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Old Monster Xu

"Qingyue will satisfy all your wishes as long as you let go of Jie'er…."

The snow-white skin of this beauty made one's blood boil.

This sudden scene made Zhao Feng pause.

At this moment, the pure and holy Bi Qingyue's face was red. She bit her lips and spoke with a tone of begging. Her shoulders trembled slightly, and her skin became pink. Her fruitful breasts were extremely alluring, and her pair of white legs was enough to make one go crazy.

This scene was enough to make any male lustful. Even Zhao Feng's mouth went dry when he saw this, and heat started to spread from his privates.

He instinctively wanted to push this holy female onto the ground and ravage her. This was the reaction that most males would have. However, Zhao Feng's eyes were extremely calm.

The hotness of his body and coldness of his mental energy were like fire and ice meeting one another.

Ever since merging with the God's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng's mental energy had become extremely powerful, and he could control his entire body, including lust.

Only the heart was eternal.

"You're indeed very beautiful." Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he raised Bi Qingyue's face, which was beautiful enough to make countries fight each another. He inspected her alluring body and didn't hide his intentions.

Bi Qingyue's body trembled, and her closed eyes fluttered. Her face turned a deeper shade of red. Two streams of tears slid down her cheeks, but that would only increase a male's lust.

She waited for a long time, but the youth in front of her had no reaction.


A dress was lightly put over her by a pair of strong hands.

"Master, you…"

Bi Qingyue opened her eyes as she looked at the youth in front of her with disbelief.

She knew how pretty she was. She never lacked anyone chasing after her ever since she was young, but because of her cultivation technique and her attitude, she was still a virgin. She never would have thought that this youth would be able to resist the temptation.

It was hard to imagine what kind of heart and mindset he had.

"I can't agree." Zhao Feng shook his head.

Hearing that, Bi Qingyue's body shook, and her expression changed dramatically. Could it be that Zhao Feng really liked Zhan Jie'er and couldn't agree to her request? She couldn't understand; although Zhan Jie'er was charming, she was still a bit away from her own beauty.

"Why?" Bi Qingyue couldn't help but ask, and Zhao Feng replied in an expressionless tone, "You are my slave. If I need anything, you can't go against my orders."

Bi Qingyue's face went pale, and she was unable to reply.

Indeed, due to the Dark Heart Seal, she couldn't resist Zhao Feng. If she went against him, then her soul would die.

"If you really like Zhan Jie'er, then-" Bi Qingyue bit her lips as she took a step back.

"I'm not interested in her," the emotionless voice of the youth stopped her.

Hearing that, Bi Qingyue was completely stunned and dazed. She suddenly realized that she had probably mistaken Zhao Feng's intentions.

Zhao Feng wouldn't hide his admiration for beauty, but this didn't mean that he had any impure thoughts about them. He had a fiancée, and his relationship with Zhao Yufei was unclear. Zhao Feng didn't want to have any more troubles with his emotions.

"Looks like I misunderstood Master."

Bi Qingyue shyly re-organized her clothes and was about to leave. At this moment, she wanted to find a hole and crawl into it. She was known for being holy and sacred, and it was extremely rare for her to go to a male, and now she was rejected?

"Wait," Zhao Feng suddenly spoke and made Bi Qingyue stay.

Just as Bi Qingyue was feeling puzzled:


Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the Demonic Dao Emperor from before appeared.

"Greetings, Master," the Demonic Dao Emperor of Nine Darkness Palace said with respect.

This Demonic Dao Emperor had been enslaved by Zhao Feng's Dark Heart Seal and would follow all orders. Zhao Feng decided to let this Emperor stay in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and increase Bi Qingyue's power.

There was only one other Emperor in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion apart from Bi Qingyue. Adding on this one from Nine Darkness Palace, there were now three.

"I will be leaving for a while. If you have anything you want, you can use the Dark Heart Seal to tell me even if we're far away," Zhao Feng continued.

The connection between the Dark Heart Seal was extremely strong. It was similar to that of a spiritual pet and its master. Within a certain distance, they could even directly message each other. They couldn't send messages if they were too far, but Zhao Feng would at least be able to feel a cry for help.

