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"….If you give me one more portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, I have at least 70% confidence to break through," Old Monster Xu said. He didn't realize that Zhao Feng's disappointed expression had now become ugly.

Old Monster Xu had his own plan. He had already used the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and if he had failed to progress at all, then he had no room for negotiation. However, he was half a step into the Mystic Light Realm, and his state of existence had reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

The battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord was almost unrivalled across the entire Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

"Little Friend Zhao, the deal from before still stands. If you give me one more portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, I'll owe you a big favor in the future and you can order me around ten times. How's that?" Old Monster Xu promised and was full of smiles. He believed that, since Zhao Feng had already invested in him, he wouldn't give up now.

"Hmph." Hearing that, Zhao Feng's expression became ugly, and he laughed coldly. "You old undead, you've already wasted one portion of my Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and you're shameless enough to ask for more?"

Old Monster Xu couldn't help but hold in his breath. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to suddenly flip out and actually talk back to him so aggressively.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's eyes flashed with a divine light as thunder boomed in the soul-dimension. Old Monster Xu felt a killing intent and a pressure on his soul, but he didn't put it in his eyes because he now had the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

"Youngster, calm down. Failing to break through was out of my control." Old Monster Xu squeezed out a smile.

While he wasn't scared of Zhao Feng, he didn't want to form an ugly relationship with Zhao Feng. After all, Zhao Feng had the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and he wasn't confident that he could take it off him by force.

"Why are you so sure that I have more Hundred Origin Sacred Honey?"

Zhao Feng's expression was dark, and he was now unhappy. While he was disappointed that Old Monster Xu didn't break through, he had to admit that he was just unlucky. It was Zhao Feng's own fault that he had invested in the wrong person.

Zhao Feng had given one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey to Old Monster Xu for two reasons.

The first was because of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan; Zhao Feng felt that he owed the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The second was that Old Monster Xu was approaching the end of his lifespan, and Zhao Feng felt sympathetic.

Only afterward did Zhao Feng understand the rules of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm. Once one failed to break through, the chances of success would become lower and lower in the future. This was because one's life and soul would be used up in the process, and they couldn't be replenished.

Old Monster Xu had definitely failed more than once. This meant that his lifeforce was much lower.

From the looks of it, it was within understanding that Old Monster Xu had failed. Reaching the Quasi-Sacred Lord level was already pretty god.

Zhao Feng was disappointed in his failed investment and admitted that he was just unlucky. However, Old Monster Xu's "shameless" attitude made him angry and want to kick him aside. Instead of being grateful for receiving one portion already, he failed to break through and wanted to ask for more?

"Hehe, according to the news, Little Friend Zhao got the most amount of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey from Xie Yang Palace."

Old Monster Xu gave a "you understand" expression.

Zhao Feng's heart jumped, and his eyes twinkled as he soon figured out the reason. The forces of the Duanmu Family and Sky Sword Pavilion were both present when he had obtained the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and when he split it with the other members of his group.

Although they weren't enemies, paper couldn't contain fire, and anyone who paid attention would soon know about it. From the looks of it, Old Monster Xu had a force behind him; the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was not to be underestimated.

Seeing that Zhao Feng didn't deny it, Old Monster Xu's smile became brighter. "Although Little Friend Zhao is indeed strong, and even several peak Emperors of Nine Darkness Palace can't do anything to you, I heard that a Sacred Lord of Nine Darkness Palace is about to take action…."

While he seemed to be praising Zhao Feng, Old Monster Xu was very smug right now. With the threat of a Sacred Lord, Old Monster Xu didn't believe that Zhao Feng could refuse him – a Quasi-Sacred Lord – and not hand over another portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. He didn't have 100% confidence with just one portion, so he could even force Zhao Feng to give out a third portion.

"Hehe, threatening me with a Sacred Lord? Is this what you're relying on?" Zhao Feng laughed instead of becoming angry as he looked at the confident Old Monster Xu.

Indeed, Zhao Feng had given Old Monster Xu a portion of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey precisely because of that reason, but Zhao Feng wouldn't put all his bets onto Old Monster Xu.

"It isn't a threat. It's not like you have to have my help." Old Monster Xu remained confident, but he was surprised at Zhao Feng's reply. Was he not scared of the coming Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord?

"Old Monster Xu, I won't blame you for wasting the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. Just take it as my favor to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. However, I believe you'll be the one begging me soon." Zhao Feng became calm once more.

From now on, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and Zhao Feng didn't owe each other anything.

"You're that confident?" Old Monster Xu lifted his eyebrows, and he felt uneasy when thinking about the miracles of this youth.

"Firstly, you're hardly the only peak Emperor or Quasi-Sacred Lord that would want a portion of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. I can easily find someone with more honesty and potential, such as Duke Nanfeng, who's also a Quasi-Sacred Lord." A faint smile formed on Zhao Feng's face.

