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We both remained where we were, staring at each other in silence.

My head was swelling and I was feeling faint. This is bad.

This is really really bad.

Efua glared at me and it finally occured to me that she hardly ever smiled. She was one black witch for real.

” So you can’t greet your seniors again, eh?” She asked curtly and I could feel my nerves breaking at her high pitched sharp voice.

” G—good evening,” I greeted, wondering if she must’ve lost her way or she was probably in the wrong room.

But when she began rolling her suitcase into the room, I knew instantly she was my new roommate and nobody is going to change that.

” Where’s your bed?” She asked, settling in the middle of the room, her eyes terrifying and remote.

I pointed at it and I noticed my hands were far from steady.

She didn’t reply, instead she wandered over to my bed and sat down.

I watched her as she began unpacking her stuffs on my bed; Her uniform, her shoes, her books and some provisions.

When she was done, she asked for my wardrobe and I also showed her. Instead of hanging her uniforms inside Collette’s wardrobe, she used my own wardrobe, hanging her uniforms as if the wardrobe belongs to her.

I would’ve stopped her. I would’ve told her to cut it out. I would’ve told her that that was my wardrobe and she has absolutely no right to share my wardrobe with me when there’s Collete’s wardrobe.

But I didn’t say anything. In as much as I’d love to give her hell, I wasn’t ready for another slap. One slap is enough. I’m not getting another.

Finally she was totally done unpacking. She turned to me and placed her hands on her waist.

” Alright, now listen,” she began, talking really fast with a sharp note in her voice. ” I’m going to make things really clear with you right here, right now. I’m not Collette. My name is Efua and I’m the total opposite of Collette. Don’t think for a second, I’m soft hearted and understanding. I’m not. As a matter of fact, I’m tough, harsh and impatient with nearly everything. And yes, I also have a hot temper. That’s me in a nutshell. Ever since you acted that stupid drama at the cafeteria with Collette on your first day at school, I knew you’re trouble and I like trouble. I’ve been trouble once, believe me I know what I did when I was once like you. But my roommate at that time was a no nonesense senior and after a week with her, I adjusted and became the girl you’re seeing before you. In your case, I’m not going to waste one week with you cause Collette would be back in a short notice from now. I’m going to take three days to turn you into a plump if you try any silly nonsense attitude with me. Collette’s and I are rivals. I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me either. Are you surprised? Well, there it is. Which is why I’m refusing to use her bed and her wardrobe and as part of Mrs Cooker orders to me tonight, none of the council president’s things must be tampered with until she returns back from the hospital; not her bed, not her books, not her provisions nor uniforms, not even her electric iron. So which means, I’d have to use your bed. I can’t sleep on the floor, never. I brought a futon. It’s smaller but hey, who cares. Beds are for sleeping aren’t they? So you’re going to sleep on the floor with the futon while I used your bed. I’m glad it’s dried by now.”

I was watching her, my lips mute my eyes shaking and my skin pale.

She nodded, thinking she’d thrown a scare into me. ” That’s good, I’m glad you understood me. Now for my rules. I believe Collette gives you free liberty to do whatever you want. Well, that’s about to change because like I said, I’m not Collette and I don’t expect you to like me anyway. I don’t care. I have my own rules and I stick to them. If in anyway, you step out of turn in my rules, I’d make your life a living hell in this room and when I say a living hell, I’m talking about a real living hell. I’m I clear?”

My voice was boiling and it cracked. ” Yes, senior.”

” Good,” she raised her nose in the air and raised a finger in the air to mark the points. ” Rule number one, lights out must be ten minutes before lights out. I always go to bed early and I expect you to do the same. I don’t care if you’re sleeping or not but be in your bed ten minutes before light’s out. Rule number two, I expect you to wake up at exactly in the morning. In this school, no one cares what time you wake up so long as you you’re up before but that’s not me. I wake up really early cause I have lots of books to read. I expect by 4:00., You’re up to clean the room, make my bath and prepare before general devotion. I want a situation whereby the moment you’re done with general morning devotion, you don’t need to clean the room. Just take your bath and disappear out of the room. I don’t talk much, Lucy, I take Action. I believe in waking stubborn lazy girls like you with cold water. If you like, sleep like a baby and forget your waking time. Third and the most important rule, never skip meals. I don’t care f you’re sick or tired but never skip meals. I’d be watching you. If for one day, you skip a meal, you and I will have to wear the same skirt in this school. Fourth rule, address me as senior. Never call me by my name. Fifth rule, I must not lack water in this room. Very soon, there won’t be running water in the hostel. We’d have to fetch water from under the basement but I don’t have time for that. I have six large gallons. I want them all filled up and brought to the room for safekeeping. I don’t care if you are going to fetch for yourself but I want my six full gallons of water in my room before the end of tomorrow. I don’t want to know how you do it but before lights out, I’m seeing my water. Am I understood? Alright, any questions?”

If thoughts could kill, Efua would’ve been a dead person by now. ” No, senior. I understand perfectly.”

