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Gloria’s POV:

” Hey, are you alright?” Bella and Lucy ran up to me and supported me to my feet.

I stared wildly at them. ” What the hell is going on?”

” Hey take it easy,” Bella soothed me down. ” Look your feet is bleeding.”

I stared at these two girls, my fears receding gradually. ” Bella, Lucy. I can’t believe you guys came for me.”

” What are friends for?” Bella said as three policemen ran to where the kidnappers were and put them all on handcuffs. ” Come on, we’ve got to get you to somewhere safe.”

” Where’s Junior?” Linda cried as she ran up to me, seizing me by the Shoulder. ” Where is my boy?”

I was surprised. Junior was nowhere to be found?

” I– I have no idea where he is, madam. The last time I saw him, he was being chased by those kidnappers.”

Linda went mad with rage. ” You witch! You escaped while you let those hoodlums killed my son, eh!”

She began choking me, calling me names and raining cursing me.

” Evil girl, so you’ve decided to let my son die. You will die today.”

Bella acted fast. With one powerful push, she pushed Linda away from me. Linda staggered back nearly losing her balance. She turned and glared at Bella.

” You dare lay your filthy hands on me? Who do you think you are? Do you have any idea who I am?”

Bella shielded me from her view. ” My name is Bella and I’m Gloria’s roommate. And for your information, I don’t give a f--k who you think you are but I’m not letting you get any closer to my roommate. What the hell is your problem? We’re having a really sticky situation here. Your son is still missing and the only one capable of telling us where he is is the one you’re trying to strangle. I mean, are you in your right senses?”

I couldn’t believe Bella was saying this, even Lucy was surprised.

Linda grew mad with rage she turned to an officer. ” Can you imagine this cheap, s--t talking back at me in this manner? I will not stand for this insult. Take her and lock her up.”

The officer turned to Linda and tried to soothe her. ” Madam, do calm down. There’s no need to get Soo dramatic about this whole thing. Locking her up isn’t the best option.”

” She insulted me. I won’t stand for that. Lock her up and detain her till when I’m satisfied. I’ll pay whatever it takes.”

Another police officer came up and pointed at me. ” The kidnappers said you knew where the boy is.”

This was a trap. Chai, these men wants to land me in trouble. ” Officer, I have no idea who these men are or where the boy is. Junior escaped and left me. A while later, I somehow managed to escape as well.”

” She’s lying oooo,” someone shouted.

Everyone turned sharply to the direction of the voice. It was one of the arrested kidnappers.

” She’s one of us,” he lied. ” She hid the boy because we disagreed on Sharing the money equally with her. Don’t let her deceive you. She’s one of us.”

I nearly screamed. ” Ahhhhh! Officer it’s a big lie. I don’t know these men. I swear they were all trying to kill me when I escaped.”

Linda shouted. ” I knew it, I said it before. Girls of nowadays. So you conspired with these gangs to kidnap my son, eh?”

” Madam,” I fell on my knees. ” Believe me. I will never do such a thing. These men are lying. I swear on my life.”

” Officers,” Bella spoke to the two policemen. ” These men are liars. I know my roommate very well. Gloria would never do such a thing.”

” We’ll see about that by the time we hold her in custody,” one of the officers replied and brought out a handcuff. ” I guess we’ll have to arrest her as well.”

” Be snappy about it, sharp sharp.” Linda yelled. ” And take her friends along with her. They’re all together in this.”

Suddenly, Bella took out her phone and began dialing some numbers.

Both the officers and Linda stared at her as she walked up and down aimlessly.

” Yes, senator Sanju. I’m fine sir. Yes, there’s this young woman who’s raising false accusations against me and my friends for a kidnapping case we’re not responsible for. Yes sir. As a matter of fact now, they’ve put us all in hand cuffs and are leading us to the station. One of them even slapped me. I’m serious. I know my friend. She is not responsible for the kidnapping. Yes the kidnappers are caught. I don’t know for all these Nigerian policemen ooo. ”

After a long pause, she handed the phone over to the officers. ” He says he wants to talk to you.”

The two officers stared at each other then looked at her. One of them collected the phone from her and listened attentively to the ranting and ravings coming from the other side of the line.

