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Gloria’s POV:

” Where is he?!”

” I told you,” I yelled. ” I don’t know.”

Another slap landed on my face and this time, it was louder than the first.

They were three men in the room with Evans. The remaining gang were out looking for Junior.

” D--n!” Evans bite his finger hard. He was Soo frustrated I got scared he might use a gun on me. ” Look lady, if you don’t tell me where that boy is, I swear to God, I’m going to cut off your private part and sell them off to recover the money I’m going to lose Tonight.”

This was exactly what I knew they’d do. I can’t count how many times I’ve drummed it into their ears but I’m not gonna give up.

” He pulled out a pen knife,” I said, breathlessly. ” He cut himself loosed and abandoned me. I swear that’s what happened.”

” You’re lying,” one of Evans boys threw a punch across my face. It nearly blinded me and I felt blood drip down my forehead to the ground.

” I swear on my life, it’s the truth,” I insisted.

Four men rushed into the room, their eyes showed their defeat. ” He’s gone. we can’t find him anywhere.”

” How can you not find him anywhere?” Evans asked.

The kidnappers were frightened. ” We searched everywhere. It’s as if he vanished.”

This was news to me. How could a ten years old boy outsmart eight

Stone hearted kidnappers?

” You know what?” Evans began, fuming like an angry bear. ” Take her.”

My eyes popped out. ” Take who?”

” Shut up, who talked to you,” another slap landed across my face.

It was at that moment that I despised man. I swore in my life never to have anything to do with the male folks ever again.

” What do we do with her?” One of the boys asked.

” We’ll cut her private part and sell it to Alhaji Danko. He’ll pay six million for it,” Evans answered.

My heart chilled, my blood froze and my eyes doubled in size.

I am soo dead. So that was my fate after all.

I began pleading but my words all fell on deaf ears. I was only greeted with another hot slap.

And a blow to the mouth.

” Get the knives ready,” Evans yelled to the other two. ” Hurry up. There’s not much time.”

Then they began stripping me off my clothes. They worked Soo fast and before I knew it, I was left in my bra and my underwear.

When I saw the knives. I raised my voice but someone covered my mouth with a cloth. The knives were deadly and curved sharply in a way that brought out sweats out of my body.

Then they spread opened my legs and proceeded to cut my private part out.

” Hey!” Someone yelled from the outside of the building.

Evans stopped and so did all the boy in the room. We all stared at each other, confused and curious.

” Assholes!” The voice came again. ” Come and get me. I’m out here.”


Hold the phone!

That sounded like….


It wasn’t just only me who noticed. The boys in the room left me and scrambled out of the room towards the door. Evans dropped his knives and ran out as well, abandoning me all alone in the house.

Next words I heard were, ” after him, you fools. Don’t let him escape!”

And that left me all alone with nothing but a bunch of knives on the floor.

It was then I get it. Junior was distracting them so I could escape as well. He’d probably ran off to survey the environment inorder to understand where he’d lead them away.

That beast! How smart of him.

I hastily rolled my body towards where the knives were and picked one up.

In sixty seconds, I’d torn the clothes binding me. I jumped to my feet and ignoring my clothes on the floor, I used the window and ran out like my life depended on it.

I didn’t know how far or how long I ran but I never stopped. It wasn’t until I ran into the forests that I heard the gunshots.

I tripped over and fell from shock. The gun shots sounded again. This time harshly.

My entire system was quavering. ” What was that all about? Who got shot? Was it Junior?”

The gunshots came again and this time, it was headed my way, closing up on me.

They’re heading this way! I sprang up to my feet and began running again.

” This way,” someone shouted.

Jesus Christ! Soo soon?

I put in everything I got. I ran like a mad woman. I didn’t care I was only in my pants and bras.

BANG!!! Another shattering gunshot.

Bullets tore passed me but I didn’t stop. I began screaming on top of my voice.

Suddenly, I slammed my feet against a rock and crashed out of the forest into the road. I felt the skin around my feet opened with bleeding.

This was too much. The pains was just too much. I couldn’t stand it.

From behind me, the kidnappers surfaced out of the bushes. They stopped instantly when they saw me and immediately, they began dropping their guns to the ground.

I was surprised. What kind of miracle is this?

When I followed their gaze, I instantly knew why.

Before our eyes were police men fully armed with guns pointing at us all. Behind them was Adeola and my two roommates, Bella and Lucy.

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