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Wilson’s POV

I rushed to the 2XB restaurant and from the entrance, I sighted her,. She was looking beautiful from behind with a Pinky gown..

Her hair..

“Wow, is that Vivian.?” I asked myself in excitement. I couldn’t believe I will finally set my eyes on her again…

I went to her and gently grabbed her from behind.. Her body was hot, fresh and soft..

Her body jezzed as she felt my hands.

She struggled to get off my grip but I couldn’t let her. She turned and our eyes met..

She stopped moving immediately and stared directly in to my eyes like she was looking for something scarce in them..

Without word she embraced me so tightly. She buried her face in my chest.. in tears..

I looked up and saw Frederick. He waved at me and I like thumbed him..

We held each for about 30 minutes with words before we disengaged..

Vivian’s POV

I gasped at seeing Wilson. He was sweaty but looking good in a white V-neck long sleeve. He already have me in his arm..

I quickly embraced but was afraid to kiss him because he might reject it..

I lacked words to say… I tried talking but don’t know what to say. All my body was shivering and I don’t know why..

“Vivian!” He called breaking the silent and my mind jumped immediately.

“Am I scared of him?” I asked myself.. I kept mute and pulled from the hug..

We stared at each other and I don’t know when our lips met.. right in that restaurant we kissed so passionately and roughly not minding anybody..

I stylishly look around and saw that the guy was still staring at us.. I was surprised when Wilson likethumbed him.

Does he know him? Well that should be a later question..

How does he know I was here? Another question pending..

“Viv!! Can we seat down?” He said again and I got jerked off my thought.

“Ye….ye….yes. ” I stammered..

We sat down facing each other with our hands locked into each other..

“How did you know I was here?” I managed to asked.

“God finally linked me to you after 3yrs of starving for you..” he said in his cool romantic tone.

“Hmm,, Thank God then.. how are you doing now?”

“I’m fine now that I with you” he replied.

“Likewise me..I have really missed you.” I said and tears gushed down my cheek. He used his thumb to clean it. Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.

“I missed you more. I searched everywhere for you. I even asked your friend Olivia but she told she knew not where you went to.. Some told me you traveled to Ogun state your maternal home but I couldn’t reach you not even with your contact.” He lamented.

“Yeah,, well its a long sorrowful story for now I won’t like to go back to it. I felt bad the day I left without your notice. I knew if I told you, you won’t have let me go but I did that for the betterment of our life.. our future and for our children.”

“Wait,, I don’t get you. Do you still love me. You had a wealthy guy already” he said breaking into tears.

“Wilson I love you and nothing can make me to leave you.. As for Josh he’s nothing me not even his wealth moves me” I said grumpily.

“Why do you said that? He loves you and I’m sure you love him too” He looking away.

What is he trying to say? Is he in love with someone else?

“Wilson why are talking like that. I said I don’t love him” I said a bit annoyed.

“Well,, I don’t mean to upset you but how did you know him?” He asked looking straight at me.

“I just ran into him in a supermarket and the next day he saw me and apologised instead of me… We exchanged digit and we became friends at first mutual but he later involved romantic style. Well, i must say I fell for him and accepted him as my boyfriend.” I lamented.

“For how long now..?”

“6 month now. Why are you asking?” I asked.

“Just to know.. what do you think if he founds out you are here with me.?” He asked as if he was afraid.

“Huh? How? Is he my father? He can’t even let a word at me because I don’t belong to him.. I told him about you on our first date. Hey please can we leave here and find somewhere better to stay?” I asked cutting our conversation short.

“If you desire that.. where do you think we should go?” He asked.

“Your house isn’t that better?” I replied looking away from him.

“My house? Why?”

“Because I want to go there and rest and tired here and look that guy over there has been staring at us. Do you know him? You likethumbed him earlier!” I asked furiously.

“Hmm,, yes he is Frederick my one and only friend. We live together in same apartment. He knows everything about me. He’s like a brother to me..He even know you” he replied smiling..

“Wait a minute, he knows me? How come? I have never seen him not even for once” I asked pointing at myself.

“Yes he does.. I told him everything about you and showed him your pic severally.. he was the one that told me you were here.” He muttered.

“I exhaled and looked at the guy he is cute Looking back us..” I smiled and waved him. He waved back.

“Hey bro, come over” Wilson said to him..

He came to us smiling Widely.

After a brief introduction, we left to Wilson’s house..

I sat down and scrutinized the room, it a relatively big room with two seater sofa..

He offered me some soft drink and accepted with much fun.. past gist were refered to and so on we went to night fall..

Around 7:30pm Josh call entered and I snubbed it..

He asked me to answer it but I refused because I don’t know what to tell him..

Boom!! Call pooped into his own phone. He answered and told me it was his madam.

Madam? That Marveled me but I didn’t proceeded to ask him.

We were having fun when a knock banged at the door..

Felicia’s POV .

I am sure he is with that useless Vivian.. I will show her that I am venomous..

I have sent Briky the assassin already. He must terminate her tonight.. he can’t afford to loose Wilson to him he’s too sweet to be avoided….

Josh’s POV .

Shit!! That B---h is not answering my call

I can’t believe she is bouncing my call.. almost 7 miss call now she’s not picking.. She most have found Wilson. I gat to trace her. I have Wilson’s address and I must terminate his life if I eventually find them together…

I put on a Mafia coat as a Mafia X Lord. Sage in my pistol gun and went out. I searched for the street and lucky I found it.. I went to the door and saw two guys standing like they are waiting for something.. dressed like Mafias.

Who could they be? I walked towards them slowly in the darkness boom!!

My leg!! Gun shut at me from behind…

OMG I’m finished. I groaned loudly in grief and in a minute I got surrounded by some people in the same custom…

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