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Prince Seal

The Destruction Dragon Race was ranked 9th in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and they were born for destruction. The growth of any Destruction Dragon would cause untold destruction. They would then comprehend and absorb Origin Destruction and become stronger. Origin Destruction was the source of power for the Destruction Dragon Race.

"Not good, it's the power of Origin Destruction!" the flabby-faced elder roared with surprise as his Sacred power started to move.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon radiated an ancient and undying black fire that suppressed everything within ten thousand miles. Space itself became unstable and started to twist as the undying black flames appeared. These black flames burned through the air and started to slowly expand.

"How is it so strong?" Grand Emperor Song was stunned.

Origin Destruction was the source of power for all members of the Destruction Dragon Race. This meant that, in order to weaken a Destruction Dragon, they had to decrease the power of their Origin Destruction.

At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was able to suppress all of the experts present even though its battle-power hadn't reached the level of a Demigod yet. Even the Golden Yuan Divine Chains were unable to hold on.

This exceeded everyone's expectation.

"He's destroying the inner dimension inside his body in order to obtain more Origin Destruction!" the wrinkled elder seemed to be able to see through everything as he cried out in shock.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons could form a world within their body. This was a talent limited to Black Serpent Dragons. This world contained the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's Origin Destruction, and the two complemented one another. The dimension of the Black Serpent Dragon could even form the element of Destruction.

Because the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon wasn't willing to be sealed up once more, he destroyed his foundation, and the terrifying wave of Origin Destruction made the hearts of all the experts present shake. The Sacred Lords further back felt their power become completely suppressed, and they were unable to even release the projection of their Little World.

"What!? This black loach!" One of the dragon-robed elders had a grim expression.

"Come with me down to hell!" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon roared and released his anger as flames of insanity burned through his eyes. A terrifying aura was released, and cracks started to appear on his scaly armor as beams of Destruction shot out.

The expressions of the four supreme experts were extremely ugly as they talked with one another. If they continued to try to seal the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, they would not only be severely injured, but the Golden Yuan Divine Chains would also be drastically weakened, and the Sacred Lords behind them might be killed.

It wouldn't be the end of the world if the Sacred Lords died, but if news of them being severely injured was learned by the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, a war between the two lord dynasties would start and might result in the destruction of the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

However, if they chose to retreat, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon might run free. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon would be able to easily destroy the Great Gan Lord Dynasty at its peak.

The four soon came to a decision.


"Quickly retreat!"

Grand Emperor Song immediately took back the substandard God Golden Yuan Divine Chains.

Shu~~ Boom!

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's body exploded, releasing a supreme aura and countless black flames that turned everything into ashes. The entire Seven Aperture Mountains area was covered by the chaotic blast of black flames, and the four balls of divine light quickly retreated from the Seven Aperture Mountains.

However, the Sacred Lords weren't as lucky. They didn't even know that the Ancestors were planning to give this order.

Any tiny bit of Origin Destruction would suck in the power within Sacred Lords and burn even more fiercely. The damage caused by Origin Destruction had the same characteristic as the immortal and undying God Tribulation Lightning.

The four Ancestors stood above the Seven Aperture Mountains with twinkling eyes. They spread their Divine Senses, but they were unable to pass through the storm of Origin Destruction.

Countless small Black Destruction Serpent Dragon figures suddenly shot out from the storm like an ocean of ants. These figures were extremely small and agile as they ran in every direction.

"Kill all of them," Grand Emperor Song said in a powerful tone, and all the Sacred Lords took action. Mystic Light Sacred power killed hundreds and thousands of Black Destruction Serpent Dragon figures.

The four Ancestors didn't do anything. Instead, they locked onto the depths of the storm, but the Magnificent Power they radiated was enough to make the small Black Destruction Serpent Dragons close to them crumble.

"Shameless humans!" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon roared within the world of darkness.

A five-hundred-yard long serpent dragon with black scales suddenly shot out. Its eyes were red and dripping with blood. There were countless cracks on its scales.

"Go!" The four elders all released a surge of divine light as they followed after it. The power they released was like a prison and restrained everything.

No one realized that, when the large Black Serpent Dragon flew into the sky, a small Black Serpent Dragon dove into the ground.

"The day I return is your final day."

Zhao Feng immediately entered seclusion when he returned to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. He had only recovered 60% or so of his injuries and still needed some time. He circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and multi-tasked while recovering.

Part of the symbols within his purple Soul Sea merged into the Fire of Wind Lightning within his Crystal Core. Zhao Feng's injuries and his purple Soul Sea completely healed after three days, and that meant he would cultivate his body and soul now.

His consciousness focused on cultivating the Fire of Wind Lightning, his Sacred Lightning Body, his Sacred Lightning Dominating Fist, and absorbing the power of God Tribulation Lightning within the Demigod head.

