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Kira’s plan


Candace Noah



Confused, i stared at Loretta wondering what she was talking about

Real enemies! I repeated

Yes. She nodded

What are you talking about? who is my real enemy? I asked rushingly

It is Kira. She informed and I froze

She was the one who asked me to frame you , she made me plant her wristwatch in your backpack so that the whole school would see you as a thief

But why would she do that? I managed to say

Isn’t it obvious, she is jealous of you

And why would she be? I asked still looking confused

Because you have everything she wants. You have a nice voice and most importantly you have the guy she wants, Chase ….

What! You mean she did all that because of Chase! … I mean i knew she likes Chase but I had no idea she would try to hurt me because of him. I bit my lips in anger

You really do not know Kira, she is a wolf in sheep clothing. I was really so naive to have trusted her . She shook her head negatively

but all this doesn’t explain the reason for your betrayal, Why did you betray my trust? I fired at her

I am sorry Candy , guess I was just too greedy. Kira promised to make me a celebrity if I should do her biddings. She confessed

Oh I see! Then what happened next …I guess she kicked you out when she found out the plan failed . I rolled my eyes

I am so sorry, I am very sorry . She kept on pleading

I scoffed

Is this the reason why you stopped me, just to say sorry ……

No . She shook her head

Then what? I glared at her

Kira called me again , she asked the see me. She informed

Why? What for! I asked rushingly

She didn’t tell but I am very sure she wants to hurt you again

So what is the plan?

I want you to act along with me , so we can pay her back in her own coin

I stared at her wondering if I could trust her or not

Candy! She called softly and I sighed

Can you repeat all what you have just said? I asked and she nodded

Fine! Come with me , we are going to the hospital together………..



Chase Delgado



Bewildered, I stared at the morticians as they carried Roxy body out

It still felt like a dream

I sighed

Where do we go from here? how do we get a hold of Roxy killer?

I felt a light tap on my shoulders and was startled for a moment

I quickly composed myself when I saw it was Nick

What are you thinking about? Nick asked sitting beside me

Nothing, are you done with the signing of papers?

he nodded

Where will she be buried?

In the church cemetery, it would be a small burial since she died a shameful death . he explained biting his lips


But you know , I am just wondering who the killer might be . he continued….. the look on mother face before she died, her last words ,it was as if she was scared for us

What do you mean? I arched my eyebrow

I don’t understand myself but I have a feeling that the killer is someone close . he explained

And who would that be? “the only clue she gave us is the first letter of killer’s name which is an A” . I informed

Yeah, and there are so many names beginning with the letter A like an Anthony, Azra or …..,

Andy . I completed and he smirked

Are you trying to say Andy might be the killer?

No , but it is just ……. I tried to say but he cut me off

It can’t be Andy , he is not even close to mother and neither does he have any reason to harm her . he explained

Oh yeah! I drawled

I know you are worried Chase , but the cops will handle it . he assured

Fine! So how are you feeling? I asked changing the subject

Just trying to be fine , you know crying won’t solve anything, it won’t bring her back to life

I smiled

You just have to be strong brother

I know . he nodded

So how will….. I stopped when I heard a familiar voice call my name

Candy! I muttered

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Candy with ….. wait a minute! Is that not the two faced b---h!

What is she doing here? Why is she with Candy? I wondered

Chase! Nick! She called again when she was nearer

I smiled

She went over to Nick and wrapped him up in a hug

It will be alright bro . I heard her say

I shifted my gaze to the two faced b---h, what is that her name again? …. hmmmh Loretta

What are you doing here? I glared at her

I erm er came here with Candy. She stuttered not meeting my gaze

Of course I am not blind , i asked for the reason why you came here and not who you came here with. I fired at her

I brought her here to repeat what she told me . Candy answered

Which is? I arched an eyebrow

It is about Kira . she continued

Kira! What about her? I was confused

Can we talk here? She asked looking around the hospital reception

Is it confidential. I asked and she nodded

Is there an empty ward we can stay? I faced Nick

Yes, the ward where my mother gave her last breathe…….:

