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Tinkling bell

Ji Rou and Ji's mother just sat down to eat. Qin Yinze called. Ji Rou looked at her mother, and Ji's mother chuckled: "you see what I'm talking about."

Ji Rou: "Mom..."

Ji Mom: "take it! If you don't pick it up, he'll come up and rob people. "

Jirou answered, "are you finished?"

"Not yet." Qin Yinze's low voice from the handset to Jirou's ear doesn't sound as steady and powerful as usual, as if he is a little tired.

"What are you doing when you call me? Hurry up! " She's waiting for him to pick her up. Don't waste your time on the phone.

Qin Yinze's voice came from the handset again: "Ji Rou, I'm calling to tell you that I won't go back tonight. I'll arrange a driver to pick you up."

"Oh..." Ji Rou let out a disappointment, and then said, "it's OK. You should be busy with your business first. I'll stay at home with my mother tonight, and I won't go back. "

During this period of time, he was used to seeing him off every day. Suddenly, he couldn't say. Ji Rou always felt that she had something missing in her heart. She didn't know exactly what was missing. She was very upset.

"Then have a rest early." Qin Yinze on the other end of the phone said nothing more. They were silent for a while. Ji Rou hung up first.

Seeing that Ji Rou is in a low mood, Ji's mother comforts her: "Xiao Rou, it's normal for a man to be busy with work and not go home. Your father didn't often go out on business before."

"Mom, he's just a second generation father. His father is in charge of everything at home. He doesn't have any work to do..." Jirou doesn't want to think about bad things, but her brain is out of control. "Mom, do you think he will go out looking for foxes on his back?"

Ji's mother looked at her jealous daughter and couldn't help laughing: "ouch, our sour gas is breaking the door."

Ji Rou waved her hand and denied: "Mom, don't say anything. How can I eat his vinegar? Who does he think he is?"

Ji's mother gave Ji rousheng another bowl of soup and smiled, "did I say you ate his vinegar? You don't have three hundred liang of silver here. "

Ji Rou stamped her feet: "Mom..."

Ji's mother put the soup bowl in front of Ji Rou and patiently advised him, "Xiao Rou, we will be jealous because we care about this person, but we can't eat vinegar indiscriminately. You should learn to trust him, understand?"

Ji Rou suddenly felt that her mother's old and beautiful soup was not fragrant, and said stiffly, "he has never been in such a situation that he didn't go home I, I am worried about him. "

Ji's mother smiled: "silly child, if you are worried about him, you will tell him. How can he know that you are worried about him if you don't say it?"

After listening to her mother's advice, Ji Rou hid in the room and called Qin Yinze, but after that, there was no answer. There was no one to answer. Ji Rou then called the people on the scene. You said something to me, and they were all expressing their opinions. At last, Qin Yinze made a decision: "take the initiative to hand in the evidence and cooperate with the relevant police to investigate the case."

When Qin Yinze said this, someone immediately understood his meaning: "Sir, do you mean to make up for the past? You can rest assured that we will turn the public opinion to us, and we will be the biggest beneficiary of this event. "

Qin Yinze nodded, no matter how serious things happened, his interests are absolutely inviolable.


Ji Rou receives Qin Yinze's informal message, and her heart hangs down a little. He is still in the mood to say such words to her, which proves that there should be no big deal.

"Xiaorou Is the call over? " Ji's mother knocked on Ji Rou's door. "It's almost cold. It's not delicious if you don't eat any more."

Jirou opens the door and says, "Mom, I'll eat right away."

Seeing that her daughter's mood has returned to normal, Ji's mother said, "Xiao Rou, when will you take Qin Yinze home to let her mother have a look?"

Jirou just took a sip of soup, almost choked by her mother's words: "Mom, the time is not ripe now. When the time is ripe, I will bring him to see you officially."

Jirou's heart is afraid of something. Jirou's mother knows. She wants to have a good talk with her son-in-law, but she still has to worry about Jirou's idea: "it doesn't matter. Mom can wait."

"Mom, I'm sorry!" Jirou thinks she's really not filial. Her mother has only one child. She's married, but she can't bring her husband back to show her mother. Although mother didn't say anything these days, she must be worried.

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