and connect them together. He noticed that many things which he had normally taken for granted were actually extensive and profound when he devoted his heart to their study.

For example, Old Demon Devour would explain the wonders of various ingredients in detail to Tang Wulin. He taught him such skills as how to completely absorb the energy content in a meal, which was tied very closely to how the food was cooked. He also showed him how to differentiate between food sources, which included plants, animals, aquatic animals, and others. Tang Wulin would be showered with a large number of facts every day.

For three whole months, Tang Wulin had practically not slept or rested as he learned and applied his new skills. It was also unknown how the five old demons managed to produce relevant materials for Tang Wulin to study and cultivate.

“Alright, we’ve taught you everything we should. From now on, you must achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. You’ll have many more things to experience and learn about on the continent. You’ll only be able to better grasp all of it when you’re back among civilization.

“Thank you, seniors.” After these three months, Tang Wulin’s disgust for the five old demons was completely gone.

Also, he had a clear grasp on his companions’ conditions. They were doing well. They had been on the Demon Archipelago for ten months now. Although the others had not progressed as quickly as he had, at least none of them had collapsed.

Even if they were unable to learn everything that was taught, they would have undergone a substantial amount of training throughout their time there.

Old Demon said, “Stay on the island for your remaining time here. Now you should relax for a while. We have the best food here and a comfortable place for you to stay. When all your companions have finished their trials, you may leave.”

When Tang Wulin was brought to the living quarters, his entire being was shocked.

He felt that to describe his new habitat merely as ‘comfortable’ did not do it justice.

It was a treehouse. Tang Wulin did not know how the treehouse was made, but the life source here was much denser than in the valley. The treehouse was fully furnished with all kinds of equipment. There was even some modern furniture. The huge, comfy bed made him sleepy, and he got the urge to rest just by sitting on it.

He had been tortured for six months and had studied for three, so he was truly exhausted. When the Old Demon who sent him here had left, Tang Wulin lay himself down and fell asleep. He did not rise for three days and three nights.

When he woke up from his dreams, Old Demon Devour had already served gourmet cuisine brimming with life energy.

As he ate, Tang Wulin was touched to the point of tears. He had finally endured everything, all the bitterness had passed, and now came the sweetness!

The scenery on the Demon Island was not at all beautiful, but the treehouse Tang Wulin stayed on was a high vantage point. From there, he could see the ocean beyond the borders, and it was breathtaking.

Tang Wulin himself had not felt so comfortable in a long time. He was so relaxed that when he had his fill and returned to the bed, he fell into another deep sleep very quickly.

What could be more wonderful than this? He had the finest delicacies, comfortable living conditions, and nobody forced him to cultivate. He had freedom. He could leave as soon as his companions came out from their training grounds. All the pressure he had felt before had become nonexistent.

Tang Wulin leaned on the sofa in front of the treehouse’s door and gazed at the ocean far away. His body felt warm, and he felt an indescribable relaxation and comfort. Even the cries of the insects sounded like music to him.

“Urgh!” He stretched his limbs. Sleepiness crept up on him again. This was already his third day here. He spent his days eating and looking at the ocean before he enjoyed a good slumber. What could be more comfortable than this?

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He stood up and stretched vigorously before he turned around and returned to his room.

With the fat elder as the leader, Old Demon, Old Demon Blight, Old Demon Devour, Old Demon Nightmare, and Old Demon Loathe gathered together. The six demons were sitting inside a cavern.

Before them was a frame which showed a scene. What it displayed was Tang Wulin just as he had stretched and gone back to his room.

“Hmm, this young boy is really enjoying his time,” said the old man with some pride.

Old Demon pouted. “What are you feeling so proud for? We were the ones who helped you, you know?”

“Still, I’ve succeeded with my own skills. But this little fellow is not an easy one to fool. We gave him so many things to learn in three months, and he surprisingly soaked it all up like a sponge. His learning abilities are beyond expectations! Alas, even though he’s as shrewd as a ghost, did he not still end up drinking the water I used to wash my feet?”

“Hold on, don’t you be too pleased with yourself just yet.” Old Demon Blight suddenly said with astonishment, “The boy isn’t asleep.”

The scene changed, and they were looking at the interior of the room. The focus was back on Tang Wulin. He wore a slightly carefree smile on his face, but he did not lie on the bed. Instead, he sat with his legs crossed, with his palms upturned and his hands placed his palm on his knees. His five centers were aligned with the sky. Surprisingly, he had started meditating. It was the standard cultivating pose of the Mysterious Heaven Method.


All six of the old demons stared with their mouths agape.

“With such a comfortable life and luxurious meals rich in life source, this young boy can still think of meditating? This is impossible. I mean, what a relaxing life he has!” The portly old man’s expression was one of astonishment and confusion.

Old Demon Blight laughed. “Told you not to be so pleased with yourself. Serves you right!”

Yes, Tang Wulin started meditating.

He silently felt the dense life source in the air. With the flowing of the Mysterious Heaven Method, he slowly absorbed this pure and rich origin energy into his own body.

He did not intentionally accelerate the flowing of the Mysterious Heaven Method. What he did was merely urge it on naturally. Using the Method, he allowed his own bloodline aura to flow slowly.

Tang Wulin was in no hurry. He silently settled the soul power and bloodline power within himself. The reason he for his caution was that he worried that he would break through the Golden Dragon King’s ninth seal through carelessness.

If he did not find it necessary, and he did not lose control, he would never simply try to break the seal. The more he absorbed the essence of the Golden Dragon King, the stronger he became. Similarly, Tang Wulin’s heart grew more alert as well.

When the Golden Dragon King’s essence brought him such incredible power, it also gave him something else. These unfathomable energies had been influencing him silently but surely.

For example, Tang Wulin’s fighting style had been constantly changing during his earlier years. Many a time, he had obtained victory through his wits. However, with the strengthening of his Golden Dragon King bloodline, he liked the direct and pure suppression of brute force more and more. Similarly, his emotions were also being affected, and he was more rigid than before.

It had been almost a year since he arrived on Demon Island. In this year, he had undergone various trials and inhuman methods of torture. Throughout the entire process, the thing that had truly improved the most was his attitude. It was an influence on his spiritual side. This also enabled him to be aware of his own problems with greater clarity.

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