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Trade Complete

Zhao Feng had gained a lot in his fight against a Sacred Lord, but at the same time, he had to use a God Slaying Arrow and now only had one left. Zhao Feng wouldn't use it again unless he had to because this was his strongest killing card.

Although it was unfortunate to waste it like that, it was unavoidable against the Sacred Lord.

He couldn't stay in the Duke's Palace forever. If he did, he would owe Duke Nanfeng a huge favor, and the chances of obtaining the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly would become smaller. Furthermore, it wasn't just Nine Darkness Palace that wanted to take action against Zhao Feng. For example, the nearby Earth Spirit Hall might send Sacred Lords as well.

He had offended many forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension, but most of them were too far away. Of course, he believed that some of them were on their way right this second. Therefore, Zhao Feng needed something to scare them all, but the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord had come too quickly. Since Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body hadn't broken through to the 6th level yet, he couldn't fight against a Sacred Lord personally. Therefore, Zhao Feng made the decision from the very beginning to trade one God Slaying Arrow to end the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's life.

Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were at the peak of an era, and even three-star superpowers only had a few. However, this shock was only momentary. Only by putting more effort into cultivation and increasing his own strength to a level where the enemy could do nothing would guarantee his life.

Duke Nanfeng was uneasy and impatient in the Duke's Palace. The scouts that he sent out hadn't received any news.

"Zhao Feng!" Duke Nanfeng suddenly sensed something. At the same time, he also felt another powerful aura.

"Duke, sorry for disturbing you." Zhao Feng walked into the hall where Duke Nanfeng was.

"Zhao Feng, you're fine? That's good, you can stay at my place. If the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord comes again, I won't let him harm you."

From the looks of it, Zhao Feng had been injured, and Duke Nanfeng felt slightly guilty, so he spoke those words with a pat on his chest.

"Duke, don't worry. The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord won't come again, but I do need to rest a couple days here," Zhao Feng said with a smile, and Duke Nanfeng revealed a puzzled look. The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord wouldn't come again? What was that supposed to mean?

He then looked at Old Monster Xu with surprise. Could it be that Zhao Feng and Old Monster Xu together can fight against a Sacred Lord?

After all, Old Monster Xu had lived for almost a thousand years, and no one dared to underestimate him.

Old Monster Xu's heart tightened when he saw how much Duke Nanfeng cared for Zhao Feng. Looks like Duke Nanfeng also really wants Zhao Feng's Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

"Duke Nanfeng, I'll also be staying here for a while. I hope you won't mind this pile of old bones."

Within the room, Zhao Feng sat down and started to recover. His lifeforce had been expended, so Zhao Feng ate some rare treasures from the Divine Illusion Dimension. He then circulated the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning through his body to unleash the potential of the medicine and heal his body.

After completing all of that, Zhao Feng put his consciousness into his Soul Sea.

It would be troublesome if his soul was severely injured. After all, this was the first time that Zhao Feng had depleted all of his Soul Intent.

At this moment, there was only some faint purple mist floating in the air. His God Tribulation Lightning was slowly recovering, and the blue lake in the middle still gave him a weird feeling.

The blue lake existed within the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, and he would be able to sense anything that happened to it.

Seeing that there weren't any important problems, Zhao Feng ate some resources that helped condense Soul Intent and absorbed the power of God Tribulation Lightning to see how his Soul Sea was recovering.

At night, a black figure jumped into a certain hall.

"Reporting to the Duke, the traces of Zhao Feng's and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's battle spans across dozens of thousands of miles. There are no traces of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord."

The figure in black half-knelt on the ground.

"How many auras are there?"

"Two." The figure in black was very certain.

"However, one of the battlefields contains unimaginable destruction, and there's still a remnant metallic aura that makes one's heart shake," the figure in black added.

Duke Nanfeng's eyes sparkled before becoming calm once more. "You can go now."


"Metallic aura? Looks like the info from the imperials was correct. Zhao Feng did obtain the God Slaying Arrow from the ancient mysterious palace." Duke Nanfeng sighed as shock overtook his heart.

Substandard God weapons were definitely a forbidden power. Every time they appeared, Heaven and Earth would shake, and it would affect the situation of the lord dynasty and the entire world of cultivation. The value of a one-time-use substandard God weapon was slightly lower, but only relatively.

"Since the aura of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord has disappeared, it is very likely that he has been killed by the substandard God weapon."

While the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's death stunned Duke Nanfeng, he was more regretful about the loss of a one-time-use substandard God weapon. However, Duke Nanfeng knew that, no matter how other forces tried to stop the news of a Sacred Lord dying from spreading, it would still travel around and monetarily grant Zhao Feng safety.

Three days later, in Zhao Feng's room, he and Old Monster Xu had completed their talks.

"Don't resist," Zhao Feng said calmly before his left eye turned into a purple abyss and released a surge of Eye Intent.

What powerful Intent! It's almost reached the level of a Sacred Lord! Old Monster Xu was stunned by Zhao Feng's Intent and how it had become stronger than last time.

A mark of purple lightning started to form within Old Monster Xu's soul alongside the aura of God Tribulation Lightning.

A while later:

"This is one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and it's your last chance to break through to the Mystic Light Realm," Zhao Feng said faintly.

