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Martina’s POV ?

My dad spoilt everything. He was getting along with my request when dad interrupted.. Gush,,, I Wish I succeeded in s-----g him. Not withstanding discouragement, I will continue seducing him till I have him.. I imagined how huge he’s down there.. I went further and fantasized how he is going to f--k me hard and it led me to m----------n. I quickly removed my clothes and rendered my body naked. I imagined a naked man standing opposite me. I slowly inserted my middle index finger into my hole(p---y) and began to twist it 360 giving the c------s a hard kick as it sprang to life.

Arhh,,,,Ahhhrhshe,,, I moaned.. I finger f----d myself for about 10 minutes and I C-m in my hands. I’m d--n h---y right now. Where has he gone to know.? I wish he would come and bleep me..! said as I moaned louder that if any one was close to the door could heared me..

I took my top and cleaned my hand and dumped it to the dirt basket later I will wash it.. I am tired now let me shower up and rest..

‘I must have him to sex’ I assured myself and went for a refresh.?

Wilson’s POV ?

I got mad at my sight. Vivian walking in a hand-chain with another guy. Vivian that I have missed for year.. Let me tell you about Vivian. She my girlfriend. We both loved each other so much as teenage lover she do not without my company likewise me. We promised to get married after our school time.. As a result of wealth her parents changed her school and base. At first I was reaching her on calls and we missed each other. She promised to see me after the year vacation. I craved to have her sexy curves on my laps again but at last I lost my phone and I lost everything about her. I kept searching for her in secret but to no avail I couldn’t Find her but each day break, her thought banged in my heart. It has been two years now we parted… That’s all about her for now.

Watched them got into dark Lexus RX and drove off. Gush,, it hot me the more.

“Bro, calm down I feel your pain.. I know how hurt you are now but assure you that if she’s truly yours she will locate you..” Frederick consoled me. I was in tears and couldn’t say a word.

We went home and for the of that day, I didn’t talk to Fredrick of answered my boss call.. I felt like commiting suicide that moment. I take no food not drank water for the rest of the day.. I was later made to see reason Why I should rebuild my personal life again..

I couldn’t forget about her totally and I continued with life in grieve..

The next day was Saturday. I didn’t planned to go to work. Just as I got my clothes outside for laundry, a call from my madam popped in..

I answered the call and she told me to come over to her house and pick her up for an emergency meeting with business partners. She sells house hold items and also owned a boutique..

I sluggishly went inside dropped my cloths and told Frederick my madam wants me.

“Arh, today is Saturday nah,”

“Yes but she need to drive her to a meeting” I replied.

“Ok,,, take care buy something for me in your return” he teased.

“Ok, I will buy biscuits for you, see your mouth like something”I replied and he laughed. I just like his company he is very Jovial.

I got dressed and headed to my boss house…

I entered and met madam Felicia in a complicated dress of a tight white top and a blue half knee leather skirt.. Her curves were pumping of the blinking skirt.

I stared at her and she caught me.. she was really beautiful at her age been a mother of two.

“You’re here already welcome”. She said smiled widely at me like she saw an angle.. she stood up walked close to me and pulled me into a tight long hug…

“Yes, how is husband and marthina?” I asked and try to disengage.

“My husband is fine relaxing upstairs and marthina to God knows where with her friends..” she replied…

“That’s lovely then let’s get going” I said.

“Yes my dear” she said picked her hand bag and we went out.

I drove gently to a place down town very far away from their residence. she asked me to stop and I did beside the a big gate designed with indigo stamp.’ BLENGO MOTEL ‘ Written on it.

I stopped and she dropped down smiling.

We went into the motel and she headed into the bar. She asked me to seat in a round table with her and i did. I was expecting to see large number of people gathered having a definite conversation but here nothing of such.

I sat and she ordered for a wine ?. In a while we were served.

“Honestly, I must confess to you that I’ve no meeting here but just to have a cool time with you here hence it will be difficult for us at home” she said and I got mad in my mad. What kind of thing is this? What for? I hate this woman. Why won’t I rest on a day like this because of her.. cool time indeed. The expression on my face read dissatisfaction and she asked.

“Are you sad to be with me? Or don’t like the way I did it.?” She asked.

“Ma, actually I thought of dropping you here and went back home. I don’t feel good today”

“Don’t worry I will make you feel good upstairs” she said and I ignored her.

This woman is crazy.

“Make me feel good, how?” I asked just to get what she meant.

She smiled and eyed me.

Don’t be in a hurry. Just cool your head with this and later we can go upstairs and have some fun. I really want you. I can’t think of you less.. ” She muttered..

“Here is a cash of 30k just take this and manage, I will add more later after which we must have spent our day upstairs.” She gifted me in opened arms.. Then I came to the conclusion of what she meant. Just make her day romantic and sexy . In short make love to her..

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