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Knowing the killer


Nick Delgado


In a huff, I jolted up from the chair

What did I just hear? Candy has been shot

D--n! this is so crazy …..

I need your Car keys. I said to dave who was watching me quietly

What Is wrong? Why are you acting all weird? he asked with his eyes fixed on me

It Is Candy , She has been shot . I said with a trembling voice

What!he stood up abruptly, where? How did it happen?

I don’t know, Just give me the f-----g key . I yelled

he brought out the key from his pocket and handed it to me

I took a few steps and stopped

And one more thing, do not tell Chase about this until he leaves the concert hall. I instructed and he nodded

I scurried out of the backstage and squeeze and pushed my way out of the concert hall

Nick! Nick!Nick! I heard a few people scream my name but Ignored them…

My mind was with Candy , I just hope she is fine…..



Getting outside the concert hall, the reporters rushed to crowd me

Get out of my way . I yelled and forced my way out of their gathering..

I headed to the parking lot, got into dave’s car and drove off heading to the bus station…


Before getting to the bus station, I sighted something vague at the corner of the road and on closer look, I noticed it was three persons. One was standing while the remaining two were kind of seated on the … d--n! they were the ones , it was Candy , Loretta and a third person…..

I drove closer to them and parked the car at the corner of the road

I alighted from the car and rushed towards them

Oh my gawd! I froze as I stared at Candy’s , her clothes were soaked with blood and she was as white as sheet …

help her please , please help her. Loretta pleaded with a hoarse voice, it was obvious she had been crying

And without wasting much time , I carried Candy in a bridal style

Open the car doors. I instructed Loretta and she did

I placed Candy gently at the back seat and closed the car door

I will come with you . Loretta offered and I nodded

Tiffany! She called the girl beside her and I shifted my gaze to the girl

She was whimpering and was in tears also

I sighed

We have no time Loretta, is she coming with us or not?

No there is no enough space in the car, go back to the Concert hall and wait for Chase . she instructed the girl who just nodded …

We got into car and I drove off heading to the hospital….


But how did it happen ? I asked Loretta on our way to the hospital

I don’t know , we just heard gunshots and we rushed to see Candy on the ground bleeding. she explained

Just like that , did you see anyone or anything suspicious? I continued

Yes, we saw two men running away . She said and I bit my lips in anger……:

How is that … I stopped when my phone buzzed indicating a text message

It was from an unknown number, I clicked on it

“ hope you are not grieving too much, this is just the beginning of the pain I will cause you and Chase ….. too bad for the innocent child , I pray she makes heaven…

Bastard! I cursed while hitting the steering wheel

Watch out. Loretta screamed and I immediately swerved the car to avoid hitting the vehicle coming directly in front of me…

What is wrong with you? Do you want to get us all killed?Didn’t you see the car? She asked rushingly but I ignored her

I was lost in thought thinking about what I just read….

Did the killer shoot Candy just to hurt us?

D--n! he must be a real beast to play with people life….

I glanced at Candy through the rear mirror, she was still bleeding…

I bit my lips in anger

I would never forgive my self if anything happens to her, but who the hell is the killer?



Chase Delgado



The crowd cheered and applauded when I was done singing

We love you Chase! We love you Chase! We need more song!they kept on screaming and I chuckled

I gave a slight bow and left the stage to the back stage …..

I met only Dave in the backstage, he was seated on a chair with his head bowed slightly

What is wrong with him? I wondered

Dave ! I called and he jolted out of his thoughts or whatever he was doing

Chase! Are you done with the concert? he asked and I chuckled softly

Were you sleeping? I guess you didn’t get enough sleep since you were so worried about the concert . I drawled and he smiled lightly

Where is Nick? Why is he …. oh! he probably went out to call his girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriend, my minded drifted to Candy

Did she make it?if so , why have she not called ? I wondered

Dave! I called and he looked at me

Do you by any chance know if Candy is at the concert? I asked

Yes no … erm I mean how will I know? he stuttered and I arched my eyebrow..

I brought out my phone my pocket and dialled her number

It rang but she did not pick

I dialled it again but it was the same time

Weird! I muttered

She might not be with her phone or she might be sleeping. Dave said and I shook my head

The candy I know cannot sleep without calling to know how the concert went , she cannot sleep without Checking up on me, she cannot sleep without hearing my voice…….