Hearing that, Old Monster Xu's expression changed slightly. Zhao Feng could find others to work with, and he couldn't help but be slightly regretful. He shouldn't have been so confident with just his Quasi-Sacred Lord strength.

"Secondly, while your state of existence has reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord and increased your lifespan, the actual extension of your lifespan hasn't increased by much. If you don't break through to the Mystic Light Realm within ten years, you'll die."

The divine light in Zhao Feng's eyes became brighter, and he put a heavy emphasis on the word "die."

"You actually know…?"

Old Monster Xu felt a booming sensation in his soul as the Intent from the youth's eyes became stronger. At this moment, Old Monster Xu's heart was cold. He didn't expect Zhao Feng's soul to be so strong. Unfortunately for him, his lifespan was still nearing its end.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng's purple hair blew in the wind as he opened his eye-bloodline, and purple arcs of lightning seemed to rush into Old Monster Xu's soul.


In an instant, over a thousand symbols of God Tribulation Lightning lit up in Zhao Feng's purple Soul Sea.

"Argh!" Old Monster Xu screamed, and his face went white as lightning seemed to ravage his soul. The damage caused was fight back against, and it would be hard to heal.

"Stop! You…" Old Monster Xu cried out. Due to the shaking of his soul, his body was becoming unstable. He never would have expected that Zhao Feng's mastery of the Soul Dao had reached a level that was enough to threaten even Sacred Lords.

This was the first time Zhao Feng had circulated all of his God Tribulation Lightning symbols with his full power. The explosive strength from it was enough to threaten Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After an entire three breaths, Old Monster Xu finally knelt on the ground.

"You only have three or four years remaining now. This is just a lesson!"

Zhao Feng's expression became calm.


Old Monster Xu knelt on the ground with fear and regret in his eyes.

Zhao Feng didn't really care about the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey since he had so much, but now that the he didn't owe anything to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, he taught Old Monster Xu a lesson.

"Grand Elder!"

The cry from Old Monster Xu alarmed the other upper echelon members of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan such as Emperor Ling Qiong.


By the time they arrived, there was only a layer of silver remaining, and it quickly faded away.

"Grand Elder, what happened to you?"

"The figure of the person just now looked similar to Zhao Feng…."

Emperor Ling Qiong and company quickly supported Old Monster Xu up when they arrived. Old Monster Xu was extremely ruffled, and he was about to faint.

"It's all due to my shamelessness and greed that I made Zhao Feng unhappy…. When the time's ripe, I'll go visit him."

Old Monster Xu gave a bitter smile. He wanted to work with Zhao Feng, but he was nervous that Zhao Feng might not have given him another portion, so he acted shamelessly.

"What does Zhao Feng think the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan is? It's not a place where he can come and go as he pleases."

Emperor Ling Qiong was stunned and helpless.

Zhao Feng had left a spatial marking here, so he could use the Misty Spatial World to come back any time he wanted.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng's figure appeared in the Duke's Palace. The place he appeared was in the exact building with the garden from before.

"Zhao Feng?" Duke Nanfeng, who was in the depths of the palace, sensed something and couldn't help but call out.

"Sorry for disturbing you, Duke." Zhao Feng greeted Duke Nanfeng before entering seclusion.

There were two reasons as to why he came back. Zhao Feng was waiting for people, and it was possible that none of them would show up. If they didn't, then he would just cultivate quietly until he became a Void God Realm Emperor, but that wasn't very realistic.

In the blink of an eye, the majority of a month passed.

On this day, the air above Zhao Feng flashed with blue and green arcs of lightning.


Zhao Feng could feel that his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had reached the limit of the 7th level. The next step was the 8th level – the Fire of Wind Lightning.

His cultivation speed in the Wood of Wind Lightning was extremely fast, mainly because he had a large amount of wood-elemental resources such as the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice.

In the air above the Duke's Palace, the aura of the Wind Lightning cloud in the air had reached a tipping point. It wasn't hard for those at the Void God Realm to see that Zhao Feng was at a critical stage of cultivating.

Outside the garden building:

"Hmph, this is the chance I was waiting for."

A middle-aged male dressed as a servant turned into a dark streak of light that flashed into the building.

Within the cultivation chamber, Zhao Feng was sitting. He was about to break through to the 8th level of the Wind Lightning Technique, the Fire of Wind Lightning.


A dark light suddenly appeared behind him and turned into the figure of a mysterious male.

"Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor, you're ranked 10th on the assassination list of Black Screen Corner, which is even higher than Duke Nanfeng. Don't blame me for coming back."

Supreme Emperor Dark Night gripped a dark shadowy sword that gave off an icy coldness and stabbed silently toward Zhao Feng.

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