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Burying the Dragon for a Thousand Days

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However, even the powerful Tang Sect had no way to confirm the situation in the small world due to the change in the space-time properties of that realm. It was already an impressive act for them to utilize a small world, so how could they search for a fallen small world then?

However, a month was still wasted and they would need to return today.

Gu Yue stood quietly on the ship’s bow as she looked into the distance. Ever since Tang Wulin parted ways with the group, she sank into deep silence. She was even quieter after discovering Tang Wulin’s disappearance, to the point that she would not utter even a single word throughout the day.

Although everyone had an anxious heart, they were truly helpless when it came to a small world that had gone missing. There was absolutely no way to find him!

“He’s a cat with nine lives. The captain will be fine for sure,” Yue Zhengyu sighed as he spoke.

Xu Xiaoyan pouted her lips. “We shouldn’t have come on this trip if we knew that it would go so badly!”

Yuanen Yehui sighed before speaking, “What’s the point of saying this now? He’s already missing. I don’t understand why he left us in the beginning and refused to join us in our travel.

At that moment, everyone’s’ gaze fell on Gu Yue in unison.

Although they did not exactly understand what was going on, they could roughly guess that Tang Wulin’s departure was related to Gu Yue. It was only because both of them kept to themselves that everyone else remained in guessing.

Xie Xie could not help but ask Gu Yue, “Hey, Tang Wulin has been missing for so long, aren’t you even a little anxious?”

Gu Yue looked toward him as she suddenly spoke, “He’s going to be fine.”

Xie Xie’s eyes reddened when Gu Yue said that. “What do you mean he’s going to be fine. He has been missing for so long, what did you do aside from keeping to yourself? You barely even uttered a word! We’ve all done our best to look for him and yet, you were so quiet you didn’t even say anything. It wasn’t like this when we were still in the academy. Why have you changed into this?”

“That’s enough.” Yuanen Yehui tugged at Xie Xie arm.

Although he was a little impulsive, he definitely managed to voice out some of their companions’ thoughts.

Gu Yue had truly changed ever since they arrived on Star Luo Continent.

“I’ll be waiting for his return to Shrek,” Gu Yue seemed completely unaffected by Xie Xie’s words as she muttered to herself.

“Huff, huff, huff, huff!” At this exact moment, Tang Wulin was gasping for big gulps of air but his eyes were filled with excitement.

The entire Dragon Clan graveyard was now empty and spacious. There was only one final skeleton that lay before him. It was also the largest one amongst all the true dragon skeletons which belonged to the Mountain Dragon King.

The Mountain Dragon King was not only large in its overall volume, but every piece of its bone was also the largest among the rest in size. The high-density skeletons had an indescribable texture. It felt heavy, compressed, and it was as if every piece was a portion a mountain or river.

Tang Wulin dismantled its skeleton with great effort and spent at least a dozen times longer than what he needed for the regular true dragon bones before he managed to place the bones into a deep hole he had dug.

It was a thousand-meter-deep hole! After digging the hole, he lost track of how long he took to make that hole so deep.

The soul skills he created and those from his bloodline were used thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of times from when he started burying the bones. At this point in time, it had already become second nature to his body.

“Goodbye! I’m finally leaving when I’m done burying you.” Tang Wulin looked at the Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton and smiled. Then, he began to push the surrounding soil into the giant hole. Yes, this is the final push! Once he completed the burial of the Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton, his vow would be complete.

The dreary aura within the Dragon Clan graveyard had already vanished. Tang Wulin made some changes to the sides of the tombstones by planting small plants beside it. After planting them, they seemed to be growing extremely well and they added a touch of green along with a source of life to the Dragon Clan graveyard.

“Hum!” A ball of yellow radiance condensed by the Mountain Dragon King’s side. Another dragon soul appeared just like the day before it dashed at Tang Wulin once again.

The dragon soul was still humongous. It still had a height of more than thirty meters despite only having ten percent of the Mountain Dragon King’s strength. It had no wings so it seemed a little clumsy as it crawled out of the hole.

Tang Wulin could not help laughing. “I’ve been telling you since yesterday that there’s no need for that! Keep the energy for yourself. I can leave when I’m done burying you.”

The humongous dragon soul arrived before Tang Wulin’s face. It did not open its mouth but its deep eyes were filled with the light of intellect. Its hind legs began bending as it slowly kneeled before Tang Wulin. The dragon soul lowered its head and rubbed its humungous head against his body. Then, streams of yellow light instantly began surging into Tang Wulin’s body like a swarm of bees.

The dragon soul formed from the Mountain Dragon King was the densest among the other dragon bones. Tang Wulin would not starve or feel any thirst for the next seven days and nights after absorbing its dragon soul just once.

His body felt bloated once again and the soil in his surroundings seemed like they were being drawn into the giant hole on their own accord.

Tang Wulin smiled. It had proven itself as the Mountain Dragon King! Even the remnants remaining in its skeleton was capable of such powers.

The giant hole was gradually filled while the Mountain Dragon King’s enormous body gradually disappeared and with that, the final dragon was buried.

The Mountain Dragon King’s dragon soul gradually faded as well while its energy was continuously absorbed into Tang Wulin’s body.

“Ahh.” Tang Wulin suddenly let out a gentle sigh because he saw a translucent bone that was gradually appeared in the Mountain Dragon King’s gradually fading soul. The bone seemed slightly peculiar with the endless striations on its surface along with a gentle glow that made it incomparably dazzling.

‘This is… A soul bone?’

“Hey, you’ve left out a piece of your own bone. I’ll bury it later,” Tang Wulin hastily spoke to the giant hole that was gradually being filled.

However, the soul of the Mountain Dragon King that was almost faded shook its head at him. It raised its front claw and pointed it at him. Then, it pointed toward itself once more before nodding at him.

Tang Wulin asked in astonishment, “Are you saying that you want to gift it to me?

The Mountain Dragon King nodded. Tang Wulin could see an intense and extreme kindness in its eyes.


The crystal clear soul bone shimmering with a dazzling radiance flew to Tang Wulin. He did not manage to react as it surged into his body following the dragon soul’s energy.

Within a split second, Tang Wulin could only feel his body turning heavy as he subconsciously sat on the ground. His entire now felt frozen, and the only thing he felt was as if he had turned into a mountain. A mountain connected to the ground with an endless surge of energy surging toward it from every direction before they fused into his body.

At this moment, he seemed to hear the giant dragons cheer with joyous dragon roars from beneath the ground. It was as if they were thanking his deeds.

The dreariness was now gone as they had finally found a home that truly belonged to them. Tang Wulin smiled. Yes, they were now resting in peace in a quiet place. It finally allowed them to rest after their death regardless of how they were when they were alive. They could finally regard this stretch of land as their home.

He hoped that nobody would ever come and disturb them in the future any longer.

Tang Wulin pursed his lips with a gentle smile on his face. “My friends, I’m not sure how I should address all of you. I’ve been spending all this time together with you and although I’ve been doing the same thing every single day, I’ve never felt a single dull moment for some reason. I can feel the emotional fluctuations radiating from every single one of you and I can feel your pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy. Thank you, for keeping me company.

Although I haven’t the slightest idea how long I’ve been here, I’ll never regret it. This moment… I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

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