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” Heads up,” Sharon called out to me, serving the ball towards my direction.

I saw it coming, leaped in the air and with both my hands turned into fists, I hit it back over the net.

It was a Saturday afternoon and every Saturdays and Sundays were games or sports.

QA made sure they provide the student with the best sports equipment ever. There’s the school gym, fully equipped and working. There’s also the basketball court, the volleyball court, the chess and Scrabble club, the track racers.

And ofcourse there was also football but not many of the girls were crazy about football.

Today I joined the volleyball club. It’s part of the school rules to join at least two sports club. Sharon and Mia were in volleyball club so it was kinda easier for me to just join them being they were the only friend’s I’ve got.

” What’s up with you, Lucy?” Sharon asked, hitting the ball over to my side again. ” You’ve been pale and Moody throughout today, I noticed.”

I frowned, missing the ball as it landed past me to the ground. It was just Sharon and I doing some warmup before the other girls arrived for practice. ” You wouldn’t be happy if senior Efua was your roommate, would you?”

She gasped, surprised to her skin. ” Hold the phone, Efua’s your new roomate?!”

I sighed sadly. ” My dear, that’s what I just said.”

She gaped at me, shaking her head pitifully. ” That’s sad, girl. How did you sleep last night? Did she s--k your blood or anything? Did she beat you to a plump? Did she give you hell?”

I grabbed the ball but I didn’t Serve it back to her. ” Actually, something far worse happened.”

As quickly as she could, Sharon wandered over to my side and held my shoulder. ” Don’t tell me she hurt you, did she?”

I glanced up at her. ” Sharon, do you have any idea why Collette decided to commit suicide?”

She shooked her head. ” Girl, I wish I knew. That information was strictly kept from us by the students Council. Trust me, if there’s anyone with the most juiciest gossip in this school, it’d be me. This is a serious case, Lucy. I’m sorry, I don’t know why she did that. I never knew Collette was an asthmatic until yesterday.”

” I see,” I said, disappointedly. I was hoping to get more out of her but it turns out she knew nothing.

” You missed her, don’t you?” Sharon asked and I saw her smiling.

I slapped her hand away. ” Miss who? I’m just worried about her. It’s no fun suffering from a terrifying condition like asthma.”

She studied me closely and I could see her eyes probing mine. ” Lucy? Did something happened between you and Efua last night?”

I was startled. ” What makes you say that?”

” I’m worried about you, Lucy,” she said a little impatient. ” When I saw you this morning with that whitewashed face of yours, I knew instantly something happened last night. Come on, out with it. You know you can tell me anything. That’s what best friends are for, Right?”

I knew I could trust her. She’s the only one I can tell all my problems. So I closed my eyes. ” About that, would you listen to this?”


” And what are you doing up at this time of the morning?!” Efua asked.

I stared at her, my hand still sticky with the liquid from between my legs.

” Hey, I’m talking to you,” she barked.

” I had a nightmare!” I replied.

She still wasn’t ready to admit she was seated before me, naked. She looked soo comfortable in her nakedness it felt as if she was putting on invisible clothes.

” Nightmare or not, you’re not supposed to be up at this hour,” she said, but I could sense her voice quavered slightly. ” Go back to sleep.”

” Did you touch me while I was asleep?” I asked suddenly.

Her eyebrows were drawn down into a stiff frown when I said that and she rose to her feet, breathing fire and brimstone.

I crawled back when she approached me, her naked body hovering over me in the dark shadows.

She suddenly looked tall and menacing in the darkness that I could barely see her eyes but I knew she was staring fixedly at me.

” What did you just say?”

I stuttered. ” I…I…”

” You what?!”

” I had a terrible dream,” I spoke fast. ” When I woke up, I noticed some sticky stuff between my legs so–”

” So you were of the impression that I was sexually molesting you in your sleep, huh?” She barked.

” Well,” I was sweating now and could feel a ball of sweat rolling down my face. ” You’re naked and all….”

The least I expected of her was to pounce on me and give me the beating of my life. Instead she squatted before my face.

I tried looking away as her small br**sts showed up before my eyes but I couldn’t. I met her eyes and I could see them heating up.

This girl has killer in her eyes. I was terrified of her.