” Good,” she left the room and surfaced with a white futon bed. ” It’s small enough but at least it’s a bed. This would be your bed until Collette returns. In the meantime, do whatever you want but once it’s ten minutes to lights out, I want you in your pyjamas and on your bed, I’m I clear?”

I held myself with an effort from giving her a dirty slap. ” Yes, senior. I understand.”

It seemed the way she’d like to be addressed.

When I checked the time, it was Lights out was by Which meant, I still have like two hours or less. I decided I was going to make use of those two hours as there would be no night prep tonight.

And so I asked for her gallons. She showed me the gallons. My heart sank when I saw how heavy and large they all were. There was no way I’d be able to carry those mean terrifying gallons all the way up from the basement to my floor.

I can’t use the elevator, that’d be against the rules. I’d have to use the stairs.

But that wasn’t going to stop me. I was going to fetch her gallons of water even if it’s just two gallons.

And so with her watching me, I grabbed two gallons and left the room. I was burning in rage. This was the worse stuff that’s ever happened to me but I dare not complain. It wouldn’t be worth it to complain to a girl like Efua.

I’d have saved me a slap to the cheeks.

An hour and half later, I was struggling with the two gallons of water up the stairs towards my floor. It was a hell of a job cause the gallons weight a ton. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but I had no other choice.

If I’m going to beat this witch to it, I had to be more smarter and wiser. She’s too dangerous and mean.

Exhausted and nearly sweatin’ outta my clothes, I glanced up the stairs, hoping I’m nearly close to my floor.

” Almost there,” I panted but when I looked up, my heart sank. I still had six more floors left to go. ” I’m dead. There’s no way I can make it.”

” What are you doing?” Someone asked beside me.

I turned around sharply to see a young girl. She’d be around fourteen or so if I’m not mistaking. One look at her and I could tell she was a junior student which makes me her senior.

” Well, I’m stuck with these gallons of water and I can’t seemed to get to my floor,” I said, staring at her.

She studied the gallons and narrowed her eyes. ” Ah, I see. You’re Efua’s new roommate. Rest in peace.”

I became mad. ” What’s that supposed to mean?!”

She pointed at the gallons. ” Efua’s my roommate. I learnt she moved in to replace senior Chi-Chi but it never occurred to me you’d be roommate with that girl.”

” Well, she’s my roommate,” I rolled my eyes. ” So what? That doesn’t mean I’m going to die.”

” You’re getting it all wrong,” she whispered, apparently bored. ” You’re not going to die. You’re already dead.”

” Now look here you,” i began but she cut me off with the wave of her hand.

” No you look here,” she began. ” Efua’s poison. You don’t know her more than I do. She’d eat you alive. I know what I’ve suffered in the hands of that girl. If you’re going to survive her for the next three days, well you’d better listen to what I have to tell you. It pays to know a little more about the roommate you’re going to spend your days with at school before anything else.”

I stared at her, realising she wasn’t bluffing. ” And I suppose you’re telling me this because?”

” Because I know how naive you are,” she wrinkled her nose. ” This isn’t some ordinary school. No one here is normal. If you’re normal, you’d suffer. You’ve got to be more sharper, smarter, quicker and evil to survive here.”

Something told me this smallie here knows a lot more than I do and she’s trying to help.

” Alright,” I sat on one of the big gallons. ” You’ve got my attention. I’m listening.”

” Stop trying to please her,” she said, marking the tips off her fingers. ” She’s an ungrateful arrogant witch. The more you work yourself out for her, the more she just makes your life extremely miserable. Second, always make sure she has water. That girl can bath for Africa. She baths six times a day. Third, whenever she speaks, don’t talk back. Just stay mute and nod your understanding. Even if she says something stupid, agree to it. The last thing you ever wanna do to Efua is to correct her. She can’t be corrected. She feels she’s Miss perfect. She’s a first class b*tch as well. Be careful with her when she begins her rain of insults cause her words would break your heart. She’s not merciful with what she lets out her mouth. Another point raiser for you is to never touch her stuff. Avoid getting slapped cause her slap can cease your menstrual flow. That’s all, you get that right?”

I just gaped at her, mind dull and empty. Was Efua this dangerous?!

Standing to my feet, I grabbed the gallons. ” Sounds as if I’m falling into a snake pit.”

She rolled her eyes, walking away. ” You’re not falling into a snake pit, dear. You’re already in the snake pit. Good luck with your new roommate. I pray she never returns back to her former room.”

” Hey,” I called out to her. ” Won’t you give me a hand?”

She didn’t answer and the next thing I knew, she’d cornered in a room and vanished.

By the time I arrived, it was

Efua was busy rubbing a cream over her arms and legs on my bed. Her small boobies outlined against her pyjamas, reminding me of a small kid from Basic 6.

Well, at least, I have better boobies than she does.

” Where were you?!” She rasped when she saw me struggling in with the two gallons. ” You’ve been away for two hours.”

I remembered the junior student tip. Never argue with her or try to correct her.

