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Boring But Enriching Days

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The Dragon Clan’s bloodline made him. In return, he should do something for the Dragon Clan as well. At least, it was the best form of cleansing and cultivation for his soul.

Tang Wulin did not hesitate anymore at this point as he used his Golden Dragon Claws to dig a hole at the edge of the dragon graveyard valley.

No doubt about it, he was digging a hole.

Even though he did not have any soul power, his pair of Golden Dragon Claws were incredibly sharp. His foot stomped down with Dragon Shakes the Earth to create a large hole in the ground. Moving his body, he launched the Tang Sect Technique.

With the speed and agility of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Mysterious Jade Hands, in addition to the Golden Dragon Claws, he became a superb excavator while Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon helped to shove the soil away.

It only took a few hours for him to dig a huge hole. Then, he placed the skeleton of a dragon nearest to him cautiously into the huge hole.

It would be much easier to just pile the bones into the hole. However, in order to retain the entire skeletal dragon’s shape, he would need to be extra careful in piecing together the dragon bones.

He spent an entire day to bury the first dragon skeleton.

For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin felt the dreary aura on his body fade when the first skeleton was buried in the soil. Even the energy fluctuation on the dragon skeleton weakened a lot following the burial.

A sense of achievement arose spontaneously when he was done burying the first dragon skeleton. Even though there were still boundless skeletons remaining, Tang Wulin could not be more determined than ever.

He spent an entire day to bury a real dragon skeleton that was rather small. It was apparent that he would need much more time to bury the next skeleton. It was difficult to estimate how much time he needed specifically, but Tang Wulin had made up his mind to continue. Certainly, he would complete the task just like how he was determined, in the beginning, to be a soul master.

He forgot about time and began to live his idea of burying the dragons by using Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth as his aids. Gradually, Tang Wulin streamlined both these skills. If he were to pierce the ground with the Golden Dragon Spear, and then unleash the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth through his Golden Dragon Spear, he could create an even larger hole. The method he used to transmit his bloodline power when he unleashed it became indispensable to him.

Thus, he began to cultivate these two self-created soul skills without realizing it.

The dense dragon-type energy fluctuation guided the small world’s origin energy to accumulate within the dragon graveyard naturally.

Tang Wulin witnessed for himself how a dragon soul appeared.

On the seventh day, the origin energy suddenly surged violently next to an enormous dragon skeleton since he began burying the bones. Then, a dragon soul slowly appeared. The energy condensed for a total of two hours before a real dragon’s dragon soul appeared.

What caught Tang Wulin by surprise was that the real dragon’s dragon soul ran toward his direction immediately after it appeared. Later, it transformed into streams of radiance that fused into Tang Wulin before he could even react.

Tang Wulin’s only concern was whether his food could last until he was done burying all the dragon bones. Even though it was his intention, he would not starve to death over it. So, he was prepared to stop when he was out of food.

Nonetheless, the dense origin energy and the nourishment from the real dragon’s aura were more nutritious than any other food. Hence, Tang Wulin was capable of sustaining for one more day without any food.

Out of the blue, Tang Wulin spoke aloud when he saw the large stretch of dragon bones, “All of you have consciousness, right?” He suddenly realized that these dragon bones must have consciousness, otherwise, they would not have condensed the dragon souls and fused into his body. They were helping him which meant that they agreed to his action of burying them so they could rest in peace.

He now had more confidence and determination to continue his task.

“If all of you will allow me to bury you so you can rest in peace, then, please help me to condense some energy once in a while. I can sustain myself continuously if you do so. Don’t worry, I swear in your presence that I will never leave this place until every single one of you is buried in peace.”

A series of mild energy fluctuations seemed to be generated from the entire dragon graveyard valley when Tang Wulin was done speaking. In addition, it was a joyous fluctuation instead of the initial dreary aura. The ghastly pale color of those pieces of soul bones had turned crystal clear.

‘They are joyous. They are joyous about what I am doing.’

Tang Wulin smiled with satisfaction. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and remained in silence continuing the tedious activity of burying the bones.

While the Dragon Clan’s skeletons were being buried, Tang Wulin’s knowledge of the different types of real dragon’s skeletons improved. Later, he did not need to make comparisons to identify the type of dragon. He could then place the skeletons into the holes he dug accordingly without making any mistakes.

Tang Wulin was not aware of how long he had stayed in the place because there was no timekeeper. A real dragon’s dragon soul would be condensed every day before fusing into his body for his sustenance.

Tang Wulin spent all his time digging holes and burying the bones except when he had his eight hours of meditation and rest.

The process was undoubtedly boring, but Tang Wulin was from a forging background so he was used to the boredom. He did not notice the Dragon Clan’s aura on his body was becoming thicker with each day’s passing.

The dreary aura in the Dragon Clan’s graveyard was growing weaker following the burial of the dragon bones. Tang Wulin became increasingly relaxed even though he worked hard persistently.

Tang Wulin saw many Dragon Clan soul bones which were on almost every giant dragon’s skeleton. It was easily distinguishable as any piece of bone that was not white was certainly the soul bone.

It deserved to be called the real dragon’s world because every type of dragon skeleton was available. In spite of its availability, Tang Wulin did not take any soul bone for himself.

It was a misfortune for these true dragons to suffer such a calamity. How could he remove their soul bones?

Tang Wulin repeated the same dull action daily with such strong emotions tugging at his heart.

The place that was initially full of dragon bones eventually became free of them as the days went by.

“We can’t wait anymore. The diplomatic corps is about to depart. We have already notified Tang Sect. If Tang Wulin is found, then Tang Sect will figure out a way to bring him back.”

It had been a year. It had already been a full year since they came to Star Luo Continent.

Shrek Academy’s squad had followed Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps in a number of missions for the past year. First, they were attacked by the Green Skeleton Rebellion, then they participated in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, and finally, they traveled throughout the continent.

They had learned a lot from the Star Luo Continent’s trip where most of the knowledge they acquired was not available on Douluo Continent.

If not for Tang Wulin’s disappearance, the diplomatic corps’ trip would have been downright perfect.

Sadly, Tang Wulin had disappeared since he parted company with them.

Wu Zhangkong brought the bad news from Tang Sect that Tang Wulin disappeared in a mission to the small world which had lost connection with Star Luo Continent. This could only mean they might have lost their captain for eternity.

The Shrek squad was in disbelief when they received the news. It was truly unthinkable that their captain had disappeared.

Nonetheless, they had no choice but to admit this was the hard truth after the unerring confirmation from Tang Sect. Tang Wulin had truly disappeared, or it could be said that he had fallen.

These fifteen or sixteen-year-old children had just realized that human lives could be so fragile.

The Douluo Continent diplomatic corps should have left a month ago. Yet, Elder Cai, as the leader of Shrek Academy, proposed to wait for a while longer so that she could discuss with Tang Sect to figure out a way to locate the missing small world.

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