Favourite, three girls, same school

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Favourite, three girls, same school( based on a true life story)

INTRODUCTION: This story is based on my true life journey so far….some names and locations will be change to avoid some public embarrassment…..

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I just turned 15 then. There were 12 kids, 2 teachers and a leader from the company we used. The trip was offered a year before we left and there was a lot of build up. However, not until the last couple of weeks did the group start really getting to know each other.

This one girl whom I knew from primary school was going. She was kinda pretty and I dunno I noticed her I suppose. She said to me at some point after we had been getting along pretty good, “I didn’t know your name until like a month ago.

All I knew you as was Popsie [my nickname] from primary school”. Popsie was a name one of my teachers gave me and it kind of became my name for most of my primary school life.

When we were in country, she and I started talking and getting on really well and flirting. She initiated it because shez older than me and I didn’t at first think she was interested and all that—I’m not exactly one for showing a lot of interest straight up. So, yeah, in the airport and on the plane, the first few days we were pretty good. I really liked her.

The 3rd day we moved to a different place. It was like a home stay, kind of, in a longhouse in the middle of the rainforest—really, really, remote but not tribal at all. After the first day the teachers and leader caved into letting us swim in the river because it was so humid and hot. (The kampong/longhouse is right next to a river—the only way besides helicopter you can get there. It takes about 2 and a half hours by boat.) So we are swimming around and some of the guys are wearing thongs (as in flip flops) cause it a river and that. The currents were pretty strong and this one guy’s thongs came off and one of them went down river really fast. Luckily it gets caught on some trees over hanging the river. So thinking they are truly pretty much gone, he just leaves it.

Everyone was swimming but eventually people start going back up to the longhouse and it was just me and the primary school girl and one of my other (rather clueless) guy friends. Me and the guy are flirting and playing around in the water and just talking about stuff, pretending the other guy isn’t there, paying him out and stuff cause he wouldn’t go away. It started to rain, heavily, so we ran back up to the longhouse which is like 200m away and get everything completely soaked.

Favourite, three girls, same school - S01

Favourite, three girls, same school - S01

5 days ago