"Master, you've slain many Emperors of Nine Darkness Palace, and Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo might call for Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords to take action against you," Bi Qingyue said worriedly, and the Demonic Dao Emperor nodded his head; "The Nine Darkness Emperor won't give up on this area, especially what Master obtained in Xie Yang Palace. It's also not just Nine Darkness Palace; the other forces might take action against you too."

Hearing that, Zhao Feng started to think.

In reality, he had already thought about this question a long time ago. In the past, he could just run away if there was a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord chasing after him. However, he now had his own force, so he couldn't do that anymore.

"Nine Darkness Palace will be at their limit sending just one Sacred Lord over."

Zhao Feng's expression was the same as usual.

The strongest cultivators of a three-star power were usually Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords, and Demigods at best.

"A Sacred Lord can easily destroy the entire Ocean Smoke Pavilion or the entire Ten Thousand Sacred Clan." Bi Qingyue smiled bitterly. She couldn't understand what Zhao Feng meant by "just one" Sacred Lord.

Indeed, Nine Darkness Palace would only send one Sacred Lord at most to organize the forces here and deal with Zhao Feng, but whenever a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord interfered with the world, they did so in an unparalleled manner and made countless experts and Emperors run in fear.

"I can deal with that." Zhao Feng wasn't very worried. He paused for a moment before speaking, "The Ocean Smoke Pavilion needs to expand its information agency and spread throughout the seas. The second step is to slowly erode the inner regions of the continent."

"Reporting to Master, our information agency is already starting to enter the continent, although it's just the outer boundaries. In order to expand further, we need more resources and power." Bi Qingyue had an ugly expression.

"I will supply the manpower and resources. From now on, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion will specialize only in collecting information."

Zhao Feng calmly determined the future of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Right now, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was a half-cultivation, half-information-agency force. If they focused just on collecting information, they would be able to expand much quicker.

"Understood, Master." Bi Qingyue promised. She seemed to realize that Zhao Feng had a very big plan.

From now on, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion would only focus on collecting information. However, any good kingdom didn't just require an information agency; they also needed power.

Power was the basis of everything.

Making the Ocean Smoke Pavilion an information agency was just the first step. Zhao Feng would support them from behind. Zhao Feng would create his own powerful force.

"I need to leave for a while…."

Zhao Feng had learned everything he needed to.


With a wave of his arm, Zhao Feng's figure started to fade and disappear under a layer of silver light.


Bi Qingyue and the Demonic Dao Emperor saw Zhao Feng disappear from sight. It was stunning to be able to do this without the help of an array.

The next moment, in the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

Weng~~ Shua!

A silver figure started to appear in the air, then it transformed into a purple-haired figure that gave off a spatial disturbance.

Zhao Feng had left spatial markings at the Duke's Palace, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Zhao Feng gazed down at the clan, then disappeared with an arc of lightning.

In the depths of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, in a forbidden area:


The human and cat ignored all the arrays and appeared in a quiet courtyard.

This courtyard gave off a pressure that was enough to make normal Void God Realm Kings unable to breathe. No one else in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan dared to come here.

At this point, the courtyard was dead-silent, but the air was covered in orange and was different from the outside world.

"Who's there!?" An old voice sounded from the depths of the courtyard, and a pressure that could make everything in the world freeze appeared.

"Old Monster Xu," Zhao Feng said calmly. He was unfazed by the terrifying aura.

He came at this time because he knew that Old monster Xu should have finished breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm by now. He had given him some Hundred Origin Sacred Honey several months ago.

"Little Friend Zhao."

An old door opened, and an elder with white hair walked out joyfully.

In comparison to several months ago, Old Monster Xu's withered aura of life was now livelier, but the expectation in Zhao Feng's eyes faded away.

"I've let Little Friend Zhao down. I was still half a step away from breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, probably because I've failed in the past before and am close to the end of my lifespan."

Old Monster Xu was slightly guilty. If he had the Hundred Origin Sacred honey a couple dozen years ago, his chance of success would have been much higher.

Luckily, with the help of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, Old Monster Xu managed to put half his foot into the Mystic Light Realm. His lifespan had increased, and he reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng was disappointed. While the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord was great, he originally wanted Old Monster Xu to help deal with a true Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord from Nine Darkness Palace.

"Little Friend Zhao", Old Monster Xu said in an almost begging tone, "my state of existence has reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord. If you give me one more portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, I have at least 70% confidence to break through."

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