” Let me get things straight with you, Lucy,” she pointed a finger at me. ” Whatever dirty thoughts you might be cooking in that small mind of yours, better keep it to yourself. For your information, this is an all girl’s school not a mixed school. The fact I’m naked doesn’t necessarily mean I touched you. We’re both girls, we both have boobs, we both have v*gina’s, we both menstruate every month, we both have a lot in common so what’s there to be ashamed of? You’re still living in a small world, kid. This isn’t your house, this is school life. If I go about the entire hostel naked, no one is going to call me crazy cause we’re all girls. Now, I don’t know what sort of dream you were dreaming that made you c-m in your pyjamas but don’t even think about pining it on me. I always study naked every night while everyone’s asleep. That’s how I always do. If for one second, you carry the idea that I was touching you in your sleep, you must be very, very, very crazy and stupid. I won’t take that rubbish, I’m I clear?!”

I nodded, swallowing hard. ” Yes, senior.”

” Did I hear you say you’re sorry?”

I shut my eyes and opened them again. ” I’m sorry, senior.”

” Now, returned back to bed,” she ordered and I obeyed.

×××××××××END OF FLASHBACK××××××

” But I didn’t sleep that night,” I said, staring at my shoes. ” I was wide awake cause I wanted to know if she really did something to me. She remained on the chair, studying and eating a bar of chocolate.”

Sharon was thoughtful. ” You didn’t tell me what sort of nightmare you had.”

I wasn’t going to tell her about my dream. Nope, that detail is going to be well hidden away from her knowledge.

” It was a boy,” I lied. ” I don’t feel comfortable talking about my dream. It’s terrifying.”

Sharon shrugged. ” Well, then I don’t see how any of that has anything to do with Efua. I mean, it’s just a dream wasn’t it?”

I didn’t like where this was heading. ” Sharon, didn’t you hear what I just said? When I woke up, I found—”

” That’s normal,” she said, reassuringly. ” I mean, it happens to girls your age all the time. Wait, is this your first time having s*x in your dream?”

” I think so.”

” See?” She smiled. ” There’s totally nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal. The same happens to boys but hey, it’s not really something to be proud of. I’d advise you to pray over it. Some folks believes if you keep having s*x in the dream, it simply means you’ve got a spiritual husband.”

I wanted to tell her she had it all wrong. I wanted to tell her it was Collette I saw in my dream, not a boy but then I remembered I lied to her.

” But why would she go reading naked in the room?” I asked, trying to change the dream topic.

Sharon giggled. ” You know, Lucy, sometimes you never cease to amaze me. What matters if she walks around the room naked? We’re all girls. Come on, I sleep naked sometimes. It gets pretty hot in the hostel so I don’t feel bad about stripping myself to receive some cool breeze. You’re just worried about nothing. Efua might not have had anything to do with you. It’s your imagination. Work on it and forget about it.”

I still wasn’t comfortable with what happened that night irrespective of what Sharon has just explained.

” Lucy,” someone called my name from the pavement across the field. I looked around.

It was Vee. She was waving me to come over to her.

” It’s funny how you end up as her ward,” Sharon said, staring at Vee as I made to go to her.

” What makes you say that?”

” Well, owing to the fact that she’s also Collette’s guardian and you two share the same room…it sounds like a nice coincidence,” Sharon said, collecting the ball from me.

I noted what she said and tucked it at the back of my mind. Somehow, Sharon was saying thing’s that later on, when I thought really hard about it, gave me terrifying revelations.

Vee was waiting for me when I ran up to her. She looked a bit cheerful with her sweet smile and pretty face. She was wearing a dark sport shorts and a red Man United jerseys shirt. I could see her bra outlined against the Jersey and it surprised me how big her boobs were.

” How are you doing today, little Lucy?”

I smiled up at her, feverishly happy to see her. ” I’m great, what about Collette?”

She licked her red painted lips and stared at my feet. ” Why don’t you and I go for a short walk, little Lucy? There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

” What about?” I asked, liking her constant use of the word “little Lucy”.

” Just come with me,” she moved away and I followed her.

We walked side by side away from the sports field, towards her lodge.

” Collette’s fine,” she said, after a long awkward silence. ” She’s just depressed, that’s all.”

” Was it because she learnt you were getting engaged?” I asked without thinking.

Vee stopped moving and turned to me. ” Wherever did you hear that?”

” Umm…I heard some seniors gossiping about it,” I lied, cursing myself for speaking without thinking.

She stared at me closely. ” Some seniors? Who are they?”

” It’s just some random talk,” I tried laughing it off. ” Don’t mind me, I shouldn’t have spoken.”

