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Northsea Army Corp

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Yuanen Yehui spoke, “It’s going to be a detour. There’s Northsea Army Corps from the Northsea City stationed at the seashore. It seems like it’s defending the sea and its soul beasts. I don’t know where we can take a detour. Moreover, the seashore is monitored by the military radar so we can only head over to the island. However, there are no coordinates so looking for an island is like looking for a needle in the haystack.”

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. “It’s impossible for us to go via land. Neither is it feasible below ground. Looks like we’ll need to fly.”

“The sky?” The group of people was all stunned.

Tang Wulin explained, “The development of soul airplanes are quite advanced these days. Although the public is restricted from using the planes, the military is equipped with a large number of the planes. Since there’s no way for us to use the land or sea, we can perhaps fly if we can get ourselves a soul airplane. Thirty kilometers is a short distance to travel by air. It won’t take long even if we were to paraglide there.”

Xie Xie could not help speaking, “Big brother, you’re a courageous soul. That’s a soul airplane you see! It’s strictly monitored by the military which the public has never been allowed to use. Could it be that you know where we can rent an airplane?”

Tang Wulin answered, “It’s impossible for us to rent one for sure, but we can ‘borrow’ one.”

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui took a glance at each other as they spoke in unison, “From the Northsea Army Corps?”

The Northsea Army Corps was the main army force in the northeast region. They would certainly be equipped with soul airplanes. There was no conflict in the usage between the soul airplanes and the mechas during actual combat. The materials and resources used to produce a mecha of the same capability were enough to produce ten soul airplanes. The airplane’s flying speed was even faster than the mecha. Furthermore, the airplane was capable of transporting more people and fixed soul ammunition.

Research on the soul airplane began over a century ago. It was the Federation’s indispensable armament at present after much development. The main army force had its special flying unit that corresponded to the mecha unit. The most advanced soul airplane was capable of flying non-stop to Star Luo Continent from Douluo Continent. Douluo Continent’s technological advancement was ahead of the other two continents by far. However, the Federation did not have any intention to start a war now.

There was no doubt that ‘borrowing’ an airplane would be the fastest method. However, the problem was that no one was capable of flying it!

“Even if we did manage to sneak in, how are we going to fly the airplane? On top of that, to fly it to the island before the military finds out and hunt us down?” Yue Zhengyu asked.

Tang Wulin spoke, “This act requires a well-organized plan. Although I don’t have much knowledge of soul devices, I know quite a lot about soul airplanes or soul flight vehicles. We can’t fly it but since we’re borrowing, we might as well borrow the pilot too. An army corps’ long-range attacking ability is capable of covering a range of three hundred kilometers. We’ll just ‘borrow’ the airplane and pilot which they’ll then need to confirm in order to avoid killing their own people. If we are within their controlled firing range, then they have no fear of us escaping from them, right?”

The group of people nodded in succession.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We will be within the range of three hundred kilometers at all times. It’ll be enough for us to travel thirty kilometers. Thirty kilometers is a stone’s throw away for a battle airplane. We can then perform an airborne landing and return the ‘borrowed’ airplane and pilot. Naturally, we won’t be attacked by the Northsea Army Corps so we can arrive at our destination safely.”

At this point, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed his surroundings was especially quiet.

The group of people watched him with a confused look.

Xu Lizhi muttered to himself, “Big brother, what the hell is airborne landing?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “It means to descend from the sky! We have Zhengyu and Yuanen’s martial souls capable of flying. We’ll descend from the sky once we’ve arrived at our targeted spot and rely on their flying ability to enable us to glide to the island. Even if they fail, at least they can reduce the speed of us falling. It’ll be fine as long as we don’t crash onto the ground since we’ve our one-word battle armor and our own defense for protection. It shouldn’t be a problem for us if we were to fall into the sea either.”

Xie Xie swallowed a gulp of saliva. “Big brother, you’re a courageous soul. This is the first time I realize your imagination can be unrestrained. Still, the plan is a little dangerous, isn’t it?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Indeed. There are risks for sure. Firstly, whether we can sneak into the Northsea Army Corps camp and find ourselves a pilot to fly the airplane. Secondly, not to be hit before we arrive at the island. Thirdly, to be able to defeat the sea soul beasts upon landing in the sea and making our way to the island. If we fail to do Step 1, then the risk is relatively low and our lives are not at stake. If we fail at Step 2, that is the Northsea Army Corps launches an attack at us, we can abandon the airplane and land into the sea. The risk then comes mainly from the sea soul beasts. Thus, the further the airplane flies, the closer we are to the island and the lower will be the risk.”

“The final point will be us against the sea soul beasts. My bloodline aura has a certain amount of suppression to inhibit the soul beasts. I think that we should be able to make our way to the island provided it’s within a certain distance. Unless we happen to be so unfortunate that we encounter a one-hundred thousand year soul beast, we should be alright. Zhengyu, Yuanen, can your flying abilities carry the five of us to our destination?”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “I suppose. If we were to devote all our efforts with our current cultivation base, we should be able to carry everyone for a short period of time. However, there’s always an uncertainty due to the high-altitude winds.”

Tang Wulin looked toward Xu Lizhi. “How much of our weight can your Agility Soup Buns reduce?”

Xu Lizhi spoke without the slightest hesitation, “Thirty percent should be doable.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “It seems like it’s feasible. What’s the height of the airborne landing you’re planning to perform?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Naturally, the lower it is the better. The time used for landing can be reduced because we’ll still need to consider the long-range attack from the Northsea Army Corps base. The shorter the time we spend on landing, the less possibility of us being attacked.”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “Alright. This sounds good but there’s only one big issue. How are we going to sneak into the Northsea Army Corps base to ‘borrow’ an airplane?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “This may sound difficult but not impossible. The most difficult will be how we are getting in. It’s relatively easy once we’ve entered the base because regardless of any defense, it’s always the toughest breaking in from the outside but not when you’re already inside.”

“So how are we entering then?” Xu Lizhi asked curiously.

Tang Wulin smiled. “I finally understood something after yesterday’s incident. That is to look for your senior when you’re faced with difficulty! The War God Hall has our senior. So, I believe that there’ll also be a few in the Northsea Army Corps.”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “Captain, have I ever told you that I like you when you’re full of confidence.”

Yue Zhengyu’s face was filled with vigilance as he asked, “You like him?”

Xu Xiaoyan spoke in frustration, “Admire. I like him as in the sense of admiration.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled at once. “I like him too. Captain, you’re just like you were four years ago. We’ll follow you anyhow. We’ll do whatever it is that you said.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Make a bold hypothesis but a cautious argument. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for us to find a senior in the Northsea Army Corps. Perhaps, we can even actually borrow an airplane?”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “So, how are we going to prove that we’re from Shrek Academy? We didn’t bring anything as the academy basically sent us out with nothing to identify us.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “That’s not a difficult issue. Have you forgotten what it is that I do? I’ll make a few inner court disciple’s badges. With the addition of our power skills, would that not be adequate proof?”

“You’ve won.” Ye Xinglan cracked into a rarely seen smile.

The entire plan was figured out casually by Tang Wulin. However, the plan was being perfected during the discussion process when everyone voiced out their concerns.

When they first began, Tang Wulin had considered if he should ‘borrow’ by force, but then he suddenly realized he could get assistance and remembered the War God Hall’s senior from yesterday.

Shrek Academy had students all over the place that it made the academy very powerful. It appeared to be an impartial academy, but it had tremendous influence over the Federation. The students who graduated from Shrek, especially Shrek’s inner court, were all privileged people and had a strong sense of loyalty to the academy.

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