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Wilson’s POV

We Walked in hand-chain into the house .

I was d--n surge with different thought while she wrapped her fingers over mine fondling…….

“Why does this woman want me so much?” It’s a great taboo to commune with her continuously. She married….

She’s such desperate to have me…

“You’re quiet anything the matter?” She asked as she noticed discomfort in my eyes.

“I’m absolutely great but I feel I don’t feel too strong.” I replied trying to deviate from having on bed.

“Please don’t be, let’s go upstairs to my room I have a package for a you.” She said. I was wondering what it might if not sex…

“Ok then” I replied with a smile and went to her room..

“Please don’t be shy to express towards me. Take me as your girlfriend and I will have your desire done.” She said.

My girlfriend? How on Earth will I keep this old brat as a girlfriend rather sugar momma..

“Ok madam”I replied with smile pretending.

She began to undo her pink top made with exotic fabric.

I watched as she struggled with it. It was so tight.

“Can you help me undo it please” she requested.

Without Hasting I quickly stripped it off and then D cup shape of her bra was rendered staring at me..

She was smiling widely.

She drastically and romantically stripped off her skirt and her blue paint was in sight. It was in a matching color with the bra she wore.

‘This woman was something else while she was young.” Mind sprouted evilly. She’s not that old and she had a well structured shape. She’s the ever-young type. Fair in complexion and sweet public scents. Her boobs were still standing though she was a mother of two.. I was kinda falling for her. She was massaging her p---y with her fingers rendering her to moan. She was still standing. She was seducing me to meet her demand….

She came closer and placed her hand on my chest fondling it.

“Thanks very much, please just my bra so I can be free from this prickly pear” she demanded.

I was not in the mood to f--k her though I was already hard underneath. My d--k was strong enough trying to force it way out of my jeans trouser. My erection wasn’t visible because of the tightness of the jeans..

“Ma, I think I should check out on marthina she requested to see me earlier.” I said at once because I was no longer comfortable with her doings. Sex she craved for!

“Why? Don’t you like me? Or are you trying to choose marthina over me?” She asked in vex.

“Not like that, just that I don’t want to do this again. It is unfair. Cheating on your husband can cause domestic violence” I said trying to convince her…

“Come on!, Give it to me. I can’t avoid your d--k. That’s the main reason I employed you to work as my Driver . Forget about my husband, I married him and I have him under my control” she said still persisting me to f--k.

Marthina’s POV

I know my mum to be d--k mania. She deliberately took that dude inside to have canal knowledge of her.. I think it’s time I report her to dad but he won’t listen to me.

Why will she not let Wilson be for me? I really love him and wish to marry him…

I will go straight and spoil things for her. She must not f--k that guy today.

God why?…Why will you give me an a-----e as a mother. I hate her and I most fight for my libration..

I angrily went out for her room and I could hear both of them locked up in an argument. I wonder what it was. They stopped and silent reigned for while and later followed moaning…

That s--t is moaning..

What should I do to stop them? They are about sex..

‘Scream!’ yeah scream and pretend as if you hurt your legs.” My thought banged evilly…

I gently lay down and shouted and cried out loud.

“My leg…..My leg!!!”

Wilson’s POV .

We got locked in a tight kiss after I fell into her arms seduction… She was half naked pushing her body over me hungrily.. I buried my face in neck and kissed it so well while her was inside my boxer pant massaging my d--k. “You’re so huge” she said and I thanked her. I continued kissing her down to her boobs. I made them got stiff by kissing the nipples romantically. I almost have it all in my mouth and it choked me..

All of a sudden we heard a scream. Marthina screamed so loud. I guess she noticed we are about to have sex so she’s trying to distract us.

“Please ma, let me who was that” I said and disengaged from the association.

“No, let her be she’s up to something. Like to distract us….

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