All we were hearing next were, ” yes, sir. Sorry sir. Yes sir. Sorry sir.”

Finally the call was over and like magic, I and my friends were left untouched.

I marvelled. This was amazing. Bella winked at me.

Linda was mute. I was surprised she didn’t say anything again. My eyes wandered over her to where Adeola stood. He hadn’t moved from where he was standing and I wondered why.

It wasn’t until I saw the handcuffs on his hands that I understood. He was arrested? But why?

” Gloria,” the officer who’d collected Bella’s phone to listen to the senator approached me. ” How many kidnappers did you think are involved here?”

” Eight,” I answered sharply. ” They have a leader called Evans.”

The officer frowned. ” We only arrested seven and no one amongst these gang right here is Evans.”

” He’s probably in the forest. He was chasing after Junior. I heard gunshots. I have no idea if he killed Junior or not.”

” I’m here,” someone shouted Inside the forest.

Like electricity, everyone jolted. They turned to the forest and watched as a small figure was emerging out of the forest, dragging a man on the ground along with him.

I squinted my eyes and stared at this boy.

It was Junior and he was dragging unconscious Evans by the shirt.

Everyone gaped at this small boy in wonder. Evans head was a swollen huge lump. I barely recognized him.

Junior showed his teeth. ” I threw a heavy metal down from a tree on his head while he was searching for me. He’s unconscious now but he’ll be fine.

[ End of Gloria’s POV]

Unknown POV:

At nine-thirty that same evening, the three roommates returned home.

Lucy removed her shoes and coat and put it in the closet. ” Finally, some peace and quiet.”

” How’s your leg and ur face?” Bella asked Gloria?”

Gloria sat on her bed, the bandages on her face and legs irritated her but she didn’t complained either. ” I feel superb. Where’s Cynthia and Priscilla anyways? I’m hungry.”

Lucy and Bella exchanged looks then smiled awkwardly at her. ” Umm…this time around, we’re the ones cooking.”

” I’m not eating then. If Cynthia or Priscilla isn’t cooking, we’ll have to order something to eat. Those girls ehh, nawao for them. I got kidnapped and none of them were even spooked.”

” Actually, they didn’t know you were kidnapped,” Bella said.

” What? You didn’t tell them?”

Lucy bite her lips. ” Gloria, Priscilla and Cynthia are no longer with us.”

Gloria closed her eyes then opened them again. ” Tell me what happened?”

Bella narrated everything. ” Priscilla got raped by her bestie. She never mentioned it to us. I guess she was too ashamed and frightened to tell us. So she took the law in her hands, organized some cult girls and got her bestie killed.”

Gloria gasped. ” That’s bad.”

Bella nodded sadly. ” Indeed. She’s now wanted by both the police and some cult guys. I’m sure she hiding somewhere right now. Last I heard, she’s pregnant with HIV positive.”

Gloria didn’t know what else to say. She was speechless. ” And Cynthia? What about Cynthia?”

Lucy looked away. ” That’s kinda my fault. I made her leave.”

” Why?”

Bella interrupted. ” Actually, it wasn’t Lucy’s fault. It was mine. Remember that idiot I collected his number at the bar?”

” Yeah, Paul.”

” Turns out the bastard was Cynthia’s fiance to be. I didn’t know from the start but then Cynthia found out about us. She got upset and left.”

Gloria didn’t say anything again to Bella. It was too much in her head. She returned to Lucy. ” So what does that have to do with you? Why did you say you made her leave?”

Lucy was about answering her when Bella interrupted. ” Omo you too de ask questions. Order food let’s eat jare. Remember you still have your medicines to take.”

” I’m no longer hungry,” Gloria said. She was sad. ” Why did all these things have to happen to us. We were such a happy family. Now everything’s falling apart.”

” Let’s not dwell on that for now. Tell me what happened with you and those kidnappers?” Bella demanded, sitting beside her. ” I just heard some part of the story. I need the full gist.”

” Yeah,” Lucy sat down as well. ” Feed us what’s up. The whole thing is confusing. How did that small boy capture that man?”