The power of God Tribulation Lightning was easy to imprint into his Soul Sea, and it could also refine his soul in the process. Therefore, Zhao Feng wasn't scared of imprinting it into his Fire of Wind Lightning.

Five days later, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body suddenly shook, and a wave of golden lightning circulated within his body.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as his Sacred Lightning Body reached the peak stages of the 5th level. Now all he needed to do was take some Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and his Sacred Lightning Body would reach the limit of the 5th level.

"I should wait for a while so that the power of the Sacred Lightning Body sinks in." Zhao Feng nodded his head after thinking for a while.

Another few days later, the aura from Zhao Feng's body suddenly rose. He had reached the late stages of the Void God Realm, and the Fire of Wind Lightning within his Crystal Core had reached the early stages. The red True Yuan contained more than hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning.

On this day, two figures appeared in the Misty Moon Island Zone. One of them was a tall young male with an ancient green lightning sword. He was very young, but he was already an Emperor. The other was an elder with black robes, a wrinkled face, and one eye that gave off a soul-stirring sensation.

"Ninth Prince, are you really going to recruit Zhao Feng?" the one-eyed elder was puzzled.

"The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo offended half of the forces in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty during the Divine Illusion Dimension, and the Thirteenth Prince told the Sacred Emperor many bad things about the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, especially Zhao Feng. All the imperials have a bad impression of him," the one-eyed elder said.

"Old Ying, I know what I'm doing," the Ninth Prince turned toward the one-eyed elder and said confidently.

Old Ying shook his head but didn't say anything else.

The two travelled at a very fast pace and soon arrived at the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

"This Ocean Smoke Pavilion is located in a good place. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and scenery are very good." A light flashed through Old Ying's eyes.

The Ninth Prince also stopped and surveyed the Water Transverse Sacred Land.

"The Great Gan Imperials are here. Come out and greet us!" Old Ying shouted as an invisible force covered the entire Water Transverse Sacred Land.


The Water Transverse Sacred Land shook as beasts screeched in fright and water rippled. The arrays in the mist started to lose control, and all the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion felt their blood boil as they were unable to resist this voice.

"What strength!" Bi Qingyue's face changed.


A green-and-blue figure flew out, arrived in front of the Ninth Prince, and spoke in a very respectful tone, "This little female is the Pavilion Master of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. I'm sorry for coming to greet the Ninth Prince so late. Please come in and have a cup of tea. We can talk over anything slowly."

"Where is Zhao Feng? Tell him to come see the Ninth Prince," Old Ying looked down from above and said in a deep voice.

"Old Ying, I'll do the talking." The Ninth Prince stopped him and flew down.

Old Ying's expression was grim, but he could only follow. He wanted to see what kind of talent this Zhao Feng had for the Ninth Prince to personally invite him.


A surge of Soul Intent suddenly shot out from a hall in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and covered the entire Water Transverse Sacred Land. The Magnificent Power that was controlled by Old Ying and the Ninth Prince was stripped away by this Soul Intent, and they felt their backs turn cold when this Intent scanned over them. It was as if someone had seen straight through them.

"This… such strong Soul Intent!" Old Ying was stunned and took back his underestimation. He was now genuinely curious.

Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes in the chamber. The deep purple whirlpool in his left eye started to calm down and finally fade. A tiring sensation also washed over his left eye.

"Peak Emperor Intent that is extremely close to a Sacred Lord."

The instant his Soul Intent improved, Zhao Feng sensed the unwelcome guests outside the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. This was the warning Zhao Feng had given them for being so arrogant in his territory.

Within a hall:

"Since when did the Ninth Prince have so much time as to come here?" Zhao Feng took a sip of tea and asked casually.

The Ninth Prince gave a deep glance toward Zhao Feng. He still hadn't recovered from the shock. How long had it been since the Divine Illusion Dimension ended? Back then, Zhao Feng was at the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm, and within just half a year's time, he had reached the late stages of the Void God Realm. Such cultivation speed was shocking. He had indeed found the right person.

The Ninth Prince also knew Zhao Feng's true identity, which was legendary even in the continent zone.

"Brother Zhao's cultivation speed made me look up to you. I'm here this time to invite Brother Zhao to help me." The Ninth Prince got straight to the point.

Zhao Feng admired the Ninth Prince, who was straightforward and not fake like others who had power. However, he was more puzzled; the one-eyed elder next to the Ninth Prince had the strength of a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and that was just on the surface. On top of that, he was a prince of the Great Gan Imperials, which was the ruler of the lord dynasty. Why would such a person need his help?

"Has Brother Zhao heard of the Prince Seal?" The Ninth Prince's expression started to become solemn.

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