"Understood, Master. I won't let you down," Old Monster Xu's eyes twinkled as he said in an honest tone.

"Old Monster Xu, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan will become my force in the future. I hope that you'll organize and change it in certain ways. Choose those that are talented in finding information, assassination, and management, and raise them well. For specifics, you can discuss it with the Pavilion Master of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion," Zhao Feng ordered.

Building an organization required a large number of members and talented geniuses. The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was perfect for that since it was a peak two-star power. Once Old Monster Xu broke through to the Mystic Light Realm, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan would become a three-star power, and three-star powers were peak existences around the oceans.

"Understood, Master." Old Monster Xu could already faintly sense something, and he admired Zhao Feng even more.

Zhao Feng walked to the hall where Duke Nanfeng was located after Old Monster Xu left.

"Zhao Feng, are you going to leave now?" Duke Nanfeng's bright voice sounded.

"Thank you for taking care of me the last few days, Duke."

"I've made my decision regarding the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly." Duke Nanfeng's figure appeared in front of Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's eyes flashed, but his expression remained the same.

The main reason Zhao Feng came to recover at the Duke's Palace instead of somewhere else was to await Duke Nanfeng's reply on this matter. He believed that Duke Nanfeng should have learned about the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's death by now and wanted to ask Duke Nanfeng about his request once more, but the latter brought it up first.

"What does Duke think?" Zhao Feng didn't hide his feelings.

"Zhao Feng, I'm willing to trade the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly with you. I hope you treat it well." Decisiveness flashed through Duke Nanfeng's eyes as he waved his hand and took out the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was extremely excited when it saw Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat, and it fluttered its wings around and released a terrifying aura.

"Thank you, Duke." Zhao Feng was overjoyed. He originally thought that Duke Nanfeng would try to negotiate.

"Here's one portion of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and some legendary resources that can craft substandard God weapons." Zhao Feng handed over an interspatial ring, and Duke Nanfeng's heart shook slightly when he saw what was in it.

At the same time, a bitter smile appeared on his face when he saw the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly playing with the little thieving cat. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly meant a lot to him, but from the looks of it, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly seemed to like Zhao Feng more.

He was also very satisfied by what Zhao Feng offered. The most important point though was Zhao Feng's future potential. As long as he wasn't killed by an expert, his future was immeasurable.

"Zhao Feng, if one day you don't need the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly anymore, I hope that you can trade it back to me," Duke Nanfeng messaged as he saw Zhao Feng was about to leave. Duke Nanfeng then returned to his room and made preparations to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Seven Aperture Mountains, Feng Province, Continent Zone.

The Seven Aperture Mountains were known in the Feng Province for being a place of great scenery and great danger. The seven mountains rose and fell to form the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper. It was filled with Yuan Qi as well as many grasses and trees. There were a lot of fierce beasts, so it was a good trial ground for True Spirit and Origin Core Realm disciples of the nearby forces.

However, at this moment in time, the Seven Aperture Mountains were covered in a multi-colored light and had turned into flat ground. A powerful force spread across ten thousand miles, and even Void God Realm Emperors didn't dare to approach. At the very center of the Seven Aperture Mountains was a male with black scales. He was bound by transparent golden chains that glittered with weird golden writing.

"How dare you measly humans ambush the great Destruction Dragon Race!?" the male with black scales roared. He had been extremely careful when coming to this dimension and only caused destruction and slaughter in secret to recover his strength.

Every time the writing on the golden chains blinked, it would expend the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's divine power. The undying dragon body of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was continuously destroyed by the golden divine light. It always started to heal again, but it was unable to completely recover.

Four balls of limitless divine power stood outside the array that contained the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and they each took up a corner. One could see a wrinkled figure, a fatty, and two elders wearing golden robes that had dragons on them. Each of them held a golden chain.

Three peerless experts stood behind the four balls of divine light. All of them held a thinner golden chain, and their every action radiated supreme power.

If Zhao Feng was here, he would be completely stunned because the aura of each of the experts floating in the air was dozens of times stronger than the Nine Darkness Sacred Lord.

"Grand Emperor Song, let's quickly seal it," the flabby-faced elder within the ball of divine light messaged.

"Continuing will increase the usage of our energy. Relax, Sky Suspension Palace will pay for part of the damages to the Golden Yuan Divine Chains," the wrinkled elder immediately said.

Decisiveness flashed through Grand Emperor Song's eyes, and he roared out loud, "Start the sealing!"

The Seven Aperture Mountains shook as limitless divine light crushed downward and instantly formed a crater.

The experts behind the four balls of divine light were extremely solemn, and they all circulated their Little Worlds and their complete Sacred power.

"I would rather die than lose my freedom again!"

Black flames of insanity appeared in the eyes of the black-scaled male. A surge of chaotic black flames appeared and struggled out from the Golden Yuan Divine Chains.

Weng~ Weng~

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly released an ancient power of Destruction as it furiously sprayed countless waves of black flames. Space itself started to twist, and the array that the four balls of divine light were guarding shattered. The Golden Yuan Divine Chains that everyone was holding started to tremble and hum.

"Not good, it's the power of Origin Destruction!"

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