For a while, she stared at me, then she looked away and began moving again. ” Well, that information is correct.”

I sighed in relief but I got curious. ” I thought she should be happy for you, mom. I mean, you’re a pretty lady. You deserve a man who’s going to appreciate your qualities and take good care of you.”

She smiled bitterly. ” That’s not the way Collette sees it.”

” I still don’t get why she’s Soo upset about your engagement to be driven to the point of commiting suicide. If you ask me, I’d say that was very dumb of her. For a smart person, she really made a stupid mistake.”

Vee and I were nearly approaching her Lodge when she stopped all of a sudden. ” Little Lucy?”

I stopped and turned as well.

We were under a huge mango tree that shaded us from the harsh sunlight above.

Her red lips moved. ” I don’t want to get married.”

It sounded pretty odd for a teacher to be having such a private discussion about her marital issues with her student.

” Why wouldn’t you want to get married, mom?”

Vee shuffled her feet uneasily and just for a moment, I thought I saw a little girl in all her maturity and being.

” There are far too many reasons, little Lucy,” Vee began. ” The man in question owns a university and two high School in the country. He’s been my mother’s closest friend for ages which was why he had me engaged. Mother was excited about his decision to marry me but I wasn’t. For two reasons, firstly, I don’t love the man and secondly, he’s thirty years older than me. That’s not the type of Life I want for myself.”

” Wait a second,” I scratched the back of my head. ” Now I’m confused. You mentioned school, then you mentioned your mother…”

” Mrs Cooker,” Vee eyed me. ” She’s my mother.”

Holy sh*t! So that makes her the principal’s daughter. Wait, if she’s Mrs Cooker’s daughter, why then is she a teacher?

As if reading my mind, Vee continued. ” She wants me to take over the school when she’s retired. That’s why she wants me married to her friend. My being a teacher was of my own decision. Thereafter, when she’s retired, I’d replace her position as the new owner of the school.”

But Mrs Cooker treated Vee as if she were an ordinary employee. I guess parents do have a way with their kids.

” So why is Collette upset about all of these stuff that’s going on between Mrs Cooker and your supposed fiance?” I asked.

Vee regarded me with a slight smile. ” Well, the truth is…. Collette… well, she’s in love with me.”

Standing over the bathtub, I filled it to the brim with warm water. Then I turned off the tap and gently slided in.

The moment I stepped in the tub I closed my eyes in pleasure of the warmth of the water immersing me thoroughly.

I was thinking. My mind dwelt on my last meeting with Vee some few hours ago.

” So why is Collette upset about all of these stuff that’s going on between Mrs Cooker and your supposed fiance?” I had asked.

Vee regarded me with a slight smile. ” Well, the truth is…. Collette… well, she’s in love with me.”

She’s in love with you? How can a girl muster up such strong feelings for her fellow gender?

I remembered the last thing Vee told me before I returned to the hostel.

” Collette would be back soon. I want you to look out for her. I can’t always be around her all the time. Make sure she gets a new inhaler when she’s ran out. There are lots of crises going on in her head that you wouldn’t know about. She’s been soo depressed even before I knew her. You’re a lively girl. I trust you can do a better job than I can of bringing the lights to her world.”

But isn’t that the craziest thing anyone can say to me? What do I know about Collette? How do I bring light to her world?

And why… Why is she this attached to Vee?

Vee didn’t give me much details about their relationship with one another but from the little she’s told me, I have this funny feeling that Vee and Collette….

Were probably lovers.

My heart went cold just thinking about it. I felt hurt and I don’t know why? If it were true and they were really lovers, that’d explain why Collette was Soo upset.

The fact that Vee was engaged was hurting enough. I understand that pain.

I still have a lot of questions and only a few has been answered.

Then I remembered that dream. That dream of last night.

I remembered Collette holding my face and planting her lips around my mouth and began s-----g on my tongue.

I remembered the shower pouring faster and heavy on our bodies, causing a raining sound around the bathroom.

” Hold me tighter,” I remembered whispering in her mouth wrapping my arms around her.

She toyed with my clits for a while then as slowly and as gently as she could, she pushed a finger inside my v*gina.

Yeah, I remembered it all and thinking about it now, I realized just how badly I wanted to feel that way in real life.

I want it for real this time–not in a dream.

I want to be kissed again, I want to be touched once more. I want someone to push me against the wall and make me feel special.

I want… I want…I want Collette.

I want to give her my virginity.

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