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Andy’s plan


Chase Delgado


The thoughts of Candy laying unconscious on the bed Jolted me up from sleep..

And in a huff, I raised my head to see Candy smiling at me

Am I dreaming? I rubbed my eyes to be sure i was not….

Candy! I called softly and she widened her smile

Oh my gawd!i stood up from the chair and sat on the bed beside her….

When did you wake? I asked taking her hands into mine……

Long enough to hear you call my name in your sleep. She answered with a grin and I smiled lightly

She tried to sit up but fell back to the bed while groaning in pain….

Don’t stress yourself baby, you are not fully strong….

But I want to sit up. She said with a pout…


I held her by the waist and helped her to sit up

Arrrhh! She groaned softly

Sorry baby. I said and she gave me a weak smile, she must be really hurting!

I stared into her face and smiled, I couldn’t imagine what I would have done if I had lost her!

Why are you staring at me like that? she asked

Because you are beautiful. I answered and she blushed

Thanks. She said in appreciation while playing with her hands shyly

So are you really alright? Are you feeling hungry? Should I get you anything? I asked rushingly and she shook her head negatively

I just want you to stay with me . She said and leaned on chest…….

I played with her hair as my mind drifted off to Andy, why am I having this weird feelings that the bastard will strike again? and if he do , will the cops be able to protect us?

I sighed deeply

are you alright? Candy asked, she looked up to stare at my face

I nodded

Chase! Is there something I need to know?she asked with a frown

Something like what? I retorted and she took a deep breathe

Who shot me? Why I was shot? She asked fixing her gaze on me

I don’t know what you are talking about. I answered trying not to meet her gaze…

Don’t lie to me Chase , I know you know something about it…

Fine! When you are you fully recovered, I will tell you all about it? I promised

but I am al… she tried to say but I shut her up with a brief kiss………

She swallowed hard, are you trying to bribe me with a kiss?

No, I am trying to let you know how much you mean to me.I corrected and she smiled……

The door suddenly creaked opened and Nick walked in, he was looking so worn out ….

hi Chase! how …. he stopped and shifted his gaze to Candy

When did she wake? he asked still staring at her

Not quite long . I answered and he sighed in relief

he moved closer to us and leaned over to peck Candy who was smiling sheepishly

how are you feeling? he asked and she pouted her lips

I am better, just some severe pain in my abdominal region. She complained

It will be alright. Nick assured, I feel so relieved seeing you awake……,





Are you crazy! What did I just hear you say? Bosco yelled at me…..

I smirked

I can see you have not learnt your lesson. he continued, why can’t you just let the Delgado’s be?

Because they hurt me, they made me look like a fool. I answered with a yell and he scoffed

hurt! You are the one hurting them Andy, can’t you just let them be? and lest you forget! the Delgado’s are highly connected so you can’t fight them….

I don’t care , I really don’t care. I yelled and he shook his head

You are so stubborn, why can’t you … he tried to say but I cut him off..

What if I pay you a ? 50,000 for your help. I said and his eyes went wide in surprise

? 50,000! that is a whole lot of money. he swallowed hard

I know , with that you can buy yourself cars , a mansion and you can start up a business of your choice.I said with a huge grin and he nodded slowly

but where will you get the money from, you don’t even have a penny on you ….

Don’t worry Bosco, you just have to do what I say and then you will get the money. I said hoping he would agree ….

he stared at me for a while and sighed

Fine! So what is it you want me to do? he asked in agreement and I smiled…:

It is Just something little………



Neil Delgado



The news about Andy escape really chilled me to the bones, I guessed i underestimated the bastard…

D--n! It was all my fault, I could have exercised a little patience…

I felt really bad knowing Nick and Chase would be in a pensive mood .

but what could I have done, i couldn’t fold my hands and watch Roxy’s killer go Scot free… though i never loved her, she was still my wife…….

I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 15:45

Time to go home!

I arranged the files on my office desk before I stood up

Looking around, I made sure everything was in order before walking out of the office….

Are you already leaving sir? My secretary asked and I nodded

but what about the appointments you have with Mr Adams? she continued

Fix it for another day. I instructed and headed out to the company’s parking lot ………

I got into the car and drove off……



Driving home , I kept on wondering why Roxy choose to tarnish the family name.. I mean I made sure I provided her with everything but she choose to disgrace and put her family in danger….

I sighed deeply as my mind drifted off to the very day I caught her pants down with another man…

I was really pissed off but couldn’t bring myself to do anything because I was protecting my family name…..now see where it has landed me to?


I hit the brake and turned the steering wheel to take a right corner when I saw a car blocking the pathway

I honk the car horn but it was to no avail as the car did not move ….

Who the hell is this ? I wondered

Stopping the car, I got off and walked towards the car blocking the pathway

hey! I greeted while tapping the car tinted window gently ,Can you please get your car out of the way? I added ….

And immediately the door to the car opened and and I came face to face with a gun..

Get in! the man behind the wheel barked , he was putting on a black hoodie so I could not see his face clearly …

Who are you? I asked with a trembling voice

Get in before I blow off your head! he yelled ,I looked around trying to see if I can escape

If you try anything stupid, I will signal my boys to blow off the head of your dumb wife at home. he threatened and I shuddered a bit

Please don’t hurt her, I will go with you .I pleaded and he chuckled softly

Then get in. he repeated and I nodded

I opened the back door, got in and he drove off………


Inside the car, I searched my pocket for my phone

D--n! I cursed silently, i must have left it in the car….

And what do you think you are doing? he asked staring at me through the rear mirror

Nothing. I lied and he scoffed

Do you think I am a fool? he asked and immediately stopped the car

he leaned over to the back seat and brought out a syringe from his pocket….

What are you trying to do? Who are you? I asked in a rush

I am sorry Neil but I have to do this. he said and before I knew it, he injected the syringe into me …..

I immediately felt dizzy and I tried to keep my eyes opened but I was getting weak….

I can’t wait to get my ?50,000. I heard him say before I blacked out….



Candace Noah


With a frown, i watched Nick and Chase talk in whispers , they were standing at the extreme corner of the room…

What are they talking about ? Why are they it hiding from me?

I strained my ears and tried listening to their conversations but couldn’t even pick a word…

I sighed deeply and they both looked at me

Are you alright? Chase asked but I ignored him

They exchanged silent looks and continued with whatever they were saying

Oh yeah! I have had enough…i mean I am the one who deserves all the attention…..:

Can you please both leave my room? I asked hoping they would give me attention and it worked

They stopped the whispering and chase moved closer to me

What is wrong with you? he asked and I smiled inwardly

Nothing. I answered with a frown and he sighed

We were talking about the concer….he tried to say but I cut him off

Don’t dare lie to me, how can you talk about a concert in whispers? I want to know the truth, I am tired of being in dark

Fine! he agreed, we were talking about Andy

Andy! Nick’s manager! Why! What did he do?I asked in a rush

he escaped. he answered dryly

I gave him a confused look

Escape? Why? I asked still not understanding what he was trying to say

He looked at Nick who just nodded before looking back at me…

Why did he escape? I repeated

Because he is Roxy killer and also the mastermind behind your shooting…..


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