” Was trying to get these gallons up the—”

” Nonesense!” She barked Soo sharply, it broke my nerves. ” It took you two hours flat to fetch only two gallons of water? What are you, a vegetable?”

I remembered the tip. Never argue with her. Keep mute.

” When I was your age, I fetch eight gallons of water for my seniors every night before going to bed and I still make it for lights out as well. How can a girl as fresh and young as you are be this lazy and miserable?!”

In as much as it’d give me enough pleasure to put this b*tch in her place, I wasn’t that crazy to reply her.

” You’re very stupid,” she barked and when she barks, she can be really UGLY. ” Repeat after me, ” I’m stupid!””

I said it. ” I’m stupid.”

” No, say it like this, ” I, Lucy I’m very stupid””

” I, Lucy I’m very stupid.”

” Nonesense,” she hissed, glaring at me, waiting for a reaction. When she saw nothing, she pointed to the remaining empty gallon of water. ” I want the remaining gallons filled with water before sunset tomorrow, I’m I clear?”

” Yes, senior,” I answered.

” It’s,” she glared at the time on her wrist. ” Dump the water and get in your pyjamas. I’m switching off the lights before 9:20 quick.”

I didn’t know where the strength came from but I dropped the water, locked the room and was in my pyjamas. The moment I climbed the futon bed, the room was shut in darkness.

For the next eight minutes, nothing was said between us—not even a goodnight.

I sniffed silently, feeling two big balls of tears Rollin down my cheeks. I’m hurt. What have I done wrong? Why is everyone against me in this school? Why can’t I seemed to fit in?

From the other side of the bed, I heard a light snore. Efua was sleeping.

” Kissing you doesn’t mean I have any interest in you. It simply means I want you to shut up and grow up. You’re too childish for my liking.”

Collette and I were under the shower, gazing at each other. She had both her hands on the wall, backing me up against the wall.

” I hate you, Collette,” I whispered in fear, staring at her eyes.

She leaned forward close to my face, I looked away, twitching as her flesh touched mine.

Her fingers went under my chin and turned it to face her. Her tongue went round her lips and there was that fire in her eyes that started the whole thing.

” But I don’t hate you, Lucy,” she whispered as well.

My eyes closed and opened again. ” Collette…. we’re…. we’re girls. We shouldn’t.”

” Shhhh,” I felt her hand squeezing my br**sts softly and gently. ” Why don’t I make you feel special, little Lucy?”

” I…I don’t,” I gasped, when her hands pinched my nipples. The sensation was breathtaking. I could feel myself wetting underneath my legs. ” Stop… please…if you keep squeezing it like that y–you’d…”

” I’d what?” She smiled and I felt her other hand running down my tummy to my honey pot. ” Open your world to me, Lucy.”

I shuddered when she touched my clits. A vibration ran up to me and dissolved in my nerves.

Without me knowing, I opened my legs a little wider.

The water from the shower trickled down our naked bodies and I could feel her entire body, soul and flesh engulfing me.

I closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure overwhelm me. She relaxed when she saw my calm expression and her fingers began rubbing around my v*gina slow and firmly.

It felt like paradise.

I rolled my eyes back and let out a low moan. Collette caught my face and planted her lips around my mouth and began s-----g on my tongue.

The shower began pouring faster and heavy on our bodies, causing a raining sound around the bathroom.

” Hold me tighter,” I whispered in her mouth wrapping my arms around her.

She toyed with my clits for a while then as slowly and as gently as she could, she pushed a finger inside my v*gina.

It was a little painful cause I was tooo tight. Soo tight. But she didn’t bulge. She played around a little more around my c--t with her fingers, kissing me passionately.

When I was wet enough, a finger instantly went in.

My eyes popped up and I gasped sharply.

I bolted up from my bed, breathing heavily with both my hands on my chest.

Jesus Christ! Was that… Was that a dream? How…. Collette and I… kissing…

For the next sixty seconds, I tried to calm down and regain my breath.

Sudden, I felt something wet and slimy between my legs and I placed a hand inside my pyjamas trousers.

My pants was soaking wet. I stiffened. My hand touched my v*gina and brought out a sticky colourless liquid.

What the hell is this? Did I….did I experience o----m in my dream?

Suddenly, I felt a restless movement behind me. Turning around, I saw Efua sitted on a chair before the study table, a Torchlight on her left hand.

On the table were some big textbooks and past examination questions papers with rough sheet filled with calculations.

She was studying but it wasn’t her studying that made me stare with a shocked expression.

It was her.

Efua was naked.

Like seriously, she had no clothes on. No panties, no bra, no pyjamas, no nothing.

Stark naked with only a battery Torchlight in her hand and her books and calculator.

I glanced at the time. It was There was no electricity, everyone should be in bed sleeping by now but Efua was wide awake….

And naked!

I glanced at my fingers bearing the wet fluid from my v*gina then glanced back at her.

For the next three minutes, I stared at her without saying anything. She sensed someone staring at her and she turned sharply at my direction.

She stiffened when she saw me then she frowned. ” And what are you doing up at this time of the morning?!”

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