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[First day at work]

Wilson’s POV

I Scrutinized the well fashioned sitting room with couch and wall curtains matched in silver color. Like I’ve not been there. I stood like a stranger waiting for an order before I seat.

“Mr Wilson, you can have your seat” said madam Felicia staring at me as if she wants to eat off me.

“Please in other to save my time, I here by proclaim Wilson as our new driver ” Mr Bernard said at once and I buried my face in nervousness. I was deeply excited to have a new job. ‘A driver’ d--n that, I don’t care. I’m gonna actualize my dreams through it. I yelled at my mocking thought..

“Mr Wilson you’re welcome to our humble home. Feel free at home and please don’t hide your dismay from us. Take us as your family and we shall accept you as our own son. Although our only son is out of state. He is currently in USA studying law. He will return on his next vacation. ” Madam Felicia concluded.

I was kinda shy and was thinking otherwise.

“Thank you madam, I appreciate your care for me” I said.

“Let me not forget in hurry, my only daughter Marthina. I am sure you have met her before and had a brief introduction. So need I waist time talking of lengthy..” Mr Bernard added.

I looked at marthina her daughter and she was widely smiling.

“Thanks to you all. The God almighty will bless you for helping me” I said almost going on my knees.

“It’s okay, please don’t say such. The word of God said ‘Give and it shall be given unto you’ . So relaxe. I know you of a good virtue do your work well as it pleases me and I shall uplift you. For now you’re a driver but tomorrow you might be what God wants you to be.” Mr Bernard complimented.

“Thanks Sir”. I said gratefully..

“I will be leaving you for now to the office take care.” He said.

“Daddy one more thing”! Marthina said calling back his attention.

“What’s that?” He asked

“Just a peck” She said widely smiling.

“Marthina! Why are you delaying your dad for Christ sake his late for work already.” Madam Felicia muttered.

“Please let her be, come on peck daddy dad’s pride.” Mr Bernard said. He look cool when joking..

Marthina rushed over to him and pecked him. They both smiled and departed.

I thought it was better I drop him off at the office. I will show good of me if do that first day at work.

“Hmm, sir can I drop you at the office?” I requested.

“Oh, no please relax I can do that for my self maybe tomorrow you might do that beside this is your first day at work.” He responded.

I wanted to insist but madam Felicia cut in.

“Hey Mr Wilson, let him do that today, tommorow you commence work.” She said.

“Oh, yes dear, tomorrow you commence. Good bye sweetie” Mr Bernard said waving at marthina as he exit from the room.

I exhaled and sat back to my heel.

“Once again, welcome Wilson to home.. Hmmm,, I will like you to follow me so I can show you some places here” Madam Felicia.

“Ok madam” without a word a said and followed her outside.

“Wilson please if you are done, meet me inside my room, I will be expecting you. I’m finding it hard to solve a particular arithmetic topic.” Marthina said without caring if her mum was at stand.

“Hey marthina come closer did I hear you say going inside? You sluggishly woke up, eat, and now you want to go back inside. Did you care to know who prepared the breakfast you took? Before I blink my eyes go the kitchen and clean it up.” She yelled at marthina.

That say was stupid to me. She is inviting me to her in her mum presence. Stupid indeed..

“Mum, I’m not going to do that, it’s your duty as a house wife” she yelled back at her mother and annoyingly walked upstairs murmuring.

“I can see you’re growing winds in this house, I will help breath them for you. You want a man to visit you in your room. Are you crazy? Or something? Don’t worry I tell that to your dad when he returns..”

“Do your worst” she talked back at her mother.

That’s not good of her she has shown me who she is within a few minutes.

“Can you see what a daughter of mine is turning into? Hmmm, Wilson don’t mind my words let’s move round like I said before” she said coming closer. She leaned on me and placed her hand on my chest. Move it round and kiss me… She moved me with just a kiss. I vibrated and felt the pleasure down on d*ck.. ‘this woman is d--n crazy’

We moved out to the car port. Wow!! All the cars are big hills. The first one I looked at vividly was a black range Rover and followed two other flashy and classic brand.

“Here are our cars. This black range Rover belongs to me also you.. This is for marthina” said pointing out to deep blue Toyota Tacoma. “And this was the one I was using before my husband bought range Rover. “She said pointing to Peugeot 406. “WOW! It’s all nice” I added in cool Voice. I got marveled when she said that the range Rover stand belongs to her and I. What does she mean by that. Well let me not be in haste. Everything she has in mind must come to reality..

“Now let’s move on to the Garden where I do take rest and cool morning breeze. Hope you don’t mind” she asked.

“Sure! I’m okay with that” I added shyly.

We reached out to a very beautiful setting of cute flowers of different varieties and scents. Seat where arranged in two different corner of the setting decorated with classic fineries. It was suit right behind the house and there is an entrance from the main building..

“This is place of my rest with my husband and other family friends. Have a seat. ” She asked me to seat and I did. The woman was really friendly.. she started staring at me and I noticed it buried my face down in shy. I guess she was having some dirty thought against me..

Madam Felicia POV .

I’m really d--n hot under here. I wish this dude will bleep me down. S--k off my wet and make light in weight. I really enjoyed him yesterday. He very strong, large and long. I can’t avoid that ploude. I kept my gaze on him straight and noticed he was hiding his face. Well is a shy guy but I will drone on him before my husband returns..

Please can you help me out in my room? I asked as to break the long silence.

“Hmm, why not.” He replied immediately.

You’re such a nice guy. I really love you.

“Thanks ma” he replied.

I walked to him kissed him so passionately. He resisted at first.

“Ma’am please I don’t like this” he said.

“Why? Am I not hot enough to be kiss?” I asked seductively.

“It’s not like that but..” I cut in.

“But what? I asked and covered his lips with mine and kissed him. he reciprocated immediately and it lasted for some minutes before we parted and left the scene and headed to my room in the main building. There I will melt on him..

Marthina’s POV .

I angrily went to my room and slumped into the bed and sat on my pillow against the wall. I can’t even imagine what mum was up to. She is trying to snatch Wilson away from me but that is impossible. Wilson is mine. I thought of his hot body and well structured abs before I got flashed by a thought.

“Look down through the window” I did that immediately and saw mum in a tight kiss with Wilson. I know a-----e. That is all she want in her miserable life..

Gush,, mum is a w---e.

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