” Junior is his name,” Gloria explained, as she rushed through how he’d planned their escape. ” That boy is a wonder. At first I thought he abandoned me but I was wrong. He left to look the place over. The kidnappers were lazy and careless so he had a perfect view of the entire place. He knew if he led them away from me, I’d have the chance to escape and that’s exactly what he did. While I was running for my life, he took the kidnappers round the forest. They began shooting Helter scattered but unknown to them, he was hiding up in a tree with a heavy metal object on his hand. When the kidnappers saw me escaping, they raced after me but Evans waited to look for him. Junior saw his chance and waited. The moment Evans drew near, he let the metal drop off his hands which crashed on Evans head instantly, causing him to go unconscious.”

” What a smart boy,” Lucy said.

Bella agreed. ” What about Adeola. That’s the most confusing part of this whole saga.”

Bella fell on the bed and covered her face. ” That man is a devil. Junior was right about him. He was indeed an occultist. He murdered his three daughters to pay his yearly cult dues.”

” Wait, meaning he was responsible for the kidnapping?”

Gloria shooked her head. ” No, he’s clean. Adeola was right about one thing. He loved his son. He can’t produce anymore kids because he has no p*nis.”

” Jesus Christ!” Lucy exclaimed.

” After giving birth to Junior, he was asked to sacrifice his manhood,” Gloria continued. ” That was why he had seperate rooms and never slept with his wife. Then after the p*nis sacrifice, he was asked to sacrifice his three daughters which he did but he became restless when they started demanding for his son as well. Adeola refused. He didn’t want to kill his son and the fact that his son knows about his secret devastated him the more. He wants to change, to end all these occultic nonesense but it wasn’t as easy as it looks.”

” Poor man,” Lucy lamented.

” Who told you all these things?” Bella asked.

” His wife, Linda,” she answered. ” She suspected he was responsible for Junior’s kidnapping so she called the police and had him arrested. They stormed the house and tore everything apart until they saw his secret sacred room. It had human heads and skulls. After that, Adeola kinda started confessing. Well, I guess Linda was right about everything. Adeola wasn’t what I thought he was.”

” I feel bad for him,” Bella said, then jumped up. ” But I’m hungry. Let’s order something.”

” How can you be Soo nonchalant in such a sad situation like this?” Lucy asked.

Bella rolled her eyes. ” I don’t want anything to spoil my mood tonight. I’m starving, plus I need to celebrate, knowing my roommate isn’t dead but Alive.”

” Bella,” Gloria called.

Bella turned to face her. ” What is it?”

Gloria rose to her feet and embraced her, eyes wetting. ” Thank you Soo much for everything. You’re the best friend ever.”

Bella stood rigid. Then to everyone’s surprise, she broke into tears. She held Gloria tighter. ” Hey, what are friends for?”

Lucy watched them both and she wiped a ball of tears off her eyes. Bella was such a caring person. She might be a snub and a quiet lady but she has a heart of gold.

Lucy ran and joined the hug. ” Group hug!” She laughed.

” I’m hungry, what are we going to order tonight?” Bella asked.

” Let’s order Chinese,” Lucy exclaimed excitedly.

” See your head like Chinese. It’s too expensive. Who go pay?”

” Don’t worry,” Gloria said. ” Order it. I’ll pay. I want us to celebrate tonight. You might as well order some wine along.””

” Big girl,” Bella laughed. ” It’s like you’ve gotten a new job.”

” I’m still going to be a maid,” Gloria said. ” Junior told Linda not to fire me. Linda just could’nt refuse. She even tripled my salary plus a scholarship throughout my schooling days.”

” Wow!” Bella smiled. ” Say, are you sure this Linda of a woman wouldn’t b*tch you around?”

” I don’t care,” Gloria screamed. ” I just want to eat up, get drunk and forget about all these stuff.”

” Are you still writing that your novel?” Lucy asked Bella as Bella took a book and began scribbling on it.

” What novel?” Gloria asked, raising her head.

Bella laughed. ” It’s a story about us.”

” Jesus Christ!” Gloria exclaimed. ” You’re writing a story about us? What’s the title?”

Bella laughed again. ” I call it, The things girls do.”

” That’s crazy!” Gloria yelled.


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