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Soul Power Vortex

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Great power was often accompanied by untold dangers. Tang Wulin had already begun to notice the side effects brought by the Golden Dragon King Bloodline. The Bloodline was potent, but it was only effective if he could rein in such incredible strength. He could never allow himself to lose control.

Thus, Tang Wulin fused his soul power and bloodline constantly through the Mysterious Heaven Method during his cultivation process and relied on the Method’s pure continuous growth to filter and refine his bloodline energy.

It may have seemed like this was not elevating his cultivation base, but in reality, it was reducing the possibility of hidden hazards in the future. Moreover, the Mysterious Heaven Method allowed one’s soul power to be condensed further. Despite his five-ringed cultivation base, his soul power’s density and purity, as compared to his peers of the same rank, was absolutely matchless.

Similar to how he was diligently meditating now, he wished to master the things he had learned over the year through comprehensive self-cultivation, but he was in no rush to increase his soul power.

In the beginning, when Mu Chen was teaching him to forge, the first thing he taught Tang Wulin was to build a strong foundation and elevate himself steadily. He could only advance further in the future by having a firm foundation.

Thus, Tang Wulin was not in a hurry during his meditation. He propelled his soul power and blood essence power slowly, while he sensed even the most minuscule changes in every part of his body.

The human body had endless mysteries, as did martial souls. In silence, he felt the variations in every inch of his physique with such precision that his focus was growing stronger and clearer. The intense sensation gradually brought him to a wondrous meditative state.

“Ten minutes. It has taken him only ten minutes to enter deep meditation? This young boy…” Old Demon Nightmare was speechless while the other five old demons were staring in bewilderment.

“What should we do?”

“What else can we do? Could it be that we’re still capable of waking him from deep meditation?”

“This isn’t supposed to happen. It shouldn’t be like this!” the fat elder cried out in exasperation.

“Serves you right!”

Tang Wulin lost track of how long he sensed his consciousness opening. His soul power circulated naturally, with a rhythmic motion. As he gradually regained consciousness, he was astonished to discover that he was perceiving his body as being transparent.

Everything in his body glowed with a faint golden color and fused together exactly according to his wishes. The golden and white soul power sspiraledin synchronization with his bloodline power and formed a vortex inside his abdomen.

In this small vortex, his soul power was extremely thick and had completely transformed into liquid. The gentle soul power vortex combined perfectly with his bloodline power and quietly spun.

For Tang Wulin, it was obvious that his soul power had grown stronger, and more importantly, all the energy in his body seemed to be in order.

He felt that his bones and internal organs had become translucent like crystal due to the continuous nourishment of his life source, making them even tougher.

What was this…

Even Tang Wulin did not fully comprehend what he had achieved, but he understood that his body had certainly reached a whole new level.

At least, he knew about the creation of soul power vortices. Even so, a soul power vortex was only expected to form after one had attained six rings!

This was because soul masters reached a major plateau when they cultivated to a rank of seven rings. One of the most important issues of this bottleneck was the change in the quality of one’s soul power.

A seven-ringed Soul Sage must be able to form a soul core, or their cultivation base would not be able to reach rank-70. Then, the core would immediately be fused with their spirit soul or soul beast soul ring to elevate themselves and allow them to possess a seventh soul skill and enter a brand-new domain.

Only those who had achieved a seven-ringed cultivation base could be known as high order soul masters.

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin was still far from seven rings, but this soul power vortex was essential for him to condense his soul core.

A soul power vortex could also be described as the foundation of a soul core. Upon the appearance of a soul power vortex, a soul master would be able to absorb more origin energy through the spinning of the vortex that continuously condensed one’s soul power until it formed a solid soul core.

Tang Wulin’s soul power was rank-53 at most right now, with a difference of more than ten ranks before he could achieve seven rings. Nevertheless, a soul master would generally begin to attempt formation of a soul power vortex only when they had reached rank-69. Then, they waited for the soul power vortex to condense into a soul core naturally to complete the qualitative leap. The process was much slower than cultivation at other ranks. This was also the reason why there were so few soul masters with a cultivation base over seven rings.

Once the soul core was formed, a soul master would achieve a massive upgrade in his perception and ability to draw in origin energy, making him incomparably powerful. By then, there was no need to worry about the exhaustion of one’s soul power, because the soul core would draw in origin energy as emergency reserves of its own accord. Generally, a Soul Sage’s soul power would not run out as long as the battle was not overly exhausting.

Tang Wulin was only rank-53, yet his soul power was already taking form. This not only signified that his soul power condensation rate was far above average, but more importantly, his understanding of his own soul power was similarly beyond expectations.

Tang Wulin immediately knew what the biggest advantage of his soul power vortex would be. He could rely on the pull of the vortex to exercise even better control of his bloodline power such that it would not break through the ninth layer’s seal unexpectedly.

This was an unforeseen benefit! Tang Wulin could clearly tell that his soul power was elevated from rank-52 to rank-53 now. Even though he had managed to raise his soul power by only two ranks in one year, his elevation was exceedingly stable. Moreover, he learned so many things in that time.

He decided to finish his meditation, as he had lost track of time.

Just as Tang Wulin was preparing to end his meditation, his body shuddered ever so slightly as a miraculous feeling arose spontaneously.

It felt as if there was a seed in his body, which had germinated and had begun to bloom with its life source.

The sensation was so wonderful that Tang Wulin felt like he was instantly surrounded by incomparable life force. It was as if the life source was so thick it could devour his body completely in one moment.

What was that…


All of the old demons raised their heads and looks to the source the noise. The old demons were stupefied with apprehension.

“What’s going on?”

They watched as a pillar of green light suddenly surged skyward from the island. The life source that was already so thick on the island suddenly bloomed exponentially.

This was an extremely rare occurrence for them. The old demons could not help feeling shocked.

“Is that the life tide? I thought the life tide had just appeared twenty years ago? Why is it here again?”

The life tide was a phenomenon that happened on the Demon Island once every century. Every time the life tide appeared, it was the period when Demon Island’s destructive power was suppressed to its weakest point, and also the moment when its life force was the thickest. As a result, a large amount of sea soul beasts would gather around the Demon Archipelago to absorb this life force so that they could evolve.

This was the reason that so many powerful sea soul beasts lived near the Demon Archipelago. Rather than saying they were isolating the area, one could call them its guardians.

The life tide was more beneficial to soul beasts than mankind because it was capable of causing benign changes in the soul beasts’ bloodlines, or more accurately, life tide could refine the sea soul beasts’ bloodlines.

It had only been two decades since the last time this event had occurred, yet, to everyone’s surprise, the life tide had appeared once again. This was an extraordinary situation.

Streams of shadows flashed as the old demons quickly gathered together.

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