Easy Chase , it is only an assumption. Dave calmed me down, he was trying not to meet my gaze

I scoffed

I dialled Loretta’s number and she didn’t pick up

What is wrong with both of them? I wondered

I dialled it again is but it was still the same thing..

I felt my heart race faster…

Why are they not picking their calls? Where exactly are they? I decided to call Nick , he might have answers to my questions…

I dialled his number and he picked it on the second ring

hello brother! he greeted, his voice sounded a bit different

hi Nick! How are you? have you been crying? I asked and he chuckled

And why would I cry?…. are you done with the concert. he asked

Yes bro , where are you? Have you heard from Candy? I asked in a rush

Yes, she is here with me . he answered and I sighed in relief

Can I please talk to her?

Erm Chase you see I have to go now . he said and hung up the call…..

I stared at the phone, what the hell Just happened, why did he bang the call on me?….



Walking out of the Concert hall, the crowds keep on cheering..

Some tried to move closer to me but the securities shoved and pushed them away

Don’t be hard on them , just block them and that is all. I instructed

I don’t want anyone getting hurt ………


A few reporters rushed to me immediately I walked out of the concert hall

Your concert was a blast , can you please say something nice to you fans. One of them started

Can you please tell us what your second song was all about? another asked and I huffed

Ignoring all of my them , I followed behind the securities as they led the way …..

but why are they …….. I stopped when something caught my attention…

It was an ambulance surrounded by a few reporters , it was parked adjacent to the concert hall…

What is wrong? Did anyone get hurt? I wondered and started walking towards the scene

And where do you think you are going? Dave asked as he caught me by the arm

And where does it look like to you? I need to confirm what is going on over there

But Chase that is……. he tried to say but I cut him off

It is my Concert, I have to make sure no one gets hurt ..

I heard him sighed……


Getting nearer to where the ambulance was parked, I spotted a familiar face among the crowd

Tiffany! She was talking to one of the reporters while wiping her face with a hand towel

is she crying? If so , why?…..What is she even doing here all alone? …..

Tiffany! I called as I moved closer to her and she looked in my direction

She mumbled something to the reporter she was talking with and ran towards me…:

Chase! Chase! I have been waiting out here for you . She said , she was breathing hard

Calm down Tiff. I drew her closer to me, what is wrong? Why are you crying? Why is there an ambulance here? I asked in a rush

Loretta called the ambulance. She said still breathing hard

Loretta! I repeated in surprise, was she here? I asked

Yes, she was here with Can…. she tried to say but Dave cut her off

Shut up miss. he barked at her and faced me, Let us get out of here

I looked at him and then back at Tiffany …

What the hell is going on here? Why did Loretta call the ambulance? I yelled at Tiffany but she just bent her head without saying anything

I held her shoulders

Tiffany please talk to me, where is Candy ? I asked with a trembling voice

She looked up at me and then shifted her gaze to Dave

He said I should keep quiet. she said and bursted into tears

Where is Candy? I repeated

She should be in the hospital by now . She answered and my heart stopped beating

hospital! but why? I managed to ask

Candy was shot , your girl friend was shot . She repeated and I froze

What did I just hear? Candy was…… no it can’t be.. I screamed loudly

You can’t do this here, you are attracting a lot of attention. Dave said while trying to hold me

I don’t care, I don’t f-----g Care. I yelled and pushed him away …

I ran my hands through my hair, I was d--n confused

I brought my phone from my pocket to dial her number again but it fell off from my hands

My hands were shaking, my head was spinning, I could not think clearly ….:

Chase we need to get out of here . I heard Dave said but his voice sounded so distant ….

I picked my phone up from the ground and quickly rushed to the parking lot…..

Getting to parking lot, I looked around for Dave car but couldn’t find it

D--n! I bit my lips to stop my self from yelling at the securities who were following right behind me..

We can all go there with the police van. one of them said

Then what are you waiting for, get into the d--n car . I yelled ……

We all got into the car and the cops behind the whole drove off heading to the the hospital…..



