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Roxy is dead


Nick Delgado



On getting to the hospital, we met my dad or should I say Mr Delgado seated in the reception

he was just seated there,turning this way and that , with a bewildered look on his face

Dad! I called walking towards him

he looked at me and then at Chase who was standing behind me

Nick! your mother is a …… he tried to say but I cut him off

Where is she? I asked coldly

She is at the emergency ward, the doctor is attending to her. He informed

how is she? Will she survive it? I asked rushingly

I don’t know .he shook his head, her body was badly mutilated

Oh my gawd! I exclaimed and broke down into tears

I heard Chase sighed

he walked over to me and tried consoling me but i kept on beating my chest saying it was my own fault

he stared at me in surprise

And how is it your fault?

I pushed her away , I called my own mother a b---h. I said In between sobs

That was because she acted like one , she left you alone when you needed her most. he said trying to make me think straight, because I was obviously not myself

What will happen to…. i stopped all of a sudden when i heard my dad call a particular name , a name I never wanted to hear


I looked up and watched him as he walked towards me

Nick! I watched the news and saw what happened to your mother , how is she?

I scoffed

Why do you care?

because she is your mother. he retorted

Mother! Why exactly are you here? I yelled

Calm down Nick. Chase tried to calm me down

No, I really need to know why he is here . So Why exactly are you here? I faced Andy

I just wanted to check on you

I huffed

I thought i made it clear I never wanted to have anything to do with you again

But I …. he tried to say but I cut him off

Get lost. I yelled

Are you really sending me out of your life . he gave me a surprised look

Andy! Please just go , don’t make it harder for him. My dad pleaded

Fine! he agreed

he looked at me and then at Chase before leaving

What is that? I wondered


The doctor soon came out from the emergency ward and I rushed towards him

How is she doctor? I asked trying to be calm

Where is your dad? he asked ignoring my questions

he is over there. I said pointing to my dad who was seated quietly in the reception with Chase beside him

he nodded …. you can go on in , i am sure your mother wants to see you

Alright doctor! I felt my heart thumping as I walked hurriedly to the ward………..



Chase Delgado



With a heavy heart, I listened to the doctor as he told my dad about Roxy critical condition

Will she make it? My dad asked

he shook his head negatively

What do you mean by that? I asked in alarm

he sighed

I am afraid to say this but she won’t make it. I tried my possible best but her vital organs were badly damaged

Oh my gawd! I bit my lips to stop my self from crying

But who is the beast that did this to her?the doctor probed

I don’t know . my dad replied coldly

Well if that is the case , you are free to go see her. the doctor informed and took his leave

What will happen now? Will you allow her to Just die like that? I faced my dad

And what do you expect me to do? he retorted

You can fly her out of the country, you can send her over to the world best doctors . I said with a trembling voice

he scoffed

And why will I do that?

Because she is your wife. I retorted

Wife! have you forgotten we were on the verge of divorce. he smirked

It does not mean , you can still help her if you want

he stood up in a huff and was about to take his leave

Where are you going dad? I asked in surprise

home. he replied without looking at me

But why? Won’t you at least see her

he turned to look at me and smiled slowly

No i won’t

Then why are you here if you don’t Care about her? I half yelled

I came over to clear her hospital bills . he informed with a straight face

But that is not fair dad, are you doing all this because you don’t love her? I continued

he shook his head

Talking about Love , i tried to love her after your mom talk me into it . I did my best to be a loving husband to her but what did I get in return, she cheated on me right under my roof

What!! I exclaimed in shock

Yes son, I came back from office one day and caught her red handed with another man on the same bed we do make love and do you know what I did? I pretended nothing ever happened just to protect the image of my family . he explained

Dad! I called softly

But see where it has gotten me to…… my so called wife nude pictures is all over the internet. he bit his lips in anger

But dad…. I tried to say but he cut me off

Don’t but me , I should have divorced her a long time ago…just stay with your brother and make sure he doesn’t cry much , the b---h doesn’t deserve any tears …

See you later son. he bade and took his leave

I watched him go and sighed

I never knew he went through a lot ……



Entering the ward, I stared blankly at Roxy limp body on the bed . Nick was seated on a chair beside her with his head rested on the bed

Is she already dead? I wondered

I walked towards them and sat down gently on the bed

hey! Nick looked up at me , his eyes were red

how is she? I asked in whispers

I don’t know , what did the doctor say? he asked staring directly at me

he said that ….. I stopped on hearing a faint voice

We both looked in the direction of the voice and I was surprised to see Roxy with her eyes wide opened

Mother! Nick called and she managed to smile

how are you feeling ma? I asked

She shifted her gaze to me and just stared on at me

Are you alright? I asked to be sure

Nick protect Chase . She managed to say

I looked at Nick and met his gaze , he was confused as well

What are you trying to say mother? he asked

Sorry both of you. She said again

Is she speaking in parables? I wondered

Who did this to you? I asked

It is Aaaaaa….. she started breathing and panting heavily

What is wrong mother? Nick asked with a trembling voice

Aaaaaaaaaa…. She tried to say , she gave gave a loud grunt and soon became stiff

Mother! Mother! Nick called but there was no response from her

I watched him quietly as he put his head on her chest

She is not breathing, she is not breathing. he panicked

Calm down Nick . I held him to me

What is wrong? Why is she not breathing ?

Mother is dead . I bursted into tears, she is dead

No it can’t be. he screamed and I held him tightly

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, what the hell was she trying to say? I wondered…..



Candace Noah



The whole class went rowdy immediately the teacher left the class

What did just say? Did I hear right? Nick mother is dead

No it can’t be . I screamed and all eyes turned to look at me

What is wrong with you? Tiffany asked in alarm

Didn’t you hear what the teacher just said, she said Nick’s mom is dead . I half yelled

Of course I heard and we are all affected by it ..but your reaction is just too out of it .

I shook my head

You won’t understand

I stood up and sling my backpack across my shoulders

Where are you going? She asked

To the hospital. I replied

I walked out of the class ignoring the stares from my class mates

Nick must be really hurting, I need to be with him



On getting to the taxi station, I was about flagging down a taxi when I heard a familiar voice called me

I looked in the direction of the voice and scoffed when I saw Loretta running towards me

What does she want? I wondered

hi Candy! she greeted while panting

What do you want? I frowned at her

I was waiting …. she tried to say but I cut her off

What do you want? I yelled and she shuddered a little bit

I am really sorry about everything. She apologised

Sorry! Just get lost. I turned to go but she caught my arm

Just please listen to me Candy . She pleaded

And why should I? I retorted

because this is the only way I can prove to you that I am truly sorry

I stared at her for a while

What do you mean by that?

Just act along with me and we will fish out your real enemy together …………..

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