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Vivian’s POV

Vivian a lady with a Blue heart..

“Josh please stop touching me I need to be left alone. Please I beg your pardon” I pleaded with Josh as he continue romancing me.. I need to think of how to meet Wilson.. Josh is just disturbing every minute of my life with romantic says.. its not that I don’t love him, I do but since I met Wilson heart has not been in order. Even if I am leaving him I have to talk to him and made him understand that I still love him..

“I should let you be because of Wilson? A nothing guy that I’m about to help?” Josh scoffed and that annoyed me. Why could he say such against an innocent guy hustling for life..

“Hey Josh,let Wilson out of this. I said I wanna be alone not because of Wilson or anybody else.. okay?” I said almost in annoyance.

He began to stare at me like rare gem.

“Are you trying to tell me you love Wilson more than I, the billionaire?” He bragged of himself.

“Hey billionaire if you don’t mind excuse me” I said and went downstairs from the sitting room..

Josh’s POV

I can’t believe Vivian could walk out on me. She just hissed and left.. What is behind her sudden change. Since we met Wilson on Friday she hasn’t be herself. I tried to compose her but to no avail…

Does that mean she truly in love with Wilson.? That can’t be. I have found so much love in Vivian. She so beautiful,well mannered, blue eye color, long hairs, pointed nose , Soft skin, well structured shape, fair in complexity. Oh God I don’t know what to say of her again but She had all the characters need in a lady.. I must have all to myself. Not even the job will I over Wilson. Let him stay and suffer. I make him this promise if by any chance try to get close to Vivian I will personally pull is brain out… That’s me. The Mafia X Lord..

Vivian’s POV

I slammed into the couch thoughtful.

What do I do now? I don’t think leaving with Josh is a nice idea.. he’s crazy and rude at times.. He even smoke and take enough alcoholic drinks.. He doesn’t posses the characters I need.. I’ve never seen a guy such as Wilson. I must get to find him now and get done with this rascal.. i stood up went into the room and met him still on the bed the same way I left him… I went to my cloth kits, got a pink gown wore it, pack my hairs in a priddal style and quickly applied some makeup. I’m naturally beautiful without makeup. I complimented for myself as I looked at the big standing mirror. I looked behind and saw staring at me..

I made to exit and his question ran in to my head.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked grumpy.

“Mr Josh, just seat back there and watch as I made my way out.” I replied arrogantly.

He stood up from the bed and with all his strength he weighed my back..

“How dare you talk to me in such arrogant manner. Now listen carefully we are going back to USA tomorrow morning. I have the flight booked already. So don’t be stupid to think otherwise” He yelled.

“Flight back to USA? Or I see okay! Can you let me go now? ” I requested as I pulled away from his grip.

I just jeer and walked out. I don’t mind using is SUVs

Car brand…

I boarded a cab heading to no where in particular. Although I am new in Lagos. I’m familiar with all the Geo trench.. I decided to elite at one junction.. Maybe I will see him or run into someone that knows him… I walked round the street looking for him with eyes and same time asking people but know claim to know him..

Wilson! Wilson!! Wilson!!!

How can I get him now. God help me.. i made a sharp bend and decided to take a rest at a restaurant and there sat a guy staring me.. he kept his eyes Gest at as I ordered for a soft drink. I sipped off it breath in relief.

“What? Why is this guy staring at me. God I pray I don’t get into the hand of those bad boys in town.”

I continue sipping my drink when another guy passed by. He look very handsome. Good shaped beards. Afro hair cut, fair and very tall. I kept my eyes on him as he went to sat down not very far from me. He sat immediately and our eyes met and I quickly bent my face in pretence. Gush,,, He cut me staring at him. What will be his thought now.? Come over and toast me? Well he’s handsome anyway..

‘hey Vivian don’t tell me you are drooling over this guy. His he more handsome than your Wilson?’ my mind said and jerked me out of my silly thought..

Wilson’s POV

Madam Felicia continue s-----g my d--k as we both moaned.. I reached my apex and felt pressure on my lower abdomen. Boom!! I squirted in her mouth and over face. She smiled at me and swallowed it..

I positioned her facing her ass towards me to give her a sweet doggy..Then my phone rang..

“Oh God! Who is this one again” she said and I went for my phone. I looked at her and saw disappointment in her eyes.

‘Fredrick’ why is he calling now..

“Hello gee how far?” I asked.

“Bro, I’m fine. Please where ever you are now or What ever you doing just leave and Rush over here now. I’ve seen her again” he said on the top of his breath.

“Who is that again bro?” I asked furiously.

“Vivian…….” He called and I cut her short..

“Where…… where” I asked.

“2XB restaurant our usual joint” he said.

“Ok, I will be there just in five minutes. Please keep an eye on her..

I jerked up suddenly from the bed and made for my dresses.

“What is the meaning of that.? Leaving me in this mood? Never, come back here and complete what you have started.” She yelled angrily.

“No ma, just sometime I will come to you let me go and see her ” I pleaded and ran out like a baby..

“Are you done f-----g an old ass instead of a young wet, fresh p---y?” A voice said from behind and I turned and saw marthina leaning over the Wall. Just with a bra and pant. I guess she has done some justice to her p---y by m----------n…

“I don’t think I have time to answer that question I will get back at you later” I said ran downstairs…

I boarded a cab and headed to 2XB restaurant..

Madam Felicia’s POV

How can I have this hot guy all to myself. I’ve tried using money but this Vivian of a girl is driving him naughty. I know exactly what to do. I gat to relate with my old friend maybe he can help in assassinating that Vivian or whatever..

Yes killing her is gonna be great..

Vivian’s POV .

Gush,,, this guy is staring too much at me. Let me get going before something bad happens..

Opps,!!! I felt a soft hand grip me from behind. I turned back and gasp at the person..


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