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Me: (in tears) kate is it true?

Kate: (screamed) yes it is true, are you satisfied now?

Me: but why? What was my offense?

Kate: your offense was stealing everyone’s love for me

Me: I never did, I was just being myself

Kate’s mom walked up to me and drew me into an embrace while Raphael continued with the story with the hope of getting my pity.

Raphael: after three years of marriage, we still had no child so that made a friend of mine invite Kate and I to his church for a special three days program, the minister that came on the third day was truly a man of God. He told us that the only way for us to have a child is for Kate to confess all her atrocities but instead of confessing, she ran out of the church and was hit by an oncoming car while trying to cross the road

Pastor: instead of her to confess gently, she chose to confess on the hospital bed after she had lost the use of her legs

Me: but for Kate why, I just wanted to be your sister that’s all

Kate: I was blindfolded by jealousy, you were more beautiful than me and even got the man I fell in love with. I confided in my best friend who came up with a plan to get you raped and also give Raphael a love potion. I am sorry, please forgive me. I regret every of my actions

Raymond sat beside me, pulled me into myself, and kiss my tears away.

Raymond: (spoke to me softly) sweetheart, won’t it be so wonderful if you forgive her? See, God is already punishing her, you don’t need to add yours

Me: Raymond……

Raymond: hush baby, if you didn’t go through all this, you won’t come across wonderful people like me, Pastor and his wife, my parents, and many more precious people. So, my dear, you have to see this as a training ground for you

Voice: he is right, I have a place where I am taking you to that was why I allowed you go through the rape. It’s not as if I don’t have the power to avert it but it’s a test meant to usher you into the next phase of your life, forgiving her is what is left for you to do.

Hearing that pushed me to my feet, I went to where Kate’s wheelchair was and pulled her into myself. I kept crying and kissing her long hair, she couldn’t stop crying.

Me: it’s okay Kate, I forgive you. Everything is in the past now, let’s begin life afresh

Kate: haa! I don’t worth this, I am a wicked being

Me: it’s okay dear, you are my sister and I still love you

Kate: thank you, thank you

I collected my baby from Kate’s mom and handed her over to Kate. She was speechless.

Kate: she is so beautiful

Me: yes like her Dad

Kate: thank you very much, Debby, you are so kind, I regret ever hurting you

Me: it’s okay, it’s in the past now okay?

Kate: thank you

After introducing my husband and children to everyone, I narrated how I survived and how I met Raymond and also Pastor Dave- Esther’s father.

Kate’s mom couldn’t let go of Esther and IfeOluwa.

Done with my introduction, I pleaded with Raphael not to divorce Kate.

Me: Raphael, do you ever love me?

Raphael: of course I loved and still love you

Me: well sorry to disappoint you, you never loved me. If you ever loved me, you would have stood with me during my trying times. Well, that’s bygone. I just want to plead with you not to divorce Kate

Raphael: fine, I accept I didn’t do well by not standing with you during that period but how on earth do you expect me to live with someone I don’t love

Me: Raphael, you offended me greatly but I have forgiven you so why is it hard to forgive Kate and accept her back?

Raphael: she hurt me so much Debby

Me: not the way you hurt me, if you claim you love me then take her back. You say you don’t love her, why not start afresh, start as friends. I also never loved Raymond but he made me fall in love with me, you too can start that way

Raphael: but……

Me: no but, she is your wife and you signed for better for worse so she has become your property. Remember, God hates divorce

Raphael: it’s hard

Me: ask God to help you love her

I took the divorce papers and tore them to pieces surprising to everyone. Raymond who was so pleased with my actions came to me and drew me into a warm embrace.

Raymond and I decided to spend a week with Kate’s parents before going back to Imo state. Raymond called his personal assistant and told him to make sure things go well in his absence. I made it a point of duty to always push Kate around every morning. She eventually became the sister I never had.

While pushing her around every morning, Raphael walked into the compound and pleaded with me to excuse them, something I gladly did but not without eavesdropping from where I did. After eavesdropping for some time, I peep to look at them only to see them kissing each other as their lives depended on it. Phew! I ran to look forl my own husband to kiss me too, I no fit carry last.

The scheduled one week ended and we prepared to leave. Imagine my naughty daughter started crying that she wanted to stay behind but as her disciplinarian mother, I objected. Before leaving, Raymond linked Kate up with a doctor who would see to the fact that she regained her ability to walk. Finally, we bade everyone goodbye then traveled back to the Imo state.

To be continued


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Episode 19

Everything fell into place for me after I let go of the hurt in my heart. I became extraordinarily happy.

When I thought God has finished with me, my husband suggested I go back to school after weaning EbunOluwa. I put in for guidance and counseling and my in-laws helped me in caring for my kids during the weekend when I am away dor lectures.

After studying for four years, I became a certified marriage counselor. My joy knew no bound as my dream came true, I actually wanted to be a graduate at age 23 but became a graduate at 30. I have come to realize that God’s ways are different from ours and delay doesn’t mean denial.

Immediately after my graduation, I got employed in a firm and after working for a few years, I registered my NGO. It’s a firm that helps rape victims and also gives marital counseling to couples undergoing marital issues. My firm won three different awards in the space of five years.

Truly God had a reason for allowing me to go through rape because my story has been a source of inspiration to young ones.

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