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Marthina’s POV .

I stared at him profusely and watched as he made to peck me.. that wasn’t what I wanted. I craved for a long romantic kiss not a peck.. so I told to stop the moving car just to get a hot kiss and continue our driver. I saw disgust in his eyes .

“Why do want me to stop here at the middle of the road” He asked.

“Nothing just want to ease something.” I replied in lie.

“What in particular?” He asked again. I got annoyed as we almost get to a check point.

“Please just stop the car here….Just stop… stop” I yelled and he dropped the acceleration and stop.

I looked at him and his face wasn’t smiling. I guess I hurt him by shouting at him.. I don’t know to start a conversation that will lead him to smile..

“Are you angry at me Wilson” I called but his face was outside the window.

“Wilson” I called again.

“Yes, I can hear you. Please do what you want let’s get the hell out of here. I’m feeling hot” he said in a stamping voice.

“Please I’m sorry I don’t mean to hurt you. I was just trying to make things better for you because you wanted to prove that you care for me” I apologised.

“I don’t get you. You mean you stopped me here just to prove that I love. Ohh, gush,, I hate things like this. Have you forgotten your dad is waiting for me somewhere messed.?” He get back at me.

I was down casted and I finally asked him to move on…

“Marthina, I know you are hurt but it’s seems you don’t understand me. I love and I will always be yours.” He said and I WOW in heart happily..

“Thank you love” I Said and smiled widely and kept his gesture straight into my eyes. His pink lips tempting and wanting a kiss. I wish to have it all in my mouth. I shifted close to him from the front seat as our eyes was still in contact. I was perceiving the sweet cologne of body… He claims to be poor but he’s using an expensive body spray. Who knows maybe he borrowed it or something..

We became closer and he came for my lips. He began to have me in his mouth as our tongue touches each other. We kissed passionately as I have my hands wrapped around his neck. I moaned in his mouth. He was so perfect at kissing. I bet you a kiss from Wilson can get you wet I a minute.. I wished he could just have me right in the car. I was wet down on my p**sy. My juice was already dropping in my pants.. we were kissing same time moaning, A taxi just horned and stopped. We disengaged immediately I started trembling in fear.. I thought those were armed robbers.

I jerked in more anxiety when my dad stepped out of the car.

Wilson’s POV

While we were kissing, a yellow painted taxi just stopped opposite the road and I was sent to an atmosphere of fear and trembling.. I felt more hot when the car opened and my boss bounced out.

I’m finished. Look at what this girl and her sexual immortality has caused me now. I just get employed and I’m about to be fired… I thought within myself.

I came out of the car immediately and began to think of what to tell him.

“What is happening here? I asked you to pick me up for the past 45 minutes now and just stopped here doing what” He said looking arkwardly.

“Sir Ehmm..Ehmmm…” I stammered not knowing exactly what to say.

“Will you answer before I loose my temper? And who is in that car?” He asked bending to get who was in.

“She is marthina” I replied immediately.

“What is she doing in there and why? Beside answer my first question. Why did you stop here? He asked again curiously.

A thought flashed through my mind.

Wilson lie… Wilson lie. So I decided to prepare a pot of chill lie and offered to him..

“Sir actually I was coming to the exact point you asked me to but all of sudden the car engine stopped. I tried to ignite but to no avail so I decided to check it out. Very fortunately it was the alternator. It was malfunctioning but i did got it fixed.. I was about igniting the car when I saw you coming down from the car Sir”I lied.

“Okay, thank God you are an experience Driver .” He complimented and I smiled.

“Thanks Sir ” I replied.

“But why did marthina chose to follow you?” I asked again. I got into another chaos mood…

I was about vomiting another lie when marthina cut in…

“Dad I missed you so much today and when I heard that you were stocked on the way I decided to come over with him and see you” She said.. at least we were able to convince him. He dipped his hand into his pocket and ushered some money to the taxi driver ..

“Please let’s get going home. I’m really tired. It was very bad at work. Our consignment got stocked in the sea during shipment from Canada.” He added as we entered the car and I drove off.. He continued lamenting in the car as I drove home..

“Welcome honey?” Madam Felicia said and pulled her husband into embrace.

Marthina ran upstairs and I looked away from them.

“Sir I will be outside” I turned to go

“Okay then. I will like to shower and have some rest in my chamber see you later” he said and clamped upstairs. I went out side and went to the garden and rested. I was thinking about my time with marthina in the car when my phone rang…


“Hello bro”

Guy I’m good and you”

Bro feeling nice here.”

Ok.. I just saw something shocking”.

Bro what’s it”

Vivian, I saw her today at Mega shop our outing spot.

I don’t believe you. How come? Where did she come from and to where did she went to?

Bro if you really want to see rush down here now and see for yourself but guy she seating right with a guy. I guess they on a date” He said and that tore my heart ..

I just dropped the call and my body drop flows. I summoned strength and told my boss I wanted to see my closest ‘Frederick’ He permitted me and went straight to mega shopping complex there I saw my eyes. My heart stopped beating. How could this happen to me…


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