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Back to present….

Racheal was shocked to see me at home at that hour of time(she knws within her dat tynz r not rite). What happen Julius? She asked with a worried face(i dont knw if she really care or pretending to care, na she sabi). Not in the mood to answer, i walked pass her and head straight to my room..

After some minutes an unimaginable happened! I was on my bed thinking about how my mum will feel when she heard about what happened to me at school(i love my mum so much that the only love that matched my love for her is that love that God have for we human beings)(don’t think otherwise o, my mum was never attractive to me sexually o…toor coz i fear u guys u will be thinking of something else now)..

Suddenly i saw an angel in front of me(note: this angel was totally unclad) wow naked angel escaped from my mouth… Before i could say another word my joystick is already stiff (u go fear romantic eyes she gave me) she came near the bed and i stood up to her, i

gathered her not-that-big-body into my arms and felt her soft br.ea.st on my chest. I kissed

her softly on her forehead, then kissed her

nose, kissed her chest and brought up my pink

lips to her ready waiting wet lips. As our lips


intouch. I felt the fire all over my brain and sexual region. I let in my tongue inside her

mouth and began moving it round every


She was just moaning silently. My left

hand held her so close while my right hand

landed on her left booob. As my hand touched

her br.east she shivered and that encouraged me more. I kissed her more and lifted her top

hold her bre.ast ver well. She quivered &

moaned huuuuuuuuuuuu as my fingers began

to press her nip.ple. My left hand was pushing

her womanliness to feel my erect bingo. She moaned and wind her waist. I squezd her butt

the squeezed her br.east and she held me so

tight as if i was about evaporatn. She moaned


I stoped

touching her bre.ast with my hand and replaced my hand with my mouth oooooooooo.

I began to s--k her booobs gently. Her mouth

is now free to moan as she wants. She was


moaning ooooooooo babyyyyyyyy uuuuuuuu

babyyyyyyy. My hand slowly moved into her private

environment. I touched her c.litoris and she

shivered so strongly. I teased her cl.itoris


she quivered and twisted her butt.

She moaned

louder yeeeeeeeeeeee babyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeeeeee u r killing me babyyyyyyyy. She

moved her hand and felt the s---t of my d--k

and it shocked me. I moaned aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. As she

wanted to hold it firmly, i bit her nip.ple a little

the shock made her to remove her hand and

shouted aiiiiishhhhhhhhhhhhh. Please mess me nowwwwwww. We were still standing close to my bed

So i lifted her up. I

took her to my bed

and placed her on it. She opend my zip pulled

down my trouser and i took hold of my d--k and

started to use it to tease her c.li.toris. She was

shouting now. Asking me to go in. Babyyyyyyyy

pleasssssseeeee go inside me nowwwwww.

Aiiishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My left hand was

handling her left booobs while my right hand was holding my d--k, teasing her c--t.ris. She

kept moaning and moaning. She was scrashing

the sit. She will hold her head opend her mouth

ooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaa.


nowwwwww mess meeeeeee. Oooooooiiiiishhhhhhhh baby please i cant take

this any more. Honeyyyyyyyyyy please am

readyyyyyyyyy mess meeeeee. With that i


up her arrse with my left hand while she hold

the back rest of the chair.

I went into her wet toto slowly. I decided to make it slow so that i

will not miss any of her reactions. As my d--k

was going inslowly. She said

eeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyy.

My d--k got inside her completely. She said

thank uuuuuuuuuu my totooooooooo babyyyyyyyyy thank uuuuuuu. F.uck my

totoooo is all urs. I started fuc..king her slowly

but my one hand cant really carry her while i

bleep her. So i used my two hands to hold her

while she was winding & twisting squeezing the bed spread.

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