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After a busy day, near the end of work, Jirou receives a call from Qin Yinze. He says he is too busy to come to pick her up. He arranges a driver for her.

Jirou doesn't know what else he can do for a young man who has nothing to do but spend money on girls, but she doesn't ask much.

Because she knows very well that no matter how close the relationship is, even the relationship between husband and wife, they need their own personal space.

There is a proper space for each other to breathe free air, so that the relationship between them can be better maintained and long-term harmony can be achieved.

For example, she is the one who particularly needs private space. When she goes to bed at night, she wants to sleep in her own room. She doesn't want him to hold her every day. He has great strength. She feels that he can break her at any time.

The most important thing is that there is a person in her heart. Before she is ready to confess to him, she needs a small space to hide her mind and hide it where he can't see it.

When Ji Rou came out of the company, fan Qitian, the driver, had been waiting at the gate for a long time. When he saw Ji Rou coming out, he rushed to meet him: "too......"

Before the word "madam" was finished, Jirou immediately gave him a warning look: "Uncle fan, I've told you many times. You can call me a cat and a dog outside, but you can't call me a wife."

She is not allowed to be called her wife. First, she hasn't made clear the relationship between her and Qin Yinze. Second, she is too young to bear the identity of another's wife at such a young age. Ji Rou is somewhat reluctant.

She's only 20 years old. She's 20 years old. She's full of youth. She's branded by a man so early. She's really not willing.

Fan Qitian: "OK, madam!"

Ji Rou: "..."

Qin Yinze's people are really loyal to him. They do what he tells them to do. They never say a word in front of her.

Think about it. In fact, if you want your people to be so loyal and keep their mouths shut, the leader must have the ability to convince people Just at present, Ji Rou doesn't find out where Qin Yinze excels.

No, she has found out something remarkable about him, that is, his combat effectiveness is very long-lasting. Shit, he doesn't seem to be tired. She's such a good physical person who can be tossed to death by him.

Thinking of Qin Yinze's combat effectiveness, Ji Rou's white face was dyed crimson. She hurriedly got in the car: "Uncle fan, please!"

Just like in recent days, after work, Ji Rou went back to her own home first to talk with her mother.

Qin Yinze only gave her two hours, not a minute, so she cherished every day when she went home. She told her mother what happened in the company at the first time.

Zeng Yunwei's performance at the meeting, Ji Rou was very satisfied, and when he went home, he was busy reporting to his mother: "Mom, I think my father used to do a lot of good things, and now we start to go lucky."

Seeing Ji Rou's excited appearance, Ji's mother is also happy: "baby, talk to her mother and see what's going on today?"

Jirou took the flower tea from her mother and took a big sip. Then she said, "Mom, I feel that I've had a lot of luck in recent years. I really met a dignitary."

Ji said, "did Uncle Yu promise to come back and help?"

"Not uncle Yu." Jirou shook her head and said happily, "Mom, I'll give you two more chances, and you can guess."

Ji's mother thought about it and said, "honey, mom can't guess. Don't show off. Tell me."

Ji Rou put down her cup and cleared her throat: "Mom, uncle Yu didn't come out to help me when I was in trouble, but he introduced me to someone. That person used to be a small and humble employee of the company. If it wasn't for uncle Yu's introduction, I would not have found him. After in-depth understanding, I found that he is indeed a talent. He knows more about the company than I do. With his help these days, my work has gone smoothly. "

It's a good thing that someone helps her daughter, but Ji's mother is a little worried: "xiaorou, can this person believe it?"

Because of the precedent of Ji Chendong, that person is still a relative of their family, and their relatives can do things to rob their company, let alone other people, and it's not surprising that Ji's mother has this worry.

Jirou said, "Mom, don't worry. Although I appreciate his ability very much, I will not be dizzy because of this and believe him without finding out anything. Ji Chendong's business is not over yet. How can I make the same mistake again? "

"Well, as long as you believe, so does Mom." Ji's mother rubs Ji Rou's head and watches her daughter lose a circle in a short period of time, which is also very painful. "Xiao Rou, since she comes back from work, let's not talk about work. I'll get you something to eat. "

"The happiest time of my day is when I go home to eat my mother's cooking every day." Ji Rou made an exaggerated expression. She went to the kitchen with her mother. What her mother said was delicious. It was green vegetables and tofu. There was no meat foam.

"Mom, are you sure that's what you made for me?" Ji Rou has to wonder if this person is her mother. How did she suddenly change the recipe?

"During my stay in the hospital, Aunt Wang, who lives next door to me, was a nutrition expert," said Ji with a gentle smile. She told me that the human body needs different nutrients every day. Meat, vegetables, bean products, fruits and so on should be evenly consumed. We should not be picky about food, or it will affect development. "

"Impact on development? Mom, I'm all grown-up, where do I need to develop... " As it is said, Ji Rou looks down at herself.

Strange to say, she ate a lot in one day, but this figure is shriveled and shriveled, without flesh feeling. Last night, Qin Yinze, the son of a bitch, thought she was small.

Ji Rou thinks about it and feels angry. After taking advantage of her, she dislikes her small. Why? She did not dislike his short, why did she dislike her small?

"Of course, it's not enough for my daughter to eat only vegetables and bean products." When Ji's mother opened the lid of the stew pot, the smell of the old hot soup came, "these are the meals I prepared for you."

Looking at the stew in the pot, Ji Rou holds Ji's mother and smiles: "Mom, you are still my mother, I am not what you picked up."

"If I don't give you meat, you will pick it up, you child..." Ji's mother poked at Ji Rou's forehead: "eat quickly. Don't be hungry for a while, he will come to pick you up."

Ji's mother is reluctant to give up her daughter, but her daughter is married. She can't always leave her hair daughter by her side. She is satisfied that her daughter can go home to eat with her every day.

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