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Gold Road or Death Road?

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The group of them stood staring at one another. Xu Lizhi sighed softly. “Actually, you can’t be blamed because all of us rarely train with each other. We’re studying under different teachers after we entered the inner court to elevate ourselves, so we have fewer opportunities to practice together compared to before. Our cooperation has not gotten much better, especially after everyone became one-word battle armor masters. We should genuinely improve on this area.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “That’s right. Our cooperation now is from our time together years ago. It’s still the same level as four years past. Maybe even less than that. Really, we’re not that familiar with each others’ new skills, and that’s not alright. We’re the Shrek Seven Monsters, and we’re a team. Our overall combat capability must be elevated, by many times in fact. Thus, we must increase our joint practice during the military training to increase our cooperation.”

Ye Xinglan nodded and spoke, “I agree.”

The group nodded in succession.

Tang Wulin said, “Very well. Let’s depart now. We need to get a car as soon as possible. Elder Cai emphasized about the time usage so our time is certainly not unlimited. Moreover, we could have an unexpected incident like yesterday.”

The money Mu Chen paid Tang Wulin was not enough to buy a car, but they could still rent one. They rented a car in the current city and returned it to the local branch office when they arrived.

Everyone was skilled in driving so it was not a big issue for them. A seven-seater car was exactly what they needed. It was not luxurious, but it was quite comfortable for them.

Xie Xie was tasked with driving while Tang Wulin checked the map and the rest of them were seated in the back.

Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu were still furious at each other, but they were inseparable on this day. She did not sleep well the previous night, so she fell asleep in Yue Zhengyu’s arms very quickly during the stable car ride.

“At our current speed, we’ll need another four days before we can arrive at the destination if we were to drive more than ten hours a day. The soul express train’s speed is still faster!” Tang Wulin looked at the map as he frowned ever so slightly.

“Forget about it. What if we get into another accident? You can’t estimate time like this. Big brother, you’re just not destined to catch a soul train,” Xie Xie smiled as he spoke.

The following journey was considerably uneventful in the end. At least, there was no other odd incident like encountering evil soul masters.

Four days later, they arrived at the Continent’s northeast coastal city, Northsea City. The temperature was obviously much lower as they traveled all the way from the northeast after so many. Even though the change of temperature did not affect them with their cultivation bases, the weather still felt cold after they spent some time there.

“We’re finally here.” The car entered Northsea City, and they returned it, first thing. The entire group appeared slightly lethargic.

They had driven for more than ten hours a day. It was not considered a physical burden, but it was highly taxing mentally.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We can’t stop yet. I keep having this premonition that it’ll be very troublesome later. Let me ask around on how we can go by sea to our destination.”

According to Elder Cai’s instruction, the location of their military training would be on an island about thirty kilometers away from Northsea City. They would certainly need a boat to reach the island from where they were right now.

“The rental car profession is part of the transportation industry, so perhaps they’ll know where to go to rent a boat?” Xie Xie pointed to the car rental office they had just walked out of.

Tang Wulin answered, “Possibly.”

Xie Xie spoke, “I’ll ask.”

A moment later, Xie Xie’s expression appeared slightly unpleasant when he walked out of the car rental office once again.

“Big brother, your judgment is correct. It’s not an easy task to arrive at that nameless island. You know what the car rental office’s staff said?” Xie Xie had a speechless expression on his face.

Tang Wulin spoke, “What happened?”

Xie Xie answered, “He looked as if he had seen a ghost when he heard that we were heading to the sea. He asked if we are seeking our own doom. Moreover, they said that there isn’t a pier in Northsea City. Not even a basic one. This is because not only are there mighty waves but also a large amount of sea soul beasts that thrive inside Northsea City’s waters. It’s described as a ‘Prohibited Area of Life’ in their words!”

“I knew it.” Tang Wulin was rendered speechless.

“Can’t even travel on a larger ship?” Yue Zhengyu asked.

Xie Xie spoke, “A larger ship? You think too much. Only Skysea City and Eastsea City have piers where large ships can dock on the northeast part of the Continent. How far is this place from those two cities? How long will it take to travel back and forth? Moreover, is it possible for us to move a large ship through the waters filled with a dense sea soul beast population?”

Tang Wulin shrugged and spoke, “It seems like this will be the first trouble we’re about to face. I think it’s considered the trial before military training.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “Let’s take a look at the seaside first. Seeing is believing. We shall take a look at how powerful the sea soul beasts are first and find out whether we are capable of facing them or not.”

“Go!” Tang Wulin waved his hand as the group boarded a rental car and headed straight for Northsea City’s eastern seashore.

They found their way blocked by a barrier about five kilometers away from the seashore.

All sorts of heavy soul weapons densely covered the barrier, be it a dam or a wall, that stood hundreds of meters wide. The group could not help staring in bewilderment upon seeing it.

Although they had yet to see the sea, they could tell from this wall built to defend against sea soul beasts that the world ruled by the waters outside was quite terrifying.

“Which one of you recognizes the soul device up there?” Tang Wulin muttered. He was genuinely not that well-versed when it came to soul devices. He was only equipped with some basic knowledge.

Xie Xie gave a forced smile as he spoke, “I don’t know too much about soul devices, but take a look at the area below the wall. That should be the super soul power battery circuit. There’s no need for me to give more of an explanation as to its function, right?”

It was no joke that there were at least three spots below the wall with buildings displaying warning signs of extreme danger following the direction of Xie Xie’s finger. He could easily identify the state of the buildings and the labels displayed.

The super soul power battery circuit was a form of super battery with an extremely complex structure built with a soul array at its core. It was capable of providing a tremendous amount of energy. Generally, it was required for the use of powerful soul devices such as a large-scale military-grade soul protective shield that was different from the academy. Moreover, there were also some super soul cannons that used it as their foundation.

Nevermind attempting to cross the sea, it would be an extremely difficult task for them to even leave the city now.

“This isn’t a Gold Road! It’s a Death Road!” Xu Lizhi gave a bitter smile and spoke.

Tang Wulin immediately regained his composure after his momentary shock. “Come, let’s go back first.”

Of course, he could not bring along his companions and acted rashly as the captain of the squadron. They returned to the city where Tang Wulin first found a small hotel and checked in to a hotel, then he spread out the map newly bought from Northsea City earlier on the table.

“Everyone look. The red sector should be the guarded wall sector. This is a coastline that extends fifty kilometers with a portion of it made of a large reef. The areas that aren’t blocked by reefs are all covered by the wall.

Everywhere is equipped with defense devices. It’s very apparent that their monitoring radar is the most advanced here. It’s almost impossible for us to sneak past the place, and we can’t fight our way their anyhow.”

The waters outside were all labeled with skulls on the map. There was no need for words to describe what that signified. On the other hand, the map given by Elder Cai did not show these labels but only a small island and a linear journey from Northsea City.

The so-called Gold Road should be the distance from Northsea City to the island.

“We can’t dash our way over, so there’s only one way which is to take a detour. We will still need to take a look at the seaside anyhow. Moreover, we don’t even have a coordinate yet. We only know that there’s a small island thirty kilometers from the linear direction of Northsea City.”

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