Dora Delgado ( Chase mum)



Leaning on my husband Chest, we were in the sitting room watching the television when an important information popped up the screen

I widened my eyes in shock as I read it

“ Popular singer Candace Noah got shot by unknown men “

What the f--k! I heard Neil cursed and i immediately sat up

I looked into his face , he was trying to control his anger by biting his lips……

I tapped him gently and he looked at me and sighed

Don’t worry too much Dora , I am sure she will be fine. he assured and I nodded

his phone suddenly buzzed indicating a text message

he clicked on it and Just stared blankly at his phone..

I tugged gently at his clothes and he looked at me

It is nothing import…. he tried to say but I frowned

Fine! he sighed and handed me the phone

I widened my eyes in shock as I read the message , it was a message from Nick

“Dad! We really need to do something about this , my mother murderer is the same person who shot at Candy “

Oh my gawd! Is this Andy doing again? I cant hold it any longer , I need to tell my family about my suspicions

I picked my jotter and pen from beside me and wrote down a name into it ,Andy….

I handed the jotter to Neil and he stared at it with confusion clearly written all over his face

Andy! What did he do? he asked fixing a steady gaze on me and I sighed

I dragged the jotter from him and wrote into it again

he leaned over to watch me write

“He is Roxy lover and the suspected killer

he gasped in shock

But how did you know? He asked

I caught them having sex. I wrote and he froze

Are you sure about this? he asked and I nodded

he stood up in a huff

Go to your room, I need to go make a report . he informed and I shook my head negatively , I was trying to tell him not to go. but being the stubborn person I have always known him to be , he walked out of the house in a huff…..

I sighed

What will I do now? I wondered

I checked my jean pocket for my phone but it was not there , I guess I left it in the room..

I stood up from the sofa and headed upstairs

I need to inform Chase before it gets out of hand…….



Nick Delgado



Pacing up and down the hospital reception, I was waiting for the doctor reports about Candy’s condition..

She was rushed into the ICU unit for an emergency surgery…

This is just too much for her, i hope and prays she survive it ……

a hand tapped my shoulders gently and smiled lightly knowing it was Loretta

I looked in the direction and met her gaze

hey Loretta! I called softly and she smiled, I felt a bit relieved seeing her smile, she has been moody ever since the drive to the hospital

She held my hands and led me over to a seat ,she sat down and urged me to do the same

I agreed and sat down beside her

You don’t need to worry too much, I know Candy with be fine. She assured and I nodded

But I am still confused about why anybody would want Candy dead, I mean she is a lady with a pure heart. She started and look at me before she continued

Or do you have any idea on who the person might be?

And how will I know that? I retorted trying not to meet her steady gaze

Because you have been acting kind of weird….

That is because I am worried about my sister , I mean who …..: I stopped when I heard a familiar voice call me

I looked in the direction and saw Chase rushing towards me with Dave and the girl… what is that her name again?… erm Tiff, yes Tiffany coming behind him…..

I stood up from the chair and walked towards him

Chase! you need to …. I tried to say but he cut me off

Where is Candy? how is she ? Is she alright? he asked in a rush

I stared at him not knowing what to say, I know Chase too well, he couldn’t handle bad news. telling him Candy is still at the ICU might run him completely crazy …….

how is she? he repeated

I sighed

She is fine, the doctors are still attending to her. I said picking my words

He stared at me without saying anything….

Are you alright brother? I asked and he shook his head slowly

If anything should happen to her, I will never forgive myself . he said as tears rolled down his eyes …

Oh Chase! I pulled him into a hug

She will be alright bro, i am sure of it….

his phone suddenly buzzed indicating a text message and he disengaged from the hug to check the message

he clicked on it and I saw his eyes widened in shock

What is it bro? I asked and he handed me the phone

I stared blankly at the phone not believing what i Just read

“Andy is Roxy lover, I caught both of them having sex”

What! I exclaimed in shock

I clicked on the message to check the sender, it was his mum…

how did she know about it? I asked Chase , I was still finding it hard to believe that my mum would stoop so low to sleep with my manager….

You read it there, she said she caught them. he responded dryly

Andy is a bastard! I cursed and Chase huffed

he is more than a bastard

Yes he is more than a bastard. I agreed, he killed my mother and shot my sister, it is time to make the beast pay ……:


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