Loretta Samuels



On getting to the ward , Chase locked the door to the ward

I looked around the ward, it was so big and spacious

I shifted my gaze to Candy, she was seated beside Nick on the bed and their fingers were interlocked

What sort of relationship do they have ? Why isn’t Chase bothered about the closeness between his brother and his girlfriend? I wondered

So what did you have to say? Chase asked distracting me from my thoughts

It is erm about erm Kira. I stuttered, I was feeling nervous about the whole thing

Kira! What did she do? Nick asked coldly

I shifted my gaze to him and immediately looked away

D--n! he could melt someone with his cute gaze … oh Loretta! what are you thinking about?

What did she do? he repeated

she called to strike a deal with me . I informed while playing with my fingers shyly

Continue. Candy urged me

Erm .. actually she was the one who asked me to place her wristwatch inside Candy’s backpack. I stopped when I heard Chase scoffed

I looked at him

Why did you stop? Continue. he drawled

She promised to make me a celebrity if I do her biddings but I found out it was all a lie, instead she waved me off and threatened to hunt me down if i tell you about It . I explained

So why are you telling me now? Aren’t you scared she will hunt you? he asked in sarcasm

I just want to do the right thing , I need my friend back

he sighed

So what deal did she strike with you? he probed further

I can’t say , she told me to call her if I am interested.

Then what are you waiting for , Call her now, let the b---h know you are interested. Nick half yelled

I nodded

Do that now and make sure the call is on speaker


I dialled the number and she picked it on the second ring

I placed the call on the speaker mode

hello Kira! I greeted

hello baby !I have been waiting for you call , I knew for sure that you would call . She sounded so excited

So what is the plan? Are we gonna to make her look like a thief again. I asked staring at Chase

No, this one would be a little tougher than that

how! What do you intend on doing?

She chuckled

I plan on killing two birds with a stone

You are getting me all confused, what do you mean by that?

Let just say , I want her out of the music industry and also out of My Chase life …

And how do you plan on doing that? I probed further so she can spill out more

I will do that by tarnishing her image , I will arrange for some guys to rape her and when they are done , the video will be all over the internet. She laughed

Oh my gawd! You are the best planner. I praised and she chuckled

Thanks baby, all you just need to do is to be friendly with her again and invite her to the club at my command

Oh! that will be so easy, you can count on me . I assured her

I know! let’s meet at Petra hall tomorrow, I will brief you of the plan in details…

Alright ma but please don’t forget your promises? I reminded

Sure I won’t, just don’t fail me this time . She said and ended the call

Wow! Wow! Wow! I never knew Kira was so ruthless. Nick remarked

She is a b---h! Chase cursed and jolted up from the Chair

Where are you going bro? Nick asked him

To confront the b---h . he turned to go but Nick caught his arm

You can’t bro , confronting her is not the best option

And what is the best option? tell me ……. Kira is planning a gang rape against my girlfriend and you telling me not to confront her . he yelled

Calm down Chase , remember she is my sister also .. what if Kira denies everything?

What! Candy is Nick sister ! Did I hear right? Of course not, it must be a joke . I thought within

So what do you expect me to do?

Good! Candy will have to act along , that is the only way we will be able to catch her red handed but the question is Can we trust you? he asked while facing me

I nodded and he smirked

I am not as kind- hearted as my brother if you dare go against me , I will make sure I destroy you . he threatened

I won’t dare go against you . I said with a trembling voice

Good! he remarked

I looked at Candy and met her gaze , she flashed me a smile …….



Kira Montes


After ending the call, I squealed and laughed out loud

I can’t wait to see the downfall of Candy, I can’t wait to see the look on Chase face when he finds out his girlfriend is a public b---h……. and as for her so called friend Loretta, I never imagined she would be so dumb to trust me again ……I mean I thought it would be so hard to persuade her but she gave in so easily.

I guess she is really desperate to be a celebrity

Too bad for her. I shook my head

When I am done with Candy, I will get rid of her……

I can’t wait